Top 5 Coaches to Replace Mike McCarthy this Offseason

As Mike McCarthy has had a rough year all around from losing his QB to coaching terribly. His play calling just isn't good. He allows way too much trick plays without even trying to be conservative. It's hard to imagine his face back in Dallas next year and some coaches would make great fits in Dallas.

5. Kellen Moore

The cowboys current offensive coordinator, Moore would be a good fit because he knows the system, he's a former player and he knows how to spice up the playbook with trick plays, he knows what he's doing and he's the only reason why they beat the vikings in week 11, I believe he is a very likely option if McCarthy gets fired as Jerry Jones likes to stay in house.

4. Robert Saleh

Saleh, the Niners defensive coordinator would bring some energy and life to the Dallas defense. This year, the cowboys have have given up a total of 382 total YPG which is 19th, although they are 31st against the run which is terrible, it's their worst run defense in the last 20 years. Saleh is a defensive minded coach, he can bring some life from the sluggish cowboys. Some anonymous cowboys players said in a report that the coaches are "unprepared" and have "lack of coaching ability", with Saleh this won't happen. On the 49ers injured he still manages to hold teams to 23.4 PPG and with a healthy defense and a high draft pick, he can rebuild this defense and make the cowboys great again.

3. Joe Brady

Brady, the Panthers offensive coordinator, is really making the panthers offense look amazing despite their record. The panthers offense has been looking so electric under him, he's great at utilizing Christian McCaffreys talents and is making Teddy Bridgewater look amazing. He would fit well in Dallas, he's a very smart coach so he'll hire a good coaching staff and a good defensive coordinator. I would vouch for this guy at LSU as the passing game coordinator he was amazing, showed Joe Burrow how to be accurate as a cowboys fan I would love to see this guy in Dallas.

2. Josh McDaniels

McDaniels, Patriots offensive coordinator would make a great fit in Dallas, he's an amazing coach. He switched from Brady to Cam Newton in the blink of the eye and Cam has been doing solid. A few years ago he had a choice to sign with the colts but he chose to stay with the patriots, so you might ask why would he leave the patriots? The answer, the cowboys monster offense. A team that has so much potential to do well with the right coaching and I think McDaniels could make that happen.

  1. Eric Bieniemy

Bieniemy, the offensive coordinator of the most explosive offense in the league would do amazing on any team with a good QB and I believe he would love to coach in Dallas. He is amazing with the Chiefs, he knows what to do when to do it and how to do it. I think the cowboys would be considered contenders if they hired this genius. I think the cowboys would be the biggest threat to the chiefs if they hired Bieniemy. Bieniemy would bring scheme, and a lot of amazing plays up his sleeve. He would fire Mike Nolan the cowboys current defensive coordinator and find a way to fix this defense. In other words, he saves this team from a rebuild if he signs with us.

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