The Wonderful World of Fencing

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Fencing is odd, but relatively known sport. When people think of Fencing, they think about sword fighting and other things that are a little over the top. As a man who does fencing myself, I would like to give some informationon it.

Fencing has a long history, but a lot of it very boring, and you probably don't want to read that, so I've decided that I will just kinda give a brief history of the weapons, épée, foil, and sabre (pronounced saber).

Épée was first. Épée was commonly used in the 17th century as a dueling sword. When originally fighting with épée, the first person to kill the other would win. This has been changed (duh), but how you fight with an épée sword has not. Épée is all about poking your opponent. In the modern day, when you duel in any form of fencing, you and your sword are attached to a wire that is connected to a score box. when you or your opponent get a hit, your light will light up, indicating that you got a point.

In épée, poking someone anywhere on the body will get you a point. All three types of fencing have different ranges of where you can hit. épée's range is the entire body as you can see here.

The épée sword is the thickest of the three. it has a large hand guard and can use two different types of grips, pistol grip and French grip. People say that épée is the most brutal of the three types because you can hit anywhere, and I agree with that. I do épée, and if they hit in the wrong spot, it is going to hurt.

Next is foil. Foil is the 2nd type of fencing. Foil has a very flexible blade and light hand guard. Just like épée, foil is also about poking with the tip. Foil is the more elegant style of fencing. It was first used by gentlemen back in the 18th century. Foil is style of fencing that is mostly used in competitions and in the olympics. Foil has an interesting target area. Foil's target area is the torso, because when it was first introduced, fighting to the death was the norm, and the torso had vital organ that when hit, would kill the opponent. Foil can use the two types of grips like épée, the pistol grip and the French grip.

Last is sabre. Sabre is very interesting. Unlike the other two, sabre is about slashing, not poking, and in sabre, you have to move really fast. The reason for this is that sabre was first used on horses. Calvary men used calvary swords on horseback, and when they were fighting, they were moving at high speeds and had to slash the rider, not the horse. This parallels sabre's target area, which is anywhere above the waist.

The sword has a big hand guard, and one cutting edge. Sometimes, sabres are curved to parallel the type of sword known as a saber, which is a sword with a curved cutting edge.

I hope you enjoy this article about fencing. If you want me to do more about this sport, please let me know.

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