The ways the patriots can contain Lamar Jackson This year

The Way That The Patriots Can Contain Reigning MVP Lamar Jackson, First: We Put the Athletic Josh Uche on a QuarterBack Spy, Since he probably will be our fastest Linebacker We have.

Secondly: We Put Jonathan Jones on Marquise Brown, While Gilmore is on their best Tight End and Jacksons Favorite Target Mark Andrews, Put Jason McCourty On Willie Snead, And Finally Put JC Jackson on Miles Boykin, As these Corners Would Match Well With Jacksons Targets.

Lastly: We Only put 3 men on the Defensive Line Because Uche Is the Spy and The rest of the defense will have 7 Defensive Backs Like the Chargers Had in The 2018 Wildcard Game Against Them, On the Edge we will have: Jennings who will always Take Jackson in the option And Winovich Always Taking The Running Back, And the third Defensive Lineman And Defensive Tackle Will be Either Adam Butler Or Lawrence Guy Depending On the Formation, And that is how The Patriots Can Potentially Contain Lamar Jacksons Offense.

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