This Is Why Jose Berrios Cannot Be A Ace On A Contending Team

This Is Why Jose Berrios Cannot Be The Ace On A Contending Team

Minnesota fans are quite unique to say the least. In the sports world not much tends to go our way. From the Twins 16 straight playoff game losses to the Vikings losing 4 Super Bowls, it’s been rough. That’s why we over-exaggerate the heck out of anything productive like blowing out the Detroit Lions even though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have won a more recent NFC NORTH title…. And they aren’t even in the North division anymore. Plus you know after a sweep of the Royals in late September we go insane.

This eagerness for good things comes out far too often for some of us. Let me talk about 1 of those situations. The Twins so called ace Jose Berrios.

The former 2012 first round pick Jose Berrios has had a very good career so far but gets way too much hype from the MN faithful. The main concern for Berrios is his season splits. In the first half of the year generally in cold MN weather he is one of the best pitchers in the AL Central and is in contention of possibly winning the Cy Young award. Once the All-star break is over his performance plummets. Let me show you his Statistics.

Career 1st Half stats- (4 season span)

  • 26-18

  • 3.70 ERA

  • 136 Earned runs

  • 83 Walks

At first glance hey he’s pretty good but here’s the downfall.

Career 2nd Half stats- (4 Season span)

  • 17-19

  • 4.84 ERA

  • 143 Earned Runs

  • 112 Walks

As you see every category gets worse by quite a large amount. Just check out these horrendous career stats from games in August.

Career August stats-

  • 6-8

  • 5.96 ERA

  • 72 earned runs (Double then any other month)

These are extremely concerning stats because of the fact it’s late in the year and you're usually playing more divisional games. Being in the AL Central the Twins division has been relatively weak the past few years with Detroit, Kansas City and Chicago being nowhere near the playoff picture come late August and September.

One last thing I’d like you to look at is his playoff woes. In his very limited playoff experience he has not pitched up to par. He has a career 7 innings pitched and a whopping combined 11.25 ERA. those are not stats you want from your so called “ace.”

Now with all this I’m not saying Jose is bad or anything like that, he’s very good and young with room to grow. I'm just concerned about him being the Ace on a contending team. Maybe he’s better off a little farther back in the rotation come the Dog Days of Summer and October baseball. -mnsportscoverage

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