Three Trades the Bulls Can do to Get Back Derrick Rose That Might Actually Happen.

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

All Bulls fans would love to see D-Rose rock the red and white soon. We know Rose loves Chicago, he was drafted by them, his hometown team, and won an MVP here. In 2016 when he was traded, Rose was heartbroken as we saw it unravel on recording. He has then bounced around from place to place, showing signs that he could be back to an All-Star caliber player. And in Rose's situation, there is no better place to do it than Chicago.

Trade #1:

This trade consists of three teams. It's the Jazz, the Bulls, and the Pistons. Here it is:

Although it says that the Bulls would have a -3 decrease in projected wins, I think this trade is still very good. I don't see how trading away two players, that barely impact our team would make us lose three games too. This trade though, benefits all teams in different ways. The Bulls get Derrick Rose, who is a great player, and can help mentor Coby White even though they have different play styles. Then we have Ed Davis who basically just fills the role of Luke Kornet.

This trade definitely helps the Utah Jazz out as well. They get superstar, Blake Griffin to start at PF for them. This is Utah's biggest hole by far, and with Blake it makes them legit title contenders I think. They exchange Mike Conley, for Tomáš Satoranský, which won't really affect them at all. The only downside for the Jazz is that they give up their first round pick this year. However, in a very top-heavy draft class, it is unlikely any major superstars will fall this late unless they are a complete surprise pick that does very well.

The only team this probably hurts is the Detroit Pistons. The Pistons lose all of there viable scoring options, and will have to rely on their young core of Christian Wood, Luke Kennard and Sekou Doumbouya and their new addition, Mike Conley. The Pistons as of now, have no future for the time being so this trade makes sense for them since they will get two picks in return.

Overall, this trade involves too many players so I find it unlikely that this trade will happen. The Jazz are happy with how things are running in Utah and don't want to ruin anything for the time being.

Trade #2:

This trade is definitely more simple than all the other trades. It is very straight-forward. It only consists of two teams, and all cards are laid out on the table.

Disclaimer, this trade is meant for the 2020-2021 season since Otto Porter Jr. is on his las non-excersible year of his contract. Assuming he opts into his player option worth $28 million and Derrick Rose stays with the Pistons, this trade could happen.

This trade helps the Bulls out definitely. With the addition of Derrick Rose, and Blake Griffin give them a really good, well-rounded offense that fits any type of offensive play since Griffin recently has developed a more effective three-point shot. Giving up Otto Porter Jr. and Tomáš Satoranský wouldn't impact the Bulls that much either.

This trade also helps the Pistons out too, in a different way though. It seems like their new rookie Sekou Doumbouya will need some help after a miserable rookie season. OPJ could be the player to help him adapt to the NBA from the Euroleague. He's got loads of potential that could be unlocked with the right mentor. The Pistons also get a second round pick, which could help them speed up the rebuild although it is unlikely it would.

Trade: #3

In the title when I said "Might Actually Happen", I should have probably added a disclaimer to this trade. This trade involves so many aspects, but it works out for every team involved which is why I had to add it to this article, plus it was really hard to make.

I mean, when you really think about it, this trade helps out each team. The Bulls get hometown heroes in Anthony Davis and Derrick Rose, plus Brandon Knight just to fill cap space. This trade turns the Bulls into contenders in my eyes as well especially since the Nets would lose Kevin Durant. If this trade miraculously goes through, we could see a starting lineup of Derrick Rose, Zach LaVine, Anthony Davis, Wendell Carter Jr., and assuming we keep our first round pick we would draft a SF in this situation to fill the Bulls last hole.

The Pistons also benefit from this trade. They get a first round pick for the future, along with four solid starting caliber players that could make up 4/5 of their starting lineup. The only downside would be that they would give up their first round pick in this trade, which is why I don't see this trade happening any time soon.

This trade probably Benefits the Nets the least. They trade away one of the best players in the NBA, Kevin Durant. But knowing KD, he would leave for the Bucks or the Lakers in FA once his contract expires, so at least they are getting something out of him. The Nets in this trade also get a very valuable first round pick from the Pistons, and one from the Lakers that give them a good future. However, having Blake Griffin on the roster creates an entire new, deadly aspect to the NBA, "Lob City 2"? Since the Nets would have Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan they would have two of the best dunkers in the NBA, and Kyrie Irving who could fill the role of the playmaker. With that trio, and a lot of good surrounding role players they can still be just as good without KD.

This trade for the Lakers, according to claims that the Lakers would lose 27 more games without AD, Avery Bradley and Danny Green. I simply find that not true one bit. KD I think would pair perfectly with LeBron. In addition, the Lakers also receive Lauri Markkanen who can put up 17 points and eight rebounds a game with the right coach, and Luke Kennard who is a great three point shooter and can score from basically everywhere on the court.

Chances are, these trades are unlikely to happen. From a fans perspective, they seem pretty well-rounded, but from a GM's eyes these could be totally wack. Anyways, leave a comment if you think any of these trades could happen, or another trade you would want to see.

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