Top 10 Fantasy Football Quarterbacks

My running back and wide receiver rankings both got great support and that gave me the motivation to get my quarterback article out the next day. Quarterback is a weird position in fantasy football. They shouldn't really be drafted in the first 4 rounds and is the one position where you can wait on and still get a solid player. Again, feel free to argue in the comments. Tight Ends will be out tomorrow.

10. Ryan Tannehill

Even though he wasn't used that much last season in the playoffs, Ryan Tannehill was an above average quarterback when he started last season. Tannehill averaged 20 fantasy points per game last season when he started. If he played the full season, he would've been the QB5. The one problem with Tannehill is Derrick Henry. There will be games where Henry takes over and Tannehill won't pass very much. If Henry didn't have a lot of these games, Tannehill would be higher on my list. We don't know how many carries Derrick Henry will get and how many games he takes over. For the games he doesn't take over, Tannehill will be throwing to A.J. Brown, Jonnu Smith, and Corey Davis and he will be good for around 20 points a game again.

9. Matthew Stafford

People forget how consistent Matthew Stafford really is. Before his down year in 2018 and his injured 2019, Stafford passed for over 4000 yards for 7 straight seasons. Before he got injured, Stafford averaged 20.8 fantasy points per game. If he played the full season averaging this, he would've been the QB3. What's amazing is you can get Stafford pretty late on ESPN drafts. Stafford is very undervalued and you could probably get him as a backup quarterback. Stafford is not injury prone and if he plays the full season, he should get 4000 passing yards again with the likes of Kenny Golladay, Marvin Jones, and T.J. Hockenson.

8. Russell Wilson

Since Doug Baldwin retired, Russell Wilson has remained a top quarterback over the last couple of years with mediocre receivers. Tyler Lockett is good, not great and definitely not a receiver you want as the number 1 receiver on your NFL team. D.K. Metcalf showed flashes last year of his potential. If Metcalf becomes the top receiver on the Seahawks, Russell Wilson will have a good number 1 receiver again. Wilson was the QB3 last season without a true number 1 receiver. DK will evolve into that number 1 and help Wilson a lot in the passing game. Tyler Lockett will be a great compliment and Greg Olsen might still have a little left in the tank.

7. Drew Brees

Drew Brees is one of the ageless wonders at quarterback in the NFL. He doesn't seem to be regressing yet which is scary. Brees finished as the QB21 last season because he missed 5 games due to an injury suffered against the Rams. Also, Brees got 2nd on the all-time completion percentage in a single season with 74.3%. Who is number 1? Drew Brees with 74.4% the year before. Brees has one of the best receivers in the NFL at his disposal in Michael Thomas. Emmanuel Sanders will be a great complement to take some of the pressure off of Thomas. The Saints also have a Swiss-army knife in Taysom Hill. Drew Brees will be very fun to watch next season in a high powered offense.

6. Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan will have a bounce back season this year. He finished as the QB11 last year, which is average. The Falcons are going Super Bowl or bust this season. This is evident by them signing Todd Gurley to replace DeVonta Freeman this offseason. The coach of the Falcons, Dan Quinn knows he is on the hot seat. If he doesn't make the playoffs, he will most likely be fired. Matt Ryan has one of the best weapons in the NFL this season with all-pro receiver Julio Jones. Calvin Ridley is a great wide receiver 2 who complements Julio Jones well. If Todd Gurley returns to anything like his former self, this will be a very fun offense to watch this upcoming season and Matt Ryan will reap the benefits.

5. Deshaun Watson

Even though DeAndre Hopkins is gone, Deshaun Watson still has a lot of weapons this year. Watson was the QB4 last season as he averaged 21.4 fantasy points per game in 15 games. The offense will remain the same this season as it was last season. David Johnson will take a lot of pressure off of Watson this season and open up the play action game. Watson will have many receivers to throw to this season. He has 5 solid players he can throw to in Brandin Cooks, Kenny Stills, Will Fuller, Randall Cobb, and David Johnson. Watson has many weapons to utilize in a Houston offense who has been slinging the ball around ever since he got there.

4. Kyler Murray

Kyler is my pick to be this year's breakout star. He plays in an up tempo, air raid offense that he is very familiar with because he ran a similar offense in college. Murray was the QB8 last season as a rookie and he will only go up from there. He passed for only 20 touchdowns last year, a number that should go up with the addition of DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins will give Murray a great redzone option to increase his touchdown count. Murray scored just over 285 points last year while only passing for 20 touchdowns and rushing for 4. If you are looking for a sophomore sensation at quarterback, look no further, Kyler Murray should be your pick.

3. Dak Prescott

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was ecstatic when Ceedee Lamb fell to the 17th pick in the draft. Dak Prescott now has one of, if not the best receiving corps in the league to throw to. He also has a top running back in Ezekiel Elliott. Dak was the QB2 last year and now he gets another top receiver to throw to. Prescott wants 40 million dollars from the Cowboys for his new contract. That is an absurd amount of money and if he wants that much he is going to have to prove it. Prescott is going to do everything he can this year to prove he is worth 40 million dollars. Prescott is not as talented as the next two guys on this list but has great upside with his high powered offense.

2. Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes was the QB7 last season despite only playing in 14 games and still being a little banged up when he got back. He has a cannon for an arm and plays in a backyard style offense with a lot of speed. Every single one of Mahomes' receivers is extremely fast, which works well with his amazing arm. Mahomes also has a top tight end in Travis Kelce to turn short, dump off passes into large gains. The Chiefs drafted Clyde Edwards Helaire with their first round pick this season who is no stranger to catching the football. He caught 55 passes last season for LSU. Mahomes will have so many weapons to get the ball to this year and there is no reason why he shouldn't be a top fantasy quarterback.

1. Lamar Jackson

Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the NFL. Lamar Jackson is the best fantasy quarterback. He won't put up the best passing stats but he puts up a lot more rushing stats than Mahomes. Lamar Jackson broke the single season rushing record for a quarterback last season and he is not going to stop there. As long as he is healthy, Lamar will be the most dynamic quarterback in the league. He was the QB1 by far last season with almost 80 fantasy points separating him and Dak Prescott. My one concern with Lamar is the beating he is taking to his body with all of the rushing. But, he has not gotten injured yet because of that. If Lamar plays most of the season, he will still be a top 5 quarterback at the minimum.

Is there anyone I have missed? The following quarterbacks barely missed the cut: Tom Brady, Josh Allen, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, and Carson Wentz. It took me a lot longer to make these rankings because quarterbacks are all very close together in terms of average fantasy points per game. You don't need to take Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes in the second or third round when you can get a quarterback later in the draft who will average around 5 less fantasy points per game.

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