Top 10 Wide Receivers in the NFL

Here are my top 10 wide receivers starting with the honorable mentions:

Amari Cooper:

It was hard not to put Cooper in the top 10. He is a very polished receiver with great route running, and good athleticism. He occasionally struggles with drops, but it is not a huge problem. He just finished a season with 1,189 yards and 8 touchdowns while in a decently crowded receiving group. He is great, but he doesn’t often take over games. He is a nice weapon for Dak, but he isn’t nearly as good as some of the other top receivers.

Kenny Golladay:

Golladay just led the league in receiving touchdowns with 11. It was a career year for him, and he definitely deserves recognition as an honorable mention. He is very dangerous in the red zone due to his great frame and hands, but that is mostly it. He is not a game breaker all over the field, so I don’t think he is a top 10 wide receiver.

Stephon Diggs:

In 15 games last year, Diggs had 1,130 yards and 6 touchdowns in the receiving game. He has incredible hands, speed, and a pretty good body. He produces great numbers even with a run-focused team and next to another great wide receiver, Adam Theilen. He came very close to making the top 10, but he is not as dominant as other receivers on the list.

Now, for the top 10:

Number 10: Keenan Allen

Allen put up 1,199 yards and 6 touchdowns last year with a struggling chargers team. Phillip Rivers played very below average, the offensive line was awful, and he had to split reps with other receivers, yet he had a great year. Allen has deadly route running, hands, and a solid frame. He is a nightmare for opposing cornerbacks.

Number 9: Devante Parker

Parker exploded at the end of last season. He had to overcome poor quarterback play, a bad offensive line, and a pretty terrible team around him, yet he still put up 1,202 yards and 9 touchdowns. When his number was called, he took over games. With an improved Dolphins team, Parker could be one of the best in the game for the next few years.

Number 8: Odell Beckham Jr

Odell had a down year, and that is why he is not as high as he might be after this year. I don’t think his initial struggles in Cleveland were his fault, but more due to poor coaching and sub-par quarterback play. Even with that, he still had a decent year with 1,052 yards and 6 touchdowns. I don’t think he performed as poor as the media said he did, given his circumstances. Expect a big year from OBJ next season.

Number 7: Chris Godwin

Godwin had a stellar year next to fellow great wide receivers, Mike Evans and Breshad Perriman. He had 1,333 yards and 9 touchdowns in his breakout year. Some people might put Godwin higher, but I think he is in a good place at 7. He was lucky last year to have an extremely pass-based offensive attack and a quarterback who took a ton of risks.

Number 6: Devante Adams

In the 12 games that he played, Adams was fantastic. He had 997 yards and 5 touchdowns. He was able to use his lethal route running, speed, and hands to his advantage. He could take over games when he needed to. Overall, he is a very well-rounded wide receiver.

Number 5: Tyreek Hill

I might have Tyreek Hill higher than most people, but that is because he can weaken defenses just by being on the field. I think that he is much more feared by opponents than any other previously mentioned receivers. He might be one of the fastest players of all time, and he isn’t just fast. He is very agile, quick, and he has decent hands. I think putting him at number 5 is a no-brainer.

Number 4: Mike Evans

In 13 games, Evans had 1,157 yards and 8 touchdowns. His great hands, speed, and strength are what make Evans a top 4 wide receiver. Any 50/50 ball you throw him turns into a 80/20 ball. He is a freak of nature. The only reason for him being lower than guys like Jones and Hopkins is because he doesn’t have as much all around skill, and he is clearly just a step behind them all around.

Number 3: Deandre Hopkins

It hurts a little bit to rank Hopkins at number 3 because I feel it is too low. He has incredible hands, a crazy large catch radius, good off the line, very quick and can stop on a dime, decently fast, very smart and can cut through defenses, and he uses all of his skills to his advantage as much as possible. He never puts himself in positions to lose. He might be the best all around receiver. Still crazy that he got traded for nothing.

Number 2: Michael Thomas

Thomas broke the record for receptions last year with 149. Yes, 149 receptions! He had 1,725 yards and 9 touchdowns last year. I debated between him and Julio Jones for so long. Yes, Thomas played better last year. The only reason I have him below Julio is because he probably wouldn’t have the same level of success outside of the Saints system. That’s not knock on Thomas, but I think that he has a certain playstyle that only fits a certain type of offense. 

Number 1: Julio Jones

Julio Jones seems like he was made in a lab. He has every skill that a receiver needs. He is one of the strongest and best built players on the field, but he can also be the fastest. I can praise him enough. Every year he is in the conversation as the best wideout and every year I think he is. He had 1,394 yards and 6 touchdowns in 15 games. He is incredibly good.

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