Top 10 point guards 2020

I will be starting a series where I will be ranking the top 10 players at each position!! We are starting off with the top 10 point guards in the league. Just a couple things to note though. For one thing, a player had to have played a decent amount of games to qualify so guys like Stephen Curry will not be included since he only played 5 games this year. Another thing is this is all mu opinion. You may disagree with me and that's totally fine. Alright let's go!!

Starting off at number 10 I have De'Aaron Fox. A quiet player this season but has stil made a big impact on the kings who are fighting for that 8th seed in the west. Fox is averaging 20.4 pts, 6.8 ast, and 4.0 reb!! Pretty good numbers!! Altough Fox wasn't talked about much, I still think he has been having a great season and when the NBA comes back in July we will get to see if Fox can take the Kings to another level!!

At Number 9 I have Ja Morant. The favorite to win the ROTY of the year. Already in his rookie year Ja has shown loads of potential!! He is ultra athletic, an excellent play maker, great shooter, and incredible leader. Ja is averaging 17.6 pts, 6.9 ast, and 3.5 reb!! Amazing rookie numbers!! The grizzlies have one of the best young coresin the NBA and they are probably the most likely to get the 8th seed in the west largly due to the impact of Ja Morant.

At Number 8 I have Trae Young!! Trae Young has had a heck of a sophomore season and it's unfortunate that the Hawks aren't headed to Orlando. The Hawks do have a great young core though so I think they will be great in a few years. Trae Young himself has put up incredible stats this season. Trae Young averaged 29.6 pts, 9.3 ast, and 4.3 reb. Those are unbelievable numbers for a sophomore!! Trae Young looks like he has a great future!!

At Number 7 I have Ben Simmons!! A lot of people don't give him enough credit because he is a bad shooter but there is more to his game!! Simmons is a great defender and an amazing playmaker!! He is looking like he has a very bright future. Simmons is currently averaging 16.7 pts, 8.2 ast, and 7.8 reb. As a 6'10 point guard, if Simmons can develop a jumpshot, He will be deadly!!

At number 6 I have Kemba Walker!! Kemba Walker has been killing it with the Celtics!! After finally getting away from the Hornets, Kemba can show what he can do on an elite team!! Not too much to say about Kemba. He is a great scorer, incredible ball handler, solid playmaker, and overall great all around point guard. Kemba is currently averaging 21.2 pts, 4.9 ast, and 4.1 reb!! Let's see how good Kemba Walker is in the playoffs!!

At number 5 I have Kyle Lowry. Kinda a hot take here but I absolutely Love Lowry's game. He is easily one of the best leaders in the NBA and he is a great 2 way player. Lowry is also a very high IQ player who can facilitate a high level offense and read the offense to know when to take charges. Which is something he is amazing at!! Lowry is currently averaging 19.7 pts, 7.7 ast, and 4.8 reb. Lowry has a tremendous impact on the Raptors so let's see how well they can do in the playoffs.

A number 4 I have Chris Paul!! What Chris Paul has done with the Thunder this season is actually incredible!! When we all thought Chris Paul was washed up and the thunder weren't gonna do very well this season. Chris Paul lead them to the 5th seed in the west!! Even at 35 Chris Paul is still an incredible leader, elite playmaker, and great stealer. Paul is averaging 17.7 pts, 6.8 ast, and 4.8 reb. Let's see if the thunder and Chris Paul can surprise us in the playoffs.

At number 3 I have Kyrie Irving. Unfortunately Kyrie will not be playing in Orlando but KD is coming back next year so I think they will be really scary next year!! Even without KD, Kyrie still led the nets to the 7th seed in the east. Which is still pretty good. It is clear that Kyrie is not a good leader but he still had a great season. Kyrie averaged 27.4 pts, 6.4 ast, and 5.2 reb. I think Kyrie is saving his energy for next season to do some real damage with KD.

I am personally not the biggest fan of Westbrook but I can't deny how good he is. Russ has still been incredible with the rockets even though he has been in more of a second option role. Russ is looking like he will thrive in the Rockets new small ball system! I think the rockets are going to be a problem in the playoffs I think Harden and Westbrook have been a great duo this season. Westbrook is currently averaging 27.5 pts, 7.0 ast, and 8.0 reb. I can't wait to see how the small ball strategy works in the playoffs!!

At number 1 I have Damian Lillard!! Most people would agree with this and who wouldn't? Dame is a great leader and has been the main reason why the blazers are still fighting for a playoff spot. The blazers did have a disappoiting season but Lillard can only do so much. Lillard is averaging 28.9 pts, 7.8 ast, and 4.3 reb. I think we all remember his 6 game stretch scoring at least 35 points in each game!! That was in insane!! Let's see if Dame can take the Blazers the the playoffs.

What do you think??

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