Top 10 Underrated and Overrated Players at each Position Part 1: Quarterback

Starting my series of listing the top 10 underrated and overrated players at each position starting with the QB. This will include starting and 2nd string QBs that are currently in the league.

Underrated QBs

10. Teddy Bridgewater QB/Carolina Panthers

Ever since coming into the league in 2014 Bridgewater has always been a legitimate QB. While he was with the Vikings he made them playoff contenders and in 2016 Bridgewater did just that, led them to the wild card game but lost on a 23 yard missed field goal by kicker Blair Walsh. During that next offseason Teddy B tore his ACL and dislocated his knee joint during training camp on August 30th 2016, just under two weeks before their first game. Bridgewater did not play again till he joined the Saints and Brees went down in week 2 of the 2019 season. Bridgewater went 5-0 as a starter and threw for 1370 yards with 9 touchdowns along with only two interceptions. Bridgewater has shown he can lead a team and he can put uo wins while doing it. He got signed by the Panthers this offseason and will be the starter for the 2020 NFL season, he is a underrated QB.

9. Drew Lock QB/Denver Broncos

Drew Lock was a rookie last year and was the 3rd string QB until Joe Flacco and Brandon Allen got hurt. Drew Lock shocked many people by going 4-1 in his five games starting including a game winning drive that set up the game winning field goal. Drew Lock threw for 1020 yards with 7 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Drew Lock is a legitimate QB because he puts the ball where only his receivers can get it, he also stands in the pocket and slides or steps up instead of scrambling out of the pocket. He also can scramble and take off when he needs to. Lock has a lot of potential but needs to work on his accuracy and pin pointing the ball. With 5 games under his belt and new additions of Jerry Jeudy, KJ Hammler and Melvin Gordon, he should have more targets and options to throw to.

8. Kyler Murray QB/Arizona Cardinals

Kyler was the 1st overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, he started off pretty cold but during mid to late season he picked up and so did the Cardinals offense. You might be wondering why Kyler is in the underrated section since he was the 1st overall pick, well he is only 5' 10" and is on a team that is taking on water quickly but he proved last season that he can be a QB that can make comebacks and deserves to be watched this year. The addition of Hopkins and return of some injured offensive players will help Kyler achieve more this year and what I think will be a playoff run season for them. Kyler is a somewhat underrated QB but I don't think he should be, expect big things from him this year.

7. Tyrod Taylor QB/Los Angeles Chargers

Tyrod Taylor is currently on the Chargers and is set to start this upcoming season due to the release of longtime Chargers QB Philip Rivers then the Chargers drafted Oregon QB Justin Herbert with the 6th pick in this years draft. Tyrod Taylor has always been a solid QB from his time in Baltimore to his starting roles in Cleveland and Buffalo to his back up role last year with the Chargers. Tyrod had his biggest season in his first year in Buffalo in 2015, he threw for 3035 yards while also throwing 20 touchdowns along with 6 interceptions and a 63.7% completion rating, all career highs except for the completion rating. Tyrod is also a threat on the ground as he is a very electric runner and can go at anytime without a warning, it might look like he's going to throw down the middle on a post but he's really going to take it up the middle and use his legs. The ultimate goal is for Herbert to eventually start this year but they can take their time getting him prepped because they have this extremely underrated QB handling the team.

6. Dwayne Haskins QB/Washington Redskins

Before you say anything let me explain. Dwayne Haskins was thrown into the league last year as a rookie, wasn't ready mentally or physically. A injury to Case Keenum put Haskins in the game and the panicking Redskins didn't sign another QB, they just kept playing a rookie QB who obviously wasn't ready. This year Haskins has been working out and will definitely have a much better year. Playing 9 games last year Haskins threw for 1365 yards and an even 7 touchdowns and 7 interceptions. Haskins is a quarterback with a strong arm and a great scrambler. Like Tyrod Taylor, Haskins can run at any moment and is great doing it, he also is an Ohio State quarterback and QBs from OSU don't do good in the NFL for some reason but I strongly believe Haskins can break that curse.

5. Gardner Minshew QB/Jacksonvile Jaguars

After Nick Foles went down in week 1 Gardner Minshew took over and shocked the NFL. A sixth round pick in 2019 Minshew was called upon and became a decent starter. Usually sixth round picks are panic picks or just guesses with the occasional stars like Tom Brady or Antonio Brown. Throwing for 3271 yards along with 21 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions in 14 games, Minshew looks to have a similar season and hopes to lead the Jags to a better record. Minshew might look like nothing but he is a pretty decent and therefore underrated QB.

4. A.J. McCarron QB/Houston Texans

A QB that isn't talked about much in Houston Texans backup A.J. McCarron. He originally was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 5th round of the 2014 NFL Draft and when Andy Dalton went down in the 2015-2016 season he led them to a wild card appearance against the Pittsburgh Steelers. McCarron is extremely overrated because he led a 16 point unanswered almost comeback in that Wild Card game as a rookie. He is a very solid backup as he as backed up Derek Carr with the Raiders and Deshaun Watson in Houston and will do so again this year. McCarron has leadership abilities and when he is needed he can deliver, also he has a pretty nice arm and makes pretty decent decisions most of the time. McCarron is extremely underrated and he will most definitely be the backup this year.

3. Kyle Allen QB/Washington Redskins

After playing 12 games in place for the injuries Cam Newton, Kyle Allen is as good as a starting QB but is in a backup role with the Washington Redskins. Allen showed tremendous efforts this past season throwing for 3322 yards and 17 touchdowns with a scary 16 interceptions. Maybe I'm giving him too much credit and he really isn't underrated, I don't think so. Considering he only played two games in his rookie year while being an undrafted free agent, Allen surpassed expectations and kept the Panthers and their fan's hopes up throughout the season that he would take over the reins when Newton leaves. Although he didn't win much games by going 5-8 and having a 4 game wining streak then a 6 game losing streak before rookie QB Will Grier took over for one game. Kyle Allen will be successful in the backup role but I think he can become a starter eventually with the right team.

2. Matt Ryan QB/Atlanta Falcons

Ever since the Super Bowl that the Falcons gifted the Patriots, Matt Ryan has been called a terrible or less than average QB. I don't see why he would be any of those, he has has rarely missed games, he won a league MVP, has had terrible offensive lines and still continued to make the Pro Bowl. Matt Ryan has gone through the wringer with this Falcons team, like I mentioned before terrible offensive lines, pretty much the only targets he has had are WR Roddy White and Julio Jones along with TE Tony Gonzalez, terrible coaching and crappy defenses. Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford have been in similar situations throughout their career and I'm pretty sure now you can guess who's #1.

1. Matthew Stafford QB/Detroit Lions

Matthew Stafford, possibly one of the biggest "what if..." QBs ever. Stafford, like Ryan, has been through the wringer. He has had very little help on offense and from the coaching staff since his arrival in 2009. His main target being none other than WR Calvin Johnson and his best coach was probably the longest tenured, Jim Schwartz. Stafford now has a team that has both good WRs and RBs for the first time in a long time, probably since Calvin Johnson and Javied Best played together. Stafford, despite the lack of offensive, defensive and coaching help has made the Pro Bowl, led the team to the playoffs 3 times, has played through injuries including leading a game winning drive with a separated shoulder, and has stuck with the team despite the drought and lack of consistency of success. Stafford is a very electrifying leader and player, you can often see him hyped up on the field or hyping up his team during pre-game. 7 straight years (2011-2017) Stafford threw for over 4000 yards and two of them were over 5000 yards and for 8 years (2011-2018) he threw over 20 touchdowns and two of those years he threw for 32 &41 Touchdowns. Stafford is 100% underrated and the only reason is because his team does nothing pretty much every year.

Overrated QBs

10. Jared Goff QB/Los Angeles Rams

The former 2016 1st overall pick from California gets more hype then he is worth, Carson Wentz who followed Goff as the 2nd overall pick is the better QB. But why all the hate on Goff you might ask, why is he overrated, he took the Rams to the Super Bowl. Goff and the Rams struggled heavily this past season after losing to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. They went 13-3 two seasons ago but this year they went 9-7. Goff has never been an 'elite' quarterback and has only had one standout season. Goff threw less touchdowns and more interceptions this year with a 22/16 TD/INT ratio while tossing 4638 yard season. There isn't really a rock solid argument about why he's underrated, its more of a comparison argument, he just hasn't shown much to be qualified as a top quarterback in this league.

9. Joe Burrow QB/Cincinnati Bengals

Joe Burrow has just signed his rookie contract of $36.1 million dollars and its all guaranteed, is the hype he getting worth it? Burrow is the 1st overall pick for this years draft, he was electric at LSU, some people are saying he is going to change the Bengals this year, will he though? Im not one to believe hype until its been proven, we haven't even seen Burrow be in a NFL facility yet, yet even report. The Bengals team is so broken down its not even funny, Burrow will help them definitely but not enough for all this hype. Burrow had one good college year and that was the 2019-2020 college season. Tossing 60 touchdowns and only six interceptions while throwing 5671 yards Joe Burrow won the National Championship and there is good reason for hype. Before we go crazy and assume things we should at least see him pads first and throw some passes. He is a rookie and it is very rare rookie QBs live up to hype. I'm not saying he won't be good I'm just saying he won't be as good as people say he will be this year.

8. Baker Mayfield QB/Cleveland Browns

Baker Mayfield is easily the best Browns quarterback since Tim Couch in the 2000s, but he isn't a top 15 or even top 20 quarterback. Baker threw 22/21 (TD/INT) and 3827 yards this past season and yet again the Browns had a losing record. With all that offensive talent Baker hasn't done anything. Yes there was coaching issues last year and they have, once again, hired another head coach. Baker is still fairly young and this is definitely a prove it year for him so this is why he lands lower on the overrated list.

7. Jimmy Garoppolo QB/San Francisco 49ers

Before you question how a reigning Super Bowl quarterback can be overrated, hear me out. Jimmy G is an interesting case, he shows signs of being overrated and being rated just right. The 49ers are a pretty balanced team and the other positions play more of a part than Jimmy does. They are stacked on defense and at the RB,TE,WR,OL positions. With that offense if you put Nick Mullens or C.J Beathard back there they could probably get a winning record and a playoff spot, Jimmy does have experience with New England so that helps him and the two back ups have little experience. Jimmy had a terrible Super Bowl by missing wide open receivers and didn't do anything in the NFC Championship because they just ran all over the Packers, they can win big games without him throwing and they struggle to win big games when they go pass heavy. Jimmy, in the Super Bowl went 20 for 31 with 219 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions and I think he fumbled. In the NFC Championship he went 6 for 8 with 77 yards.

6. Sam Darnold QB/New York Jets

Sam Darnold was a high draft pick and has yet to prove that he was worth it. Darnold is inconsistent, scared, and bad under pressure. People give him this hype and say he's going to have a career season but I just don't see that happening. Is he unsuccessful due to lack of weapons and lack of good coaching, yes, but if he was the quarterback analysts say he was, he would prevail the Jets into playoff conversations. Colin Cowherd has given Darnold a huge hype train by saying "I can make the argument that no team has elevated the talent around their young quarterback better than the New York Jets." The Jets have added some o-line and receiver help including 11th overall pick OT Mekhi Becton and WR Denzel Mims, but is it enough to keep Darnold from scrambling out of the pocket and making pressured decisions? Just like Baker Mayfield this is a prove it year for Darnold and the way he is going, he may not make the leap. (

5. Tom Brady QB/Tampa Bay Buccaneers

No longer a Patriot, fans everywhere will finally get the answer that has been asked for a while, is Tom Brady a system quarterback who's success was due to the Patriots coaching staff? Tom Brady is overrated nowadays, even though he won a Super Bowl just two years ago, that was due to the defense. He lost to the Titans in the Wild Card game last year at home. Now in Tampa Bay, this will be the ultimate test, Brady takes Tampa Bay to the playoffs and he is truly the best football player of all time, or he does not and proves he is a system QB. There are better playing QBs in the league than Brady even though he came in at number fifteen in the Top 100 players of 2019-2020 season, those players ranked are voted by the players. Brady did not have an amazing season last year, he barley touched 4000 yards passing and he threw only 24 touchdowns with 8 interceptions, his lowest touchdown count since 2001 and his lowest yards thrown since 2016. Just like with Jared Goff it's not as much of a stat argument its more of a comparison argument and you can make the argument that he is overrated now.

4. Mason Rudolph QB/Pittsburgh Steelers

After a very *ahem* eventful season, Mason Rudolph has his first taste of NFL experience. Some Steeler fans are giving Rudolph too much praise though. Rudolph did alright filling in for Big Ben going 5-3 while throwing 1765 yards and 13 touchdowns with 9 interceptions. Some fans say Rudolph is the QB of the future for the franchise but is he really starter material? Rudolph battled injuries last year but still got benched for a undrafted free agent. Rudolph doesn't have the mental part of pro football grasped yet and people fail to see that, before the hit he took form Ravens safety Earl Thomas he was confident, after the hit he looked like Ben, hanging on to the ball too long and second guessed himself which led to turnovers and incompletions. Rudolph threw an interception on his first pass attempt against the Miami Dolphins last year in a result of pocket pressure and holding on to the ball too long. When Rudolph gets his chance again we will see how he does but as of right now he is overrated.

3. Kirk Cousins QB/Minnesota Vikings

Kirk Cousins can't win big games without there being a questionable call. I'm talking about last years Wild Card game where TE Kyle Rudolph pushed off in the corner of the end zone in overtime to win the game. Kirk's stats haven't been to shabby over his two years with the Vikings he has been a good QB but he a little overrated. Cousins is 0-8 when playing Monday Night Football (6-13 in all primetime games) with a 65.4% completion rate. Some rookies win their first primetime start, this shows Cousins can't win in the spotlight and when it comes playoff time, it's nothing but spotlight. Cousins is a different kind of overrated, he has the stats but just doesn't have the wins to back it up.

2. Derek Carr QB/Las Vegas Raiders

Derek Carr lead the Raiders to the playoffs one time. He had a great rookie year and that's about it. Ever since Amari Cooper left his touchdowns went down and his interceptions went up, but he's barely thrown for over 4000 yards for the past two seasons. Carr is made out to be the reason the Raiders are where they are at but honestly they could put someone like Nick Mullens back there and get very similar results, don't be surprised if he gets benched for Mariota this year. Since the Cooper trade Carr hasn't had a definitive season and if he was anything like he is made out to be then he would put up better numbers because great quarterbacks find success with what is there.

  1. Dak Prescott QB/Dallas Cowboys

Dak plays like an average quarterback, his ego is from his rookie year in 2016 when the Cowboys went 13-3 but lost against the Packers in the divisional round. He puts up similar numbers to quarterbacks like Jamis Winston and Jared Goff, those players are not elite. Dak is a top 20 QB at best, he's in the middle, not elite but not trash. Put Goff with that offense, he would put up better numbers than he is putting up now. Prescott is set to play under the franchise tag in 2020, after this season we will see if he is worth the $100 million he wants.

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