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Trades That Need To Happen NOW

By Gridiron 365

Some teams are a piece or two away from becoming a good or great contender. The underperforming teams could deal some good players away and rebuild. One example is Atlanta. The Falcons are flat out, a mess. There's no other way to put it. The smartest decision now is to sell your good players now and rebuild. Last year they started out bad and ended up winning meaningless games which worsened their draft picks. Anyways, here are five trades that NEED to happen.

Julio Jones to the Ravens

This would be a crazy trade that would ensure the Ravens as more than a divisional round exit. Their defense is already one of the best in the league, why not give the reigning MVP a future Hall of Famer? I'd see the Ravens trade a first and a fourth round pick to the Falcons for Julio. The Falcons would get to unload cap, get picks, and rebuild. Meanwhile the Ravens can chase down the Chiefs in the AFC playoffs.

Will Fuller to the Packers

We all know by now, the Packers need receiver help badly. They didn't draft a single one in the draft which is arguably one of the most stacked drafts for WR. Fuller would be a cheaper option then someone like Julio. I'd see the Packers trading a fourth round pick for Fuller. Fuller is set to become a free agent, so the price probably won't be higher than that. The Texans can get a little draft capital while the Packers can upgrade their elite offense more.

Stephon Gilmore to the Titans

This one might seem crazy, but I think the Titans would be the best fit. Some people think Seattle, but they already traded two firsts for Jamal Adams. The Titans have a good defense and a great offense. Adding Gilmore could make them in the top Superbowl contender tier. I'd see the Titans trading two first round picks for him. Two would be a great return for the Pats. This trade could be a win win.

Matt Ryan to the Bears

The Bears might have some holes other than QB, but adding a good quarterback would help the Bears tremendously. The Bears have a great defense, so having a good QB can keep them in games. I'd see the Falcons getting a second or a third for Ryan. It might be hard for Falcon fans, but a rebuild is very much needed.

Dwayne Haskins to the Steelers

This one may not make the Steelers a better contender, but it won't make them worse either. This would be a low risk, high reward for the Steelers. The Football Team clearly are done with him, so a fresh start is needed. The trade would probably be a fourth round pick for Haskins. The return will not get better than that. He's a third string QB now. Having Big Ben mentor him could turn him into the QB everyone thought he'd be.

Those are five trades that I think need to happen. If you like NFL content, follow my instagram. It's Gridiron.365

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