Was Steve Nash a Good Hire?

Given the amount of coaches that were available, including Brett Brown, Ty Lue, and others, Steve Nash has definitely been the surprise hire. Nash had previously been the player development coach with the Golden State Warriors, so the people saying he has "absolutely no coaching experience" are just flat out incorrect. Nash began his relationship with Kevin Durant back in Golden State when he worked with him as a player development coach. They created a good bond then and that's only going to make matters better for when they team up in Brooklyn. As we saw, Nash is a big fan of Kyrie and Kyrie is a big fan of Nash. Both of them actually watched film of each other prior to Nash taking the job. When a new head coach is hired for your team, one of the most important things, if not the most important thing, is the relationship between the players and the coach, and it's clear that the respect goes both ways.

Steve Nash was different, and he's going to be different as a coach. The way he was able to speak the game so that everyone around him could understand was simply amazing, and it helped his teammates immensely. I also think that Kyrie's and KD's mentalities are similar to Nash's. They both have interests outside of basketball, which we all know Kyrie is well known for that, but KD is known for that as well. I think that the mentality similarity will only make things better between Nash and the two superstars.

As for the playstyle we're probably going to see, Nash liked to run a lot of pick and roll back in his day, and I think that next season's Nets should do that too. DeAndre Jordan has a lot of experience running the pick and roll, and the historic dunk by Jordan on the lob from Chris Paul against Brandon Knight actually came from a pick and roll. I'm sure you all remember that one. With Kyrie Irving running point, I think Steve Nash could make Kyrie Irving even better than he already is by adding the pick and roll prowess to Kyrie's bag. Then Kyrie would have an array of finishes at the rim, great free throw shooting, great three point shooting, and now he can add more pick and roll moves into his games and be able to execute them better with Nash being his coach.

This isn't all about KD and Kyrie either. I think Spencer Dinwiddie will learn a lot from Nash as well, as he will likely be the backup PG. I think Nash's coaching could also reach Jarrett Allen too. He doesn't have a lot of experience so I think that Nash's expertise will certainly help Allen understand the pick and roll game and get a better feel for it. It's not just pick and rolls that Nash specializes in, he also specializes in flat out regular screens. This will help players like Joe Harris and Caris LeVert. Joe Harris could definitely learn a lot from Nash as most of Harris's game comes from shooting the basketball. Whoever is setting the screen for Harris will certainly take in Nash's coaching as well as they need to know where to set the screen, how long to stay planted, and where to go after the screen is set.

The Nets just might have made the most bold moves out of all the NBA teams this season acquiring KD, Kyrie, and now Steve Nash. It will be interesting to see how it all meshes together.

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