Three Things The Chiefs Need To Do To Win The Super Bowl

The Chiefs have been a completely dominant team all season. Now they are facing an extremely talented Buccaneers team in the biggest game of the year. It doesn’t matter how dominant a team is, it’s impossible to win a Super Bowl without proper game planning. The Chiefs aren’t an exception. So what exactly should the Chiefs game plan be?

Quick passes

The Buccaneers have a devastating pass rush that can make some of the best offensive lines look average. To make matters worse, The Chiefs’ offensive line is very banged up, with Mitchell Schwartz, Eric Fisher, and Kelechi Osemele all injured. This means that Mahomes won’t have enough time to drop back and throw the ball 40 yards downfield. The Chiefs are going to need to rely on their quick passing game, with screens and quick slants. Of course this offense will take shots downfield, but these will have to be rollout passes. There’s no way Mahomes won’t get sacked if he stays in the pocket too long.

Get pressure on Brady

For all 20 years of Tom Brady’s career, he’s been nearly unstoppable. In fact this is his 10th super bowl. He’s won 6 of the 9 that he’s played. One of the Super Bowls he lost is considered one of the greatest upsets in NFL history. This upset wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for defensive coordinator, Steve Spagnuolo. They won this game because they were able to constantly get pressure on Brady without needing to take their linebackers out of coverage to blitz. Steve Spagnuolo is the Chiefs defensive coordinator now and I’m expecting him to take the same approach he took 12 years ago. He may not have Justin Tuck and Michael Strahan this time, but Chris Jones and Frank Clark are good enough to get the job done.

Don’t let the Buccaneers chew the clock

Most teams know that they have to keep the ball out of Mahomes’ hands, the Buccaneers are no exception. They know that they won’t win if they don’t chew the clock. The linebackers should be focused on the run first and the pass second. The Buccaneers don’t run the ball a lot, but when they do Leonard Fournette and Ronald Jones are forces to be reckoned with. This is why players like Damien Wilson and Anthony Hitchens will need to step up.

The Chiefs seem to be favorites in this game and I understand why. Personally I believe the Chiefs matchup very well against the Buccaneers even with the injured offensive line. Anyways this will be a very interesting and fun game between two great teams.

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