Top 10 Underrated and Overrated Wide Receivers


10. Kenny Stills WR/Houston Texans


Kenny Stills is coming off a year where he was a #3 receiver behind Hopkins and Fuller. With DeAndre gone and Will Fuller an injury risk, Watson and the Texans will turn to the 7-year pro to carry the team. Last year Stills hauled in 561 yards on 40 receptions and 4 touchdowns in a span of 13 games. Stills stretched the field last year, his longest reception was 45 yards, he had an average of 43.2 receiving yards per game. Stills caught 72.7% of his catches last year, assuming there was a mix of drops and bad passes, Stills needs to accumulate a 84%+ in order to be recognized. Kenny Stills can be a #1 receiver once more I believe, he needs to stay healthy and show up in tough situations. Kenny had a 3.1 reception average per game, him and Watson need to do some work over the offseason.

9. Darius Slayton WR/New York Giants

Danielle Parhizkaran/

Darius Slayton is somewhat underrated. In his rookie year he saved the Giants team from completely exploding and gave the fans some hope for the future. In 2019, he played 14 games and caught 48 passes for 740 yards and 8 touchdowns. Slayton can be a deep threat or a 5 yard pass kind of threat, his longest reception was 55 yards. Last year he caught an average of 3 passes per game and averaged 53 yards per game. He totaled 32 first downs last year, that was the second most first downs by a player on the team(45-Saquon Barkley). Slayton will be fighting for the #1 receiver spot with Sterling Shepard. Slayton blossomed last year due to Shepard missing 6 games.

8. Hunter Renfrow WR/Las Vegas Raiders

Photo Credit: USATSI

Another rookie receiver who had a decent season. Renfrow played 13 games as a rookie last year and on 49 catches out of 71 targets had 605 yards and 4 touchdowns. Renfrow caught 69% of his targets last year along with a 65 yard long reception. Renfrow accumulated a 12.3 yards per reception average on 4 receptions per game average. The Clemson product quickly earned Derek Carr's trust and when pressured Hunter would bail him out. He had a total of 301 YAC(yards after catch) and 304 YBC(yards before catch). Renfrow's role for 2020 will be similar to what it was last season, be the scapegoat for Carr and be a better receiver. Recently teammate Tyrell Williams got hurt, the Raiders will be looking to Renfrow and rookie Henry Ruggs III to fill the physical/#1 receiver role.

7. Anthony Miller WR/Chicago Bears

Creator: Dylan Buell | Credit: Getty Images

The process of Anthony Miller has been slow, the Bears drafted him to be an immediate impact and didn't happen until late in 2018, his rookie year. Miller had better stats in some areas in 2019 and worse stats in others. Even though he only had 2 touchdowns this past year, he caught 52 balls for 656 yards. Miller improved his catch percentage from 61.1% to 61.2%, had more YAC with 217, he also averaged 3.3 receptions per game along with an average of 12.6 yards per game in 2019. He broke more tackles and dropped less passes while getting more first downs. Miller ultimately had a better year. In 2020, Anthony's role will be complicated because of Allen Robinson, Riley Ridley, and David Montgomery, but he will get the targets because he is the best slot receiver they have, ending up as the second best rated WR they had in 2019. Anthony is underrated, even in Chicagos' eyes, he was the second best rated receiver on their team but he still ended up 4th on the depth chart. Watch for a more increased 3rd down role this year for Miller and more red zone targets.

6. Kendrick Bourne WR/San Fransisco 49ers

Not a stat guru, Bourne is more of a red zone or situational player. Last year, Bourne led the team in red zone touchdowns with 5. His stat line includes 30 catches for 358 yards and 5 touchdowns. He caught most of his receptions in the 4th quarter(11). Kendrick averaged 2 receptions per game along with a average of 12 yards per reception. His catch percentage was the best of his previous years at 68.2%. Bourne dropped less passes and when targeted, only got intercepted once. He gets targeted more in the red zone and when they are up or behind one score, coaches and Garoppolo trust him. At the start of 2020 he will have a more involved role as Deebo Samual his out 10-12 weeks with a broken foot, he will be that go-to guy for San Fransisco, a good test to see if he is worth the money.

5. J.J. Arcega-Whiteside WR/Philadelphia Eagles


Last year, J.J. showed a little bit of what he can do. Racking up 10 receptions for 169 yards and a touchdown in 16 games are not impressive stats whatsoever, but when he did catch the ball what did he do with it, he made the most of it. 16 YAC isn't that impressive but Carson Wentz did just throw it over to Arcega-Whitesides' direction and he would make the play. J.J. would get barely one reception per game but he averaged 16.9 yards per reception. (Video credit goes to the creator of this video)

In his sophomore season, Arcega-Whiteside must be used for consistently if the team wants to get the most of him, with a new receivers coach this year, hopefully Philadelphias' luck with receivers starts.

4. Christian Kirk WR/Arizona Cardinals

Mark J. Rebilas/USA TODAY Sports

Cardinals' fans had hope for Kirk during his rookie year, but didn't live up to expectations, in 2019 he improved in almost every category including games played. His 2019 stat line looked like this, over 13 games he had 68 catches on 108 targets, 709 yards and 3 touchdowns, including a long reception of 69 yards. Kirk had 31 first downs, an average of 54.5 yards per game along with an average of 5.2 receptions per game. His catch percentage did go down by .2% and ended up with a 63% catch percentage. His YAC went up and drop percentage went down, when targeted, there was only one interception thrown instead of four. If Kirk plays an entire season and has another statistical leap, he's looking at around 875-950 yards with 7 touchdowns and around 100 catches on 120-130 targets. Christian can compete with the other receivers, and with Larry Fitzgerald getting close to retirement, they are going to need him to be a #2 behind DeAndre Hopkins.

3. Greg Ward Jr. WR/Philadelphia Eagles

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Philadelphia has a lot of young, inexperienced, but promising receivers, like Arcega-Whiteside, Greg Ward is one of them. In 2020, Ward Jr. played 7 games and racked up 28 catches for 254 yards and one score. He had an average of 36.3 yards per game and and average of 4 receptions per game. Greg was targeted 40 times and dropped none of them, the incompletions were not on him. Ward has a good comeback to the ball and can balance himself along the sidelines well. Ward threw the ball a few times during the 2019 preseason, another reason why he is a valuable asset. (All credit goes to the creator of the video)

2020 is set for a duo of Eagles receivers to shine, Ward will be a big part of the offense one way or another. Also a punt returner, Ward Jr. could be dangers this year.

2. DJ Chark WR/Jacksonville Jaguars

DJ Chark is the definition of 2nd year leap and is the opposite definition of sophomore slump. His 2019 was extraordinary, he recorded 73 receptions for 1008 yards and 8 touchdowns, he had 14 receptions, 174 yards and no touchdowns in 2018, his rookie year. Chark excelled in almost every stat, including YAC with his total being 329. He only played 15 games last year, if he plays anywhere close to this next year and plays all 16 games, the Jaguars could be looking at a floor of 7-9 and a ceiling of 8-8. (All credit goes to the video creator)

The speedy third year receiver had chemistry right off the bat with now second year QB Gardner Minshew III, quite uncommon for a rookie QB to have chemistry right as he stepped on the field. DJ showcased his hands and agility to go and get the ball last year, something that he drastically improved on. Chark totaled a 4.9 catch per game average along with a 67.2 yards per game average. His catch percentage went from a 43.8% to 61.9% and his longest reception was 69 yards. Chark's 2020 has to be a continuous to his previous season, Jacksonville is the type of team that will trade or cut you if you do not produce continuously, no second chances.

1. Robby Anderson WR/Carolina Panthers

(AP Photo/Bill Kostroun, File)

The newest Carolina Panther finds himself as the most underrated receiver in the league, some will agree and some won't, I'm here to tell you why. Robby Anderson tallied only 52 receptions for 779 yards and 5 touchdowns in 2019. Robby did have more YAC with 193 and he ended up averaging 3.3 receptions per game and 48.7 yards per game. For the Panthers he will be very useful because of his ability to stretch the field and catch balls way down the field, his longest reception this year was a 92 yard reception, a career high. (All credit goes to the creator)

His situational success is what makes him so underrated, he doesn't have the overall stats but he is the deep threat that you can chuck it up to and it will be caught. His YBC increased this year, he had more deep targets and more success with them. He will be a #3 receiver this year for Carolina, what makes him so versatile is his long limbs and speed while running routes. Watch downfield for Robby Anderson in 2020, he will have an improved season.


10. Will Fuller WR/Houston Texans

The Canadian Press

A lot of injury prone receivers will make this list and Will Fuller is one of them. In 2019, Fuller played just 11 games, accumulating 49 catches for 670 yards and 3 touchdowns. Fuller decreased in many statistical areas including drops (5), yards per game (60.9), yards per target (9.4), and interceptions thrown when targeted (3). Fuller is injury prone and can be a liability at sometimes, 11 injuries in his career have resulted in 22 games missed over 4 years. Kenny Stills has better rounded stats and productivity, but yet is still behind Fuller on the depth chart. If Fuller does not play 14+ games, the Texans are most likely not resigning him.

9. Alshon Jeffery WR/Philadelphia Eagles

Alshon Jeffery has been an injury prone player since 2015. Although he has some of the best hands in the NFL, it's hard to use them when injured. In 2019 Jeffery played in 10 games, in those 10 games he caught 43 passes for 490 yards and 4 scores. He ended his season with a 4.3 reception per game average, 11.4 yards per reception, and a 49 yards per game average. He also dipped down in his YAC with only 111 yards. Additionally, he dropped three passes and when targeted, the pass was picked off once. Jeffery hasn't been called a threat since 2017, he has been guessed to be a comeback player after each injury and has yet to fulfill that. Finally, there are better receivers that are stuck behind Jeffery on the depth chart, if Jeffery goes, those receivers get more playing time which will end in their improvement.

8. Josh Reynolds WR/Los Angeles Rams

(Wally Skalij / Los Angeles Times)

Josh Reynolds was thought to be a new danger in the passing game after 2018. In 2019 he was coming off a 402 yard and 5 touchdown season, but in 2019 he accumulated 21 receptions for 326 yards and only one touchdown. Reynolds had more drops(3)and less yards per game(20.4), along with a average of 1.3 catches per game. Josh has trouble with his hands and was ranked in the low 90s to the high 100s in the majority of the receiving category's. If Reynolds wants to stay a Ram, he has to catch a lot more this year and make a leap he was supposed to make years ago.

7. JuJu Smith-Schuster WR/Pittsburgh Steelers

Steph Chambers/Post-Gazette

Juju has not established himself as a #1, he is overrated in the term of being called a #1 receiver when he hasn't had a chance to prove it. In 2019, Juju only played 12 games and racked up 42 receptions for 552 yards and 3 scores. Diontae Johnson or James Washington, if they outplay Smith-Schuster this year, could be a #1 receiver and JuJu remains the #2. JuJu dropped 5 passes this year and when targeted, the ball was intercepted 3 times, he also averaged 13.1 yards per reception. In the majority of receiving stats, JuJu ranked as the 50th and below in that category. JuJu can be a #1 receiver and I love him, but as of right now, he has not shown it.

6. Brandin Cooks WR/Houston Texans

(Photo by Harry How/Getty Images) (2018 Getty Images)

Last season was not a good year for Brandin Cooks. His production deteriorated significantly and he missed 2 games due to a concussion, it seemed like more. Last year Cooks recorded 42 catches for 583 yards and 2 touchdowns. Cooks went from dropping no passes last year to dropping 4 passes this year, making his catch percentage a 58.3%. Brandin's YAC went down to only 169 yards, 63rd among active receivers last year. he averaged a 3.0 reception per game, 41.6 yards per game average and a 13.9 yards per reception average. Brandin Cooks will be playing on a receiver desperate Texans team, if he does not produce well this year, then he may not be on a team much longer.

5. John Ross WR/Cincinnati Bengals

Creator: Michael Conroy | Credit: AP

Each year, Bengals fans talk about John Ross and what to expect from him that season. In his 3 year career, he has missed 16 games due to injury and when he's playing, there's not much impact besides speed. In 2019 Ross caught 28 passes, he ranked 87th in that category. He also caught 506 yards and 3 touchdowns. Ross averaged 18.1 yards per reception and was ranked 5th in that category. If Ross can stay healthy he will be a good receiver, but for now the speedy wideout is overrated due to the fact he barley plays. Ross has good hands, he had the least drop rate in the NFL at 16.1%(1st). Another example of a receiver with good potential but overrated because he can't stay on the field. Ross did get hurt during Cincinnati's practice on Wednesday.

4. Corey Davis WR/Tennessee Titans

I think we can all agree this first round pick is now a bust. Per, they believe he can live up to his first round pick and be a great fantasy player. In 2019, Davis recorded 43 receptions(57th), 601 yards(55th), and 2 touchdowns(75th), while playing 15 games. The Titans are going with second year pro AJ Brown as the teams #1 receiver. Brown is like a Corey Davis replica, except he actually performs. Corey averaged a 14.0 yards per reception(33rd) along with a catch percentage of 62.3%.

Davis just hasn't been what the organization thought they were getting with making him the 5th overall selection in 2017. He gets separation almost every time, he averaged a 1.54 yard separation this past season, which ranked him at 45th. The defenders gave him an average of 4.88 yard separation, that means he gets passed all that yardage and the corner and still gets separation. Davis isn't what everyone thought he was going to be, it's time people realize he's overrated.

3. DeSean Jackson WR/Philadelphia Eagles

Even though the 32-year old still has speed that kills, his prime days are behind him. 2016 was the last time he put up 1000+ yards receiving, when he was with the Washington Football team. Since then, he's been with Tampa Bay and injured, he missed 15 games this past season and never played a full 16 game season in his two years with the Bucs.

In the past three years he has a total of 100 catches for 1601 yards and 9 touchdowns. I don't really think it's fair to put his rankings for this year because he only played 3 games. DeSean could prove me wrong and completely ball out this season, but as for now he is overrated and hasn't proved he is himself since 2016.

2. Nelson Agholor WR/Las Vegas Raiders

(AP Photo/Michael Perez)AP

Raiders GM Mike Mayock said himself that he believes Nelson Agholor is 'on a mission' on his new team in 2020 (via Jerry McDonald of the Bay Area News Group). Although Mayock seems to be the only one on the Agholor hype train, it still is too much for this receiver. In his 5 years with the Eagles, he recorded 224 receptions for 2515 yards and 18 touchdowns, while playing 71 games. It is known by the football world that Agholor has a catching problem, poor hands if you will. In his career he has a total catch percentage of 59.9% and a drop rate in 2019 of 5.7%, which ranked 42nd among active players in 2019. Agholor dropped more passes this year and had less YAC this past season. Lastly, Agholor averaged 9.3 yards per reception(96th), 5.2 yards per target(102), and had a 33.0 yards per game average. Maybe Nelson gets better with the Raiders, maybe the system and coaches failed him, as for now any praise is making him overrated as I see it.

1. Odell Beckham Jr. WR/Cleveland Browns

Heading into 2019, everyone though Odell would be primed for a breakout season, better than his rookie year. In 2019, Odell caught 74 passes out of 133 targets for 1035 yards (23) and 4 scores(51). Now, those numbers don't look bad, except for the touchdowns. Beckham Jr. had one touchdown in week 2 then didn't have one until week 11. Odell had a total of 7 drops and when Baker Mayfield threw to him, the ending result ended in an interception 7 times. He ranked 18th in yards per reception(14.0), ranked 58th in yards per target(7.8), and 64.7 yards per game. The mix of egos in Cleveland doesn't help Odell much as he is a very emotional person, remember the kicking net incident? Beckham just doesn't make me worried when my team plays against him.

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