Top 10 Fantasy Football RBs (PPR)

Yesterday, I posted my list of my top 10 fantasy football wide receivers. There were a lot of comments and I tried to respond to most of them. I always like hearing other people's opinions on players. Feel free to share your opinions in the comments. QBs tomorrow, TEs on Sunday.

10. David Johnson

David Johnson is a huge sleeper this year. He could easily finish in the top 10 even top 5 in running backs. David Johnson will be the workhorse in Houston with no one behind him. Houston traded one of their best players for him and there is no reason he should remain unused. David Johnson sprained his ankle against the Giants and rarely saw the field again. This was due to the addition of Kenyan Drake. For whatever reason, even though Johnson was healthy they gave all of the touches to Drake. Prior to his injury Johnson was averaging 20.2 fantasy points per game. I could definitely see Johnson eclipsing 20 fantasy points per game this year as the workhorse on the Texans.

9. Leonard Fournette

Fournette was the RB7 last year with only 3 touchdowns. There is no way Fournette only gets 3 touchdowns this year. Unless he gets traded, Fournette will be the workhorse in Jacksonville on a team with an average quarterback. Fournette scored over 10 points in every game but 1 this past season, which sounds even crazier because he only scored 3 touchdowns. Fournette definitely has the potential to be a top 5 running back if he can up his touchdown count. Fournette will be heavily relied on this season and a big part of the Jaguars' offense.

8. Josh Jacobs

Josh Jacobs led the league in missed tackles last year with 69. Jacobs missed three games last year with a shoulder injury he was dealing with since week 7. A fully healthy Jacobs is a mid to low end RB1 this year. Jacobs received inconsistent carries last season. The Raiders went 7-9 last season and Jacobs received 20 or more carries in just 2 of those losses. An improved passing offense with rookies Henry Ruggs, Bryan Edwards, and Lynn Bowden should help Jacobs face less stacked boxes and get more carries this season.

7. Austin Ekeler

Austin Ekeler would be nowhere near the top 10 in a non-PPR league. Austin Ekeler was the RB4 last year where he was the backup for half the season. I am so excited to see what Ekeler can do this year as the clear #1 running back on the Chargers. He was super consistent last year and only scored below 10 points once. Justin Jackson and rookie Joshua Kelley will most likely take some carries and goal line work from Ekeler. I am not worried about this as Austin Ekeler will remain a part as the passing game. It has been rumored that Ekeler might line up at receiver a bit this year too. Regardless of how many carries he gets, Ekeler will be a great late first round to early second round pick.

6. Dalvin Cook

I know this might seem a little low but I am not putting a running back in my top 5 who hasn't finished a season in his career. I don't care how good he was last year when he played, he still missed most of the fantasy playoffs. If Cook can finish the season he will definitely be a top 5 running back. I am not paying a top 6 pick for him. If all of the top 5 running backs are off the board in the first round I would consider him, but only if I could back him up with someone else on this list. Dalvin Cook was the RB6 this year even though he missed the last two weeks of the season. If you can get this guy and the end of the first round and he plays the whole season, he will be a beast. But if you take Cook you should handcuff him with Mattison.

5. Alvin Kamara

I expect Alvin Kamara to have a bounce back year this season. Kamara eclipsed 300 points in each of his first two seasons in the league. Kamara would have come close if not for his knee and ankle injury that caused him to miss two games. Like Austin Ekeler, Kamara depends on receptions for fantasy points and would be much worse in standard leagues. Kamara will surrender some carries and goal line work to Latavius Murray, but he makes up for that with his receptions. A fully healthy Kamara combined with an improved offensive line should be in line for more touches this year.

4. Ezekiel Elliott

The Cowboys drafting Ceedee Lamb is going to do more help than harm for Zeke. The Cowboys will face almost no stacked boxes this year. The Cowboys consistently have one of the best offensive lines in the league. This should be no different this year. Zeke has scored over 300 fantasy points in three out of his four seasons in the NFL. The one season he didn't, he was suspended for 6 games. I do not see any reason why Zeke wouldn't eclipse 300 points with his top offensive line and his durability.

3. Derrick Henry

Derrick Henry is the definition of a workhorse running back. Henry was the NFL's leading rusher last year and had over 300 carries in just 15 games. He also carried the Titans to back to back upset wins over the Patriots and Ravens in the playoffs. Derrick Henry will get much better as the season moves along. As the weather gets colder, he will be harder to tackle. The reason I have him above Elliott is rookie Darrynton Evans is going to get less touches than Tony Pollard. Henry got the franchise tag last year and needs to prove he is worth a large contract. The great thing about Henry is you can get him throughout almost the entire first round on ESPN as he is ranked 11th.

2. Christian McCaffrey

Christian McCaffrey will regress this season. #1 players in fantasy rarely repeat and there is no way he gets 141 targets again this year. The Panthers added Robby Anderson in free agency and he will most likely take targets away from McCaffrey. We have no idea what this offense will look like this year with Joe Brady and Matt Rhule. Even if McCaffrey scores 100 points less than he did last year, he will still be worthy of a top two pick. Maybe he will repeat again, but that rarely happens. The number one pick this year will be a coin flip between Barkley and McCaffrey and will likely come down to personal preference.

1. Saquon Barkley

Saquon Barkley will not crush McCaffrey in fantasy points this year. Even if Barkley only outscores him by 5 points that still makes him the number 1. Saquon is a much more talented running back. He plays on a team with a more inconsistent quarterback. Saquon was playing much better at the end of the season after his injury. I would only put Saquon a hair above McCaffrey. If I had the number one pick it would depend on how I was feeling that day. Even making these rankings I spent a long time going back and forth with myself over who the number 1 is. Right now I think Saquon is better but I think both of the top two running backs can eclipse 400 points.

Feel free to argue in the comments about my rankings. Even I think some of these are controversial. Joe Mixon, Kenyan Drake, Miles Sanders, Todd Gurley, and Aaron Jones all just missed the cut but all are great running backs if you can get them at the right time. Mixon was very close to making my list but I think David Johnson has a higher upside.

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