Top 10 NFL Players Going into Next season

This is not Who is Betree just how much affect they have on there team succeeding and last season performance.

1. Patrick Mahomes

Because who doesn’t. He has won a MVP, SB, And SB mvp and it’s been 2 years in. He is definitely on pace to be the goat. He has gotten the largest extension in history and second biggest in sports history. 10 years with the chiefs and most likely with Coach Reid. He is Not in his prime yet.

2. Aaron Donald

Donald is a Destructive force which QBs and Running Backs fear. He is a Big And Fast defender who can get through nearly every o-line in the sport. You need to double this man and he plays DT. He might never be put in the conversation for the best defensive player because of his positions but i feel like he is already there and can prove everybody wrong.

2. Russell Wilson

Wilson is agile and Can throw the ball. He is Similar to patrick mahomes in the sense he can do almost anything and impose his will on defenses. He has been close to many MVPs but has been over shadowed he has many season at that caliber. He has won a Bowl early into his respective career and almost had 2 but we won’t get in to that.

4. Stephen Gilmore

Gilmore is a Shut down Corner which nobody dares to test or they will pay the price. He Won DPOTY as a CB this in itself shows how good he was as CBs dont win the award. He Might be too old to get much better and with a lot of holes on this defense for next season, the rookies will have to step up and help him repeat last season’s success.

5. Lamar Jackson

Lamar Won MVP and is changing the way a QB plays the game. He is a Lethal Threat as you can sleep on him. He Is slandered for his recent playoff fails and how he can’t throw the ball But he is Succeeding through all that. He lead all of the NFL in TDs and made Baltimore back to Super Bowl Contenders since Ed Reed and Ray Lewis

6. Michael Thomas

Thomas Broke the Catches Record for a season and he is not fully in his prime yet. The Chemistry between Brees and MT is Crazy in which they know how to work with each other and it’s like they speak telepathically. MT might not be as gifted as Julio Or D-Hop in pure talent but he was on a mission last season.

7. Julio Jones

Julio is in my opinion the best WR in the league and he is top 3 in pretty much any list. He doesn’t fill the stat sheet like a MT or a CMC but he can Beat pretty much any DB in a 1v1 and he was described as an alien by many around the league as he has height and size and moves fast as almost anybody.

8. Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey is a Special kind of player as he had both 1000+ Rushing and Reciving Yards in a single season. He is Feared by every defense and would be one of the biggest threat on any team. He is Changing the Position by himself. He is making it necessary for a Back to be able to catch well too.

9. Khalil Mack

Mack gets any QB freezing in there steps he is a player that plays multiple Positions and does them all at an elite level. He can Truly be a DPOTY every year. He is on a team with a bad rep because of the offensive struggles and injuries But mack can make the worst of defenses look legit.

10. DeAndre Hopkins

Hopkins is a Elite player who can catch almost anything thrown at him and he has hands like catcher mitts. He maked QBs like Tom Savage and Matt Shoub Looks like serviceable QBs. He Doesn’t need much explanation on why he is appearing on this list.


Deshaun Watson

Watson Can do almost anything mahomes can with a worse arm but better wheels. He has been cursed with injury prone Wrs this up coming season with D hop gone he will be a one man show. His Best weapons will be Duke Johnson Jr, Will Fuller if he can manage to stay healthy, and Brandon Cooks.

Tre’Darius White

Tre White is a Lockdown corner who is blessed with a great surround system in Murphy, Oliver, Edmunds, and etc. He Is the clear leader of the defense and can stop next to anybody. He is shaping up to be a scary CB. He is The next best thing to Gilmore in terms of DBs.

T.J Watt

T.J Had been shadowed by His Brother J.J As J.J had won 3 DPOTY but T.J is The next coming of J.J and can achieve the same feet of greatness some day and is the best defender on the Steelers which have a top 5 defense. He will only get better and is a force of nature.

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