Week 1 Predictions NFC (Part 2)

Sunday 12:00 CT

Bears VS Lions

This is a season where everyone is on the hot seat for these 2 teams. If the Bears miss the playoffs this could be the end of the Ryan Pace era. And if the lions stink Matt Patrica will be back at DC, but the biggest hot seat of all is QB Mitch Trubisky who is going to get an average start in week 1 giving his team just enough to get the win. This Lions offense will not be able to open the run game and Kyle Fuller will do a great job locking up star receiver Kenny Golliday as the Bears defense continues their win streak against Detroit.

Prediction Bears 21, Lions 10

Seahawks VS Falcons

2 teams with very different approaches heading into the season. The Seahawks looking to build off of a very successful 2019 season, while you have the Falcons still looking to find themselves since their 25 point choke to the Patriots. Julio Jones is going to have a monster day, but it will not be enough as the Falcons defense can not hold back D.K Metcalf, Chris Carson, and Russel Wilison. Putting more pressure on Dan Quinn who loses to his former team.

Prediction Seahawks 38, Falcons 28

Packers VS Vikings

The Vikings are the early front runners to win the NFC North this year as more confusion surrounds the Packers backfield, but this will not stop them from getting a week 1 win. Aaron Rodgers is a different breed during divisional matchups. And the loss of Stefon Diggs will appear as Adam Theilen will struggle to get open. The Viking's weakness at the corner will show as Davante Adams will go wherever he wants.

Prediction Packers 28, Vikings 17

Eagles VS Football Team

This game should be a no Brainer for everyone. We have the defending NFC East champs taking on the worst team in the NFL in my eyes. Washington is going to have a long season ahead of them. Carson Wentz is going to torch the Washington secondary as the Eagles win in dominant fashion. Prediction Eagles 31, Football Team 10

Panthers VS Raiders

2 young teams looking to start their season off right. The Panthers are not expected to be good this year after losing Luke Kheukly and Cam Newton. While the Raiders have a very good shot for the Wild Card with the new 7 team playoffs, but something the Panthers have that the Raiders do not is Christan McCaffery. He is going to torch the defense as they start off raw from the cross country travel to Carolina. This is going to be a great confidence boost for new QB Teddy Bridgewater as he plays well. The Panthers are being overlooked this year and they are going to show why they deserved to be looked at in 2020.

Prediction Panthers 24, Raiders 21

Sunday 3:25 CT

Buccaneers VS Saints

The new-look Bucs are starting their season off with a very hard matchup vs the Saints who have won the division for the past 3 years. This is going to be a high scoring affair as Tom Brady is not going to take much time to settle into his offense and Michael Thomas continues on his domination over every corner guarding him. The key to this game is going to be whoever can get to the quarterback more. And this Saints d-line is going to get to TB12 spoiling his first game as a Buccaneer.

Prediction Saints 38, Buccaneers 31

Cardinals VS 49ers

Year 2 of the Kingsbury era starts off against the defending NFC champs. Kyler Murray is going to have a lot more options at WR as Andy Isabella and Christan Kirk improve and most of all the addition of Deandre Hopkins. The question is will this be enough to take down the 49ers? I do not think so, the Cards might put up a fight, but this Defense is stacked with talent and the offense is going to be very similar to last year, besides the fact that Raheem Mostert is going to have a much bigger role early on, and we can not forget about George Kittle.

Prediction 49ers 31, Cardinals 21

Sunday 7:20 CT

Cowboys VS Rams

2 seasons after their Super Bowl appearance the LA Rams are expected to place last in their divisions by many analysts. And it is not like they lost a lot of their key pieces. They did lose star running back, Todd Gurley this offseason, but they added one of the best backs in the draft in Cam Akers. How did this team lose a lot of recognition? inconsistent QB play, after getting a big contract Jared Goff was not good last year and it led the offense to struggle a lot. I think that last season was a fluke and Jared Goff will go back and have a solid game against the Cowboys and new HC Mike Macarthy. The Cowboys like always are overrated by their fan base. They have a very good receiving core and offense all around, but this defense is too inconsistent to go deep in the playoffs.

Prediction Rams 31, Cowboys 28

Monday 6:15 CT

Steelers VS Giants

Another year is about to start for Ben Rothenberg as he will begin his 16 seasons in the league, and there is no better way to start it by winning on MNF (Monday Night Football). The Steelers should dominate this game on both sides of the field. The trio of James Conner, Juju Smith-Shuster, and Ben Rothenberger will torch this Giants Defense. And the Steelers will not let anything threw in the air while Saquon Barkley might pick up yards it will not lead to much scoring.

Prediction Steelers 28, Giants 14

NFC Offensive Player of the Week Prediction

Christian McCaffery: Someone who is used to this award as he already has multiple in his young career will help put the Panthers at 1-0 doing what he usually does by Running and Receiving for more than 100 yards while putting in 2 scores.

NFC Defensive Player of the Week Prediction

Eddie Jackson: The Lion slayer will come back again as he will help carry the Bears Offense to a win picking up an interception, allowing no catches, and help to stop the run as the Bears move to 1-0.

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