TJ vs Myles

Last Saturday night LSU and South Carolina faced off in a game where LSU needed to win at home, but without their starting QB. Only one thing seemed to stand in LSU’s way last weekend, and that was weather true freshman TJ Finley would be good enough to bring the tigers to a win.

Well after a first drive in which the tigers ran almost 3 times more than they passed TJ Finley seemed to have caught on fire and threw for 265 yards while completing 80% of his passes. The Tigers now get to deal with the question of who to start.

A redshirt Junior who has waited for 3 years or a true freshman who was seen as a work in progress, but with a high upside coming out of high school. Myles Brennan being the redshirt junior still has 2 years after this one and has a very talented arm. Myles is very aggressive with 1,112 yards and 11 TDs, but has thrown 3 INTs and only has a 60% completion percentage.

LSU gets the task of going to Auburn and then hosting Alabama in back to back games, but with a bye week in between.

As in typing this I get a notification that TJ Finley is expected to start due to Myles still not being 100%. Since TJ is going to start at Auburn this will be a true test as to see if he is ready. If TJ looks great we will see a showdown between Myles and TJ in Baton Rouge for 2 weeks as the tigers prepare for the Alabama Crimson Tide. If TJ doesn’t play like he could lead us to a victory than expected Myles to get the start against a very underwhelming Alabama defense.

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