Top Ten Madden Mobile Players to Add to Your Team

I've been playing a LOT of Madden Mobile since I broke my leg a month ago and can't play sports (and obviously there are no sports to watch on TV). This gives me time to think about how to build a great Madden Mobile team. If you're trying to get your team to a 100 overall and can afford these players, I highly recommend getting them:

No. 10: Russell Wilson - 100 Overall All-Decade Postseason QB. You're going to see a lot of All-Decade players on my list, so get ready. Wilson has good speed, good throwing stats, he doesn't get sacked a lot, and this card is just all-around balanced.

No. 9: Odell Beckham Jr. - 100 Overall Madden Executive General Manager WR. If you got this card, you got to pick from four different offensive schemes--vertical, West Coast, spread, and smashmouth--which was good because it got you closer to getting a bonus. Beckham Jr. is a fast, great-catching wide receiver, but his other stats aren't that strong. This is why he only ranks number nine on my list.

No. 8: Von Miller - 100 Overall Easter Grand Master LB. Von's card is really good overall, so the only reason he is number eight on my list is because of how many coins he costs. He is one of the most expensive cards in the game!

No. 7: Ezekiel Elliot - 100 Overall Draft Grand Master HB. Ezekiel Elliot's card is a balanced card. His speed is really good, his trucking is great, and his carrying is decent. His catching sucks but that's why it's balanced!

No. 6: Night Train Lane - 100 Overall Crystal Legend Grand Master CB. Yes, I know this card is another Easter Grand Master like Von Miller's, but Easter was one of everybody's favorite promos, so that's why they're both on this list. His stats are one of the best out of all the CB's in the game.

No. 5: J.J. Watt - 100 Overall All-Decade Defense Grand Master DE. When this promo dropped, this was the most expensive card in the game. Everybody wanted it because of how hard it was to get it. Plus, his stats are some of the best in the game.

No. 4: Derrick Henry - 100 Overall All-Decade Moments Grand Master HB. As you can see, there are a lot of All-Decade players on this list. Can I tell you why? THEY'RE GOOD! Henry is, in my opinion, one of the best HB's in the game. His speed is low, but all of his other stats are outstanding.

No. 3: Aaron Donald - 100 Overall Draft Grand Master DT. Aaron Donald is the best DT in Madden Mobile because of how well he can sack the QB. He has maxed-out strength, blockshed, and finesse moves, which is why he is my number three.

No. 2: Calvin Johnson - 100 Overall Decade Field Pass Master WR. This card is really rare because it is non-auctionable and you can only get it for one month. Everything about this card is great: the art, the stats, and the power.

No. 1: Lamar Jackson - 100 Overall 2019 MVP Honors Edition QB. The number one card in Madden Mobile (in my opinion) is Lamar Jackson. The best thing about this card is the speed: 98 speed for a QB is faster than the two WR's on this list! All of Jackson's throwing stats are incredible, too. In fact, ALL of his stats are amazing, except for carrying and strength.

These are my Top Ten Madden Mobile additions to your team. See you on the field.

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