Top 5 QB's in the 2020 Season

This is my first article in a long time, but I am back for now. Today I am ranking the top 5 starting Quarterbacks. This list will probably be controversial, but it is what it is.

1. Patrick Mahomes: Yes I know most people would be saying That Russell Wilson is the #1 QB. But with his recent play ever since the game against Arizona Cardinals he hasn’t been the same while Mahomes hasn’t missed a beat.

2. Russell Wilson: The way he was playing before week 7 was on such a high level that nobody was stopping him from an MVP trophy. But he hasn’t played on that level ever since.

3. Aaron Rodgers: As a Vikings fan it pains me to say this, but Aaron has returned to MVP form. He has been unstoppable this year and so has his Favorite WR Davante Adams who has been arguably a top 3 wideout this year.

4. Kyler Murray: With having the best receiver in the league, he has really broken out in his Sophomore season. He has also been excellent on the ground too. He has 10 rushing TD’s (WOW) and is only behind Dalvin Cook (12). Murray is a serious MVP contender.

5. Josh Allen: Allen has finally broken out and has put the Bills in a good position to have a good playoff spot this year. He can run the ball and has been excellent throwing the ball with his new Receiver Stefon Diggs.

Do you agree or disagree? Share down below! It has been an exciting NFL season so far and we’re not close to being do yet! Thanks for reading!

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