This is how you should do your fantasy football draft. Part 1

I have been listening to a lot of fantasy football podcasts and I have done my research and I know how to do my fantasy draft, Robust RB strategy. There are people out there that say go wide receiver. I've done a few drafts and let me tell you some wide receivers that are still available right now. Dionte Johnson, Golden Tate, Dede Westbrook, Corey Davis, Emmanel Sanders, Steven Sims and those are only some of the names. Dionte Johnson could possibly have a 1000 yard and 6 touchdowns season.

Emmanuel Sanders is the #2 wide receiver for Drew Brees, Micheal Thomas will get most of the receptions but other then Sanders and Thomas no one else nobody knows so Sanders could have a big year. Corey Davis is the Titans #1 wide receiver, the Titans even came out publicly and said that. Now last season he did not do that well but I think now with Tannehill and him are going to be in the same practice unit throughout the entire year unlike last year which is probably why they cold not get on the same page. Steven Sims is the #2 WR on Washington. They are not good but someone has to catch. Dede Westbrook has had 2 straight seasons with 66 receptions, now if you are in a PPR league that's not a bad like final pick. Now when I look at the Running backs still available they are not that good.

Duke Johnson Jr. had 410 yds rushing and receiving. Now that is gonna go down a lot especially because David Johnson is now there and they traded a lot for him so they probably are gonna use him a lot. Jerrick McKinnon who is the #3 RB on the 49ers. Justin Jackson who is the backup RB on the Chargers who could potentially do decent. Jordan Howard who could have become what he was a few years ago with the bears but the dolphins decided to sign Matt Breida so he is gonna split time. Boston Scott who did good at the end of last year but will prob only get 70 carries this year. Tony Pollard who is Zeke's backp bt Zeke is a workhorse RB so he still probably won't get much time at all.

Here are a few running back's who I wold target. Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, Ezekiel Elliot, Derrick Henry, Miles Sanders, Leonard Fournette, David Johnson, Josh Jacobs, Todd Gurley, and Joe Mixon. Do the math guys these get all the carries. Christian McCaffrey got 1000 yds rushing and receiving and 100 receptions. Saquon, well I don't need to say much but he is a true beast and the athleticism is unreal. Ezekiel Elliot has had 1000 rushing yards for every year in the NFL but one when he had 983 yds but I think he was suspended for a few games. Derrick Henry who went crazy in the playoffs last year and shows that he can be a true workhorse RB, I mean he already was on.

Miles Sanders was one of 2 rookies since 2000 to have 800 rushing yards and 500 receiving yds, the other was Saquon Barkley. Now that Jordan Howard is not there the majority of the carries Howard go will go to him. Sanders can very easily have a 100 yards rushing season and 700 yards receiving Leonard Fournette I think had almost all the carries inside the redzone for the Jaguars, so that just shows that if the Jaguars offense gets better, which I think it will at least a little bit, Fournette will get the majority of the carries inside the redzone again this year.

David Johnson was trade for Deandre Hopkins, the texans have to have big plans for him. Last year he had some injury at the end of the year but I don't think that willl be a problem for him this year . He is a true beast when healthy, he gets lots of rushing yards but also does very well in receiving. Josh Jacobs was the only good running back for the raiders and now that the raiders have some good receivers then a lot of pressure will be taken off the run game which will help Josh Jacobs a lot. Todd Gurley has had arthritis in his knees ever since his ACL tear in college. The doctors have cleared him though. There are no running backs in Atlanta that will take carries away from him, Ito Smith? No he won't take many carries away from him at all. Joe Mixon will get a lot of help this year from the passing game. Now that every one is healthy again and Joe Burrow is the QB, then Joe mIxon shouldn't have the everyone focused on him so he will be fine.

Part 1

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