Three Things The Buccaneers Have To Do To Win The Super Bowl

This season has been building up for this game all year. In this year’s super bowl I expect the Chiefs to win, but the Buccaneers didn’t make it all the way to this super bowl just to get blown out. There are many things the Buccaneers have to do to win this game and get Brady his 7th ring.

Keep the ball out of Mahomes’ hands

The Chiefs’ offense has too many freak of nature players that are practically impossible cover, so the Buccaneers should strive to not turn the ball over and not score to quickly. In the NFC Championship, Tom Brady threw three interceptions that almost allowed the Packers to win. If Tom Brady throws 3 interceptions in this game I can Guarantee that the Chiefs win this game. A great way to decrease turnovers and increase time of possession is doing a lot more short passes and not throwing the ball deep. This is something I doubt they’ll do because Bruce Arians is known for his risky deep shot play calls.

Run the ball

The Chiefs lost one game all season, this game was to the Raiders. The Raiders ran the ball 35 times in this game. The Chiefs have allowed 125 rushing yards per game in the last 3 games. This is something the Buccaneers need to take advantage of. They average 4.1 yards per carry, but they don’t run the ball often. During the regular season they averaged 22.6 carries per game, they cannot beat the Chiefs if they only run the ball 22 times. The Chiefs’ run defense is the only weak spot on the entire team so if they want to win they’re going to need to take advantage of this weakness.

Be conservative on defense

Todd Bowles is a defense coordinator that loves to send the house, but for this one game he’s going to need to hold off on those blitzes. During the regular Mahomes’ completion percentage, and yards per attempt were all higher when he was under pressure. Mahomes also had 16 touchdown passes and 1 interception while under pressure. To put it simply, don’t blitz Mahomes EVER. Todd Bowles should stick with a 4 man rush with two safeties deep for most of the game.

Of course there are many other things that will be important for the Buccaneers to win the Lombardi for the second time in franchise history, but these are the main 3. If you’re familiar with the Buccaneers’ coaching staff you’ll notice that these are all things that the Buccaneers don’t do a lot. The Buccaneers have been a blitz heavy, quick scoring, air raid offense, but to win this game they need to be a two safety high, clock chewing, run based offense. These are changes I believe they can make during these two weeks because they have a lot of experienced players that can adapt to a new offensive and defensive scheme.

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