Top 10 Shortstops Heading Into 2020

One of the most valued positions on the diamond, Shortstop. It's one of those positions that not everyone can play, but anyone who does play there is good enough to play anywhere. A cornerstone for any front office to build their franchise around, as you will see all of the guys on this list are on a contending team and a big part of that is because of them. Today we will be walking through the top 10 shortstops in today’s game.

10. Tim Anderson

The former 1st round pick is coming off a career year in which he slashed .335/.357/.508 with 18 homers, 56 RBI, a .865 OPS and a batting title. All of those numbers are career highs. As some of you may be asking, if he won a batting title why isn't he higher on the list. Well to start he was a below-average defender at the positions posting a .951 feilding % and a -12 Rdrs (Defensive runs saved) which made him one of the worst at his position in 2019. Also he’s not a guy who will drive the ball into the gap or over the fence, just base hits and uses his speed on the bases. In today's game batting average is not valued the way it used to be so that's why he ranked 10th.

9. Trea Turner

The NC State product Trea Turner has been a consistent player since he debuted back in 2015. After some injuries last year he was still able to post a .298/.353/.497 with a .850 OPS and put 19 balls over the fence. He was a huge part of the 2019 Nationals team that shocked the world to win the world series and he was a great presence in the locker room. Turner also stole 35 bags in 2019 and his speed gives him great range in the field whether it be at short or in center. The only downside to Turner is that he's not the best fielder with a .971 feilding % and a -1 Rdrs. I expect him to stay consistent at the plate in 2020 and also make some changes in the field.

8. Carlos Correa

The young Purtro Rican stud Carlos Correa ranks 8th on my list. He has always had the potential to become one of the greatest at his position but injuries have delayed that. In a shortened 2019 season he slashed .279/.358/.568 with a .958 OPS, 21 home runs and 59 RBI which for only playing 75 games is a productive season. He's always been a plus defender with .979 career fielding % and has saved 34 runs during his career. I expect him to take another leap both at the plate and in the field as long as he can stay healthy. 

7. Paul DeJong

DeJong has turned himself into one of the most underrated players in baseball. Though his batting average took a dip he showed major jumps in other major categories such as homeruns, RBI, SLG and OPS. He was an all star last year and also made a case for the gold glove award when he put up .989 fielding % and a great 26 Rdrs. DeJong is only 25 so I expect him to keep on growing as a player and could be a huge part of this upcoming Cardinals team. 

6. Gleyber Torres

One of the bright young stars in today's game, Gleyber Torres. He's a two time all star and has finished 2 in ROY and 17 in MVP. He took major steps at the plate last year where he slashed .279/.337/.535 with a .871 OPS, 38 bombs and drove in 90 runs. He brings a certain type of energy to the game that not many people can do so he makes an impact with his bat and in the clubhouse. My only concern with him is his glove where he put up a .967 feilding % and a -4 Rdrs. He is moving back to his natural position of shortstop so expect those numbers to improve. 

5. Xander Bogarts

Coming off an MVP caliber season Xander Bogarts as one of the best in the game. Slashing .309/.384/.555 with a .939 OPS as well as 33 homers and drove in 117. You could make the argument that RBI is an opportunity stat and I agree but a player should not be discounted because he takes advantage of the great opportunities. At the end of the day the great players are the ones who make the most out of every opportunity they get. He's a ok defender as well with a .975 feilding % and -14 Rdrs. Once he puts everything together expect him to be at least top 3 at his position. 

4. Marcus Semien

A breakout year from the A’s star was a great one. Semien posted 33 homers and 92 RBI while slashing .285/.369/.522 with a .892 and finished 3rd in the 2019 MVP voting. Fielding has always held him back but last year he was able to put it all together posting a .981 feilding % and saving 12 runs. He possesses good speed as well so that will help him in the long run. Semien has turned himself into a great all around player and I can see him only getting better in years to come.  

3. Javier Baez

One of the most Electric players in baseball history, Javey Baez. He finally was able to put his flashy glove and monster swing all together for one impressive year in which he slashed .281/.316/.531 with a .847 OPS, 29 homers and 85 RBI. His feilding has always been his better side with a .973 feilding % and an insane 26 Rdrs and has turned himself into arguably the best defender at SS. I expect the young star to keep improving and put up some more career high numbers in 2020.

2. Francisco Lindor

“Mr. Smile” has made a name for himself over the past years as one of the best players in the game. Lindor is a 4x allstar, 2x silver slugger, 2x gold glover and a platinum glove. If that's not enough to convince you he put up great numbers this year with 31 homers and 73 RBI. His defense was nothing short of amazing with a .979 feilding % and 11 Rdrs. Nothing more to be said other than he's one of the best.

1. Trevor Story

Coming in at number one is none other than Trevor Story. He has improved every year since his debut in 2016 with the bat and the glove. In the batters box he slashed .294/.369/.554 with a .917 OPS, 35 bombs and drove in 85 runs. He's a 2x all star, 2x silver slugger winner and has finished in the top 25 MVP race 2 years in a row. Stroy’s glove has improved as well, posting a .987 fielding % with 14 Rdrs. Story has become not only become the best at his position but one of the best in the game and he deserves this number one spot.

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