Week 12 Game Takeaways

Week 12 let some fans and especially players of the Pittsburgh Steelers down with the cancellation of their primetime Thanksgiving game vs the Ravens. Week 12 also was filled with COVID-19 cases and Denver had no QBs active. NFL history was made by a defensive rookie and we confirmed that Carson Wentz is just confused at the quarterback position.

Week 12 Byes: NONE

Houston Texans(4-7) AT Detroit Lions(4-7)

Time for Houston to consider Romeo Crennel for the head coaching job

The Matt Patricia era comes to an end

Houston feats on the Lions on this Thanksgiving matchup, the Texans win 41-25.

Houston is 4-3 with Romeo Crennel at the rein of things, he should remain the head coach. Ever since he has taken over, the offense has been a high scoring offense, along with improved ball movement and better play calling. He has given more control to Deshaun Watson who is having a career year and a lone bright star on a old and team with little draft capital. The rushing attack needs some work but if Crennel can turn a lost season into a possible 8-8 finish, that's a guy you want putting the play call into the ear of your quarterback.

Next Game: Vs Colts Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

Since taking over in 2018, Matt Patrica has furthered the stereotype of coaches under Bill Belichick are not successful head coaches. In three seasons, Matt is 13-29-1 with no playoff appearances and a bottom half finish in the NFC North in each of those three years. Patricas' Lions have ranked in the lower half in almost all of the positive offensive and defensive stats while ranking inside the top sixteen in turnovers in three consecutive years. Play calling makes no sense and in this game there was no sense of urgency from the team or the sidelines. This defensive minded coach should stick to the defensive side of the ball. Now he has been fired along with the general manager. (If you want to check out his rankings click the link on his name)

Next Game: AT Chicago Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

Washington Football Team(4-7) AT Dallas Cowboys(3-8)

Washington is a few players away from playoff contention

Dak missing is not the only problem in Dallas

The last Thanksgiving game is gobbled up by Washington, they outscore Dallas 41-16.

Washington stepped on the throttle and didn't let up, Antonio Gibson scored three huge touchdowns and totaled 136 yards in the air and on the ground. The offensive line was not talked about during the game and if they weren't on their best performance, this could have been a lot closer. The defense stepped up huge and Montez Sweat had his first career touchdown on a batted ball that led to a pick-six. Washington is only a safety and a number two receiver or a solid and young offensive lineman away from making the playoffs.

Next Game: AT Steelers Mon, 12/7/20 1:00 pm

Dallas made a fool of themselves by running terrible play calls that included a fake punt end around that resulted in negative yards at their own 20 yard line. In the redone the Cowboys did a trick play that involved CeeDee Lamb throwing the ball, he lost 3-4 yards on that play. They continued to run the ball the it wasn't working and it resulted in a Elliot fumble. Terrible decisions by the coaches with poor execution and motivation by defensive players costed Dallas this game.

Next Game: AT Ravens Tue, 12/8/20 4:05 pm

Las Vegas Raiders(6-5) AT Atlanta Falcons(4-7)

When Nathan Peterman has to come in you know it's not good

Atlanta has best team performance

Atlanta tosses the Raiders away by a score of 43-6.

Nathan Peterman entered this game as a change of pace for the offense, although he only threw the ball five times. Peterman replaced Carr due to his turnovers and lack of movement on offense. Although Derek has had a much better year, he is still turnover prone. Las Vegas was probably just making sure Derek wasn't at risk to be hurt, the score was 40-6 when he was pulled. No one expected Atlanta to rout the Raiders like this.

Next Game: AT Jets Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

The Atlanta defense held their best performance of the year with five sacks, four fumble recoveries, an interception, a touchdown, and holding Josh Jacobs to only 44 yards. The Falcons scored 43 points, a season high and Matt Ryan went 22/39 for 185 and two touchdowns. There isn't much to say besides the Falcons showed they could win without Julio, he was out with an injury.

Next Game: VS Saints Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

Los Angeles Chargers(3-8) AT Buffalo Bills(8-3)

Austin Ekeler is showcased in his return

Buffalo needs to fix sloppy play before playoffs

Buffalo outlasted the Chargers 27-17 and remains as a top seed in the playoffs.

Ekeler has been out since week four, he made his return as the team's leading rusher and receiver. Austin ran for 44 yards on 14 carries as well as catching 11 passes for 85 yards. The Chargers run game has been ranked in the bottom half since Ekeler has been hurt, he has the team's most rushing yards in a single game with 93, no 100 yard rusher has been recorded for LA in 2020 so far. This offense hopes to be more explosive with Austin back.

Next Game: VS Patriots Sun, 12/6/20 12:25 pm

Josh Allen and Devin Singletary both fumbled and did not recover them, Allen also threw an interception. Buffalo's offensive line could have done better blocking and pass protecting as well as making running lanes. The leading receiver was Gabriel Davis, a rookie from UCF who has been a good contributor this season. It was an uncharacteristic performance by the Bills, the players who are usually targeted weren't as much.

Next Game: AT 49ers Mon, 12/7/20 4:15 pm

New York Giants(4-7) AT Cincinnati Bengals(2-8-1)

Daniel Jones's injury may be a blessing in disguise for New York

Cincy needs to draft Penei Sewell with their first pick

New York takes first place in the NFC East with a 19-17 win over Cincinnati.

When Daniel Jones was drafted, many people were upset and humored by the selection of Jones at number four overall. Daniel has been a turnover machine and a very erred quarterback. This injury could force the Giants to draft a backup quarterback in the middle rounds or if they improve with Colt McCoy at the helm, they could spend a second rounder on a QB. Trey Lance or Sam Ehlinger could be in visions of New York if this injury to Jones keeps him sidelined for nearly the entire season. Keep in mind, this is all speculation, but New York does need a quarterback change.

Next Game: AT Seattle Sun, 12/6/20 12:05 pm

Penei Sewell is a top five prospect and is the top offensive lineman prospect, he is favored to slide over to the Bengals in the NFL. If you follow the NFL or the Cincinnati Bengals then you know how bad they need a strong and good offensive lineman. Sewell is an offensive tackle and could play at guard if needed too, but he would be best used as a tackle. He is referred as the best prospect ever and a explosive force on the line. I will be making an article in the future about him and how he would look with the Bengals.

Next Game: AT Miami Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

Tennessee Titans(8-3) AT Indianapolis Colts(7-4)

Derrick Henry is a league MVP candidate

Colts should start addressing the future receiver core

Derrick Henry takes over yet another game and almost single-handily beats the Colts 45-26.

Just two weeks ago the Titans lost to Indianapolis on a Thursday night, on Sunday they got their revenge and first place in the AFC South. Derrick Henry absolutely thrashed the Colts defense with a 178 yard rushing day along with three scores, he averaged 6.6 YPC. At this point, if Henry isn't considered as a MVP than people must not value the running back position. He is the most dominating running back in recent memory and is one of the only big backs who can outrun a defense for 99 yards. Derrick has 1257 yards and 12 touchdowns so far this season, he doesn't have big games every game but when he is needed the most he provides. The last running back to win league MVP was Adrain Peterson in 2012, can Henry do it in 2020?

Next Game: VS Cleveland Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

What made me wonder who their future receivers would be is when I heard T.Y. Hilton caught his first touchdown this season. Zach Pascal, Parris Campbell and Micheal Pittman are in the teams' long term plan and possibly Marcus Johnson. Do they look to the draft or free agency, or do they trade for a receiver. The Colts do have tight ends who can lineup as receivers in Trey Burton and Mo Alie-Cox, but how long will they be rostered with the team. Then there is the question of is receiver even a need for Indianapolis? It will a small situation to watch for sure.

Next Game: AT Texans Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

Cleveland Browns(8-3) AT Jacksonville Jaguars(1-10)

Cleveland has first non-losing season since 2007

James Robinson is lone bright spot on a dark Jaguars team

Cleveland outlasts a comeback attempt by the Jags and clinch a winning season by a score of 27-25.

Cleveland has done the unthinkable, they will not have a losing record, at the least they will be 8-8. Head coach Kevin Stefanski deserves most of the credit because he didn't give up on the team like coaches do and he puts players in their rightful places. Nick Chubb and Baker Mayfield have been the ultimate factors to get the team to this point, without Nick Chubb there would be no 100-yard rusher for the Browns. This could just be a wonder season and Cleveland could go back to their old ways next year.

Next Game: AT Tennessee Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

For the second straight week James Robinson has been my headline, part of which he has earned and part of because he is the only Jaguars player showing out. Robinson rushed for 128 yards and a touchdown on just 22 carries, he also caught five passes for 31 yards. James has definitely been on a more consistent trail of production lately and it has earned him reconnection inside the fanbase. He is set to surpass 1000 yards rushing in his rookie season, a milestone few rookie running backs achieve, especially being in his position.

Next Game: AT Vikings Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

Carolina Panthers(4-8) AT Minnesota Vikings(5-6)

Jeremy Chinn making DROY case

Justin Jefferson takes over for Adam Thielen

Vikings make a late comeback despite two defensive touchdowns by Carolina, 28-27 is the final.

Jemerey Chinn is not the only the first player in Carolina Panther history to score touchdowns on back-to-back drives, but the only player to score defensive touchdowns on back-to-back drives. Chinn has been all over the field for the Panthers in 2020, the second round pick is a DPOY favorite. 86 tackles and five passes defended along with a forced fumble, stats don't show it but Jeremy has been way more.

Next Week: BYE

Justin Jefferson continues to improve and impress as the year goes on. He has outplayed the top picked receivers and is my pick for the best receiver in the class production wise along with Chase Claypool and Brandon Aiyuk. He will surpass 1000 yards receiving and is on pace for 10+ touchdowns, the best rookie receiver Minnesota has had since Randy Moss. Justin caught seven passes for 70 yards and two touchdowns against a underrated Carolina defense. Adam Thielen is on the COVID-19 list and Jefferson didn't blink an eye. This kid is something special and I said he was the next Stefon Diggs for Minnesota before most people.

Next Game: VS Jaguars Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

Arizona Cardinals(6-5) AT New England Patriots(5-6)

Kyler's shoulder seems to bother him

Cam Newton is back to post-Covid self

New England keeps playoff hopes alive by a score of 20-17.

Ever since Kyler Murray hurt his shoulder on Thursday night against Seattle, he has thrown low and high passes to DeAndre Hopkins. DeAndre has had two straight games of at least five receptions and 55 yards or under with no touchdowns, as well as Kyler finishing strong against Seattle but having a horrid day against the Patriots, a lesser defense. Murray missed nine passes and two of them missed Nuk by a lot. Im not knocking on Kyler or Hopkins, I am just saying that his shoulder may not be at 100% yet.

Next Game: VS Rams Sun, 12/6/20 12:05 pm

The 2015 Cam Newton only lasted four weeks, now we are getting the Cam that has played with the Patriots. Newton completed nine of his eighteen passes and 84 yards with two interceptions, he did run for 46 yards. James White and other backs continuously bailed the offense out with a total of 64 yards and two touchdowns on 21 carries, Newton's stats not included. New England has a fairly hard schedule remaining, their playoff hopes are hanging on by Cam Newton's performance.

Next Game: AT Chargers Sun, 12/6/20 12:25 pm

Miami Dolphins(7-4) AT New York Jets(0-11)

Fitzpatrick should finish the year

Sam Darnold might be the worst starting QB in the league

Miami flies over the winless Jets in a 20-3 blowout fashion.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has been through many situations in his NFL career, he was called upon once more to start a game. Fitz did not disappoint by going 24/39 with 257 yards and a pair of scores, he was the sole piece in the victory because the run game never got going as it totaled just 104 yards. A veteran leader in the huddle during a potential playoff run and with a young team just makes sense. Tua has had his time on the field and should be prepared to be the full-time starter next year.

Next Game: VS Bengals Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

Sam Darnold has a had a pretty weird NFL career, he has dealt with mono, random injuries, and being placed with a terrible organization. But when Joe Flacco takes the field why isn't he terrible like Darnold is? So far this season, Sam only has three touchdowns passes and 1242 yards, he sees ghosts like Carson Wentz, and is a turnover machine. The Jets are looking more and more likely to move on from Darnold in favor of Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence. I would not be surprised if he doesn't get signed, but if he does he will never start again unless the regular starter is hurt.

Next Game: VS Las Vegas Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

New Orleans Saints(9-2) AT Denver Broncos(4-7)

Latavius Murray is still a starting caliber player

NFL gives no mercy to Denver

New Orleans beat the quarterback-less Broncos 31-3 to remain as the NFC's top seed.

There was no complaints from Murray when he was signed by the Saints to be running back number two, it looks like he can still be a number one back. On Sunday Latavius had 124 yards and two touchdowns on 19 carries while dominating not only the LOS but also in the secondary. Murray has had a minimum of 15 touches in one game this year and that came during week one, since then he hasn't topped 64 yards. Murray hasn't been called on that much this year and it's nice to know he can still gash NFL defenses when his number is called in the huddle.

Next Game: AT Falcons Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

When the news broke that all three of Denvers' rostered quarterbacks landed on the COVID-19 list, fans panicked and experts searched for their week 12 replacement. Denver ended up dipping into their practice squad and picking a wide receiver who played quarterback in college, his name is Kendall Hinton. The Broncos asked for their game to be played Monday so they can sign a quarterback but the NFL didn't allow it, however they allow the Ravens players to basically determine when they will play after the team broke protocols. Denver also broke protocols, so why don't they get the same treatment like Baltimore gets?

Next Game: AT Kanas City Sun, 12/6/20 4:20 pm

San Fransisco 49ers(5-6) AT Los Angeles Rams(7-4)

Deebo Samuel calms the 49ers offense

Cam Akers emerges

Deebo Samuel boosts the 49ers's playoffs chance by beating a division rival 23-20.

Deebo Samuel is again back from injury, but this time he came back and didn't have Brandon Aiyuk, George Kittle, and Jimmy Garoppolo to support him. Samuel didn't need those teammates as he caught 11 passes for 133 yards, a season high and one yard short of tying a career high amount of yards in a single game. San Fransisco seemed calm and not as sloppy with Deebo on the field.

Next Game: VS Buffalo Mon, 12/7/20 4:15 pm

Cam Akers finally gets to see some action and he turned out to be the leading rusher. Akers rushed for for a career-high 84 yards and scored his first NFL rushing touchdown, along with a 61-yard gashing of the 49ers defense. Cam is far from becoming the starter but maybe LA will start giving their prized second-round pick some playing time.

Next Game: AT Arizona Sun, 12:05 pm

Kansas City Chiefs(10-1) AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers(7-5)

Tyreek goes off for a career day

Tom Brady is not the Tom Brady we are used to

Mahomes and Hill torched the Buccaneers in a 27-24 victory.

Tyreek Hill announced after their Week 12 win that during Patrick Mahomes's first week of training camp he though he was "trash." Tyreek hauled in 13 catches for 269 yards and three touchdowns, and racked up around 80 fantasy points for people who have him. Tyreek has recorded 100+ receiving yards and a one or more touchdowns in three straight games. Hill has been targeted more over those three weeks and is the go-to target of Patrick Mahomes.

Next Game: VS Denver Sun, 12/6/20 4:20 pm

It's obvious Tom Brady is nearing the end of his career. Brady did throw 345 yards and three touchdowns but he can't hit the deep ball and added two more interceptions to increase his season total to eleven. It seems like team down fear him and are blitzing him more. The main thing that indicated this is how he can't connect with Antonio Brown, the former king of catching the deep balls. At this point he has passes the torch to Patrick Mahomes for the face of the NFL.

Next Week: BYE

Chicago Bears(5-6) AT Green Bay Packers(8-3)

Bears moved the ball with David Montgomery

Allen Lazard is back

Green Bay throttles Chicago 41-25 on Sunday night.

The only time the Bears offense moved the ball was when David Montgomery touched the ball. David had a big play of 57 yards to make his stat line 11 carries for 103 yards and 5 receptions for 40 yards and a score. Chicago seems shy to give him the ball, this was this first 100-yard rushing game this year and Chicago's first 100-yard rusher of the year. If they run David then it will open up Robinson, Miller, and their tight ends Jimmy Graham and Cole Kmet. But as long as Trubisky is throwing the ball, nothing will change in Chicago.

Next Game: VS Lions Sun, 12/6/20 9:00 am

Green Bay welcomed back their number two receiver and used him to the max. Lazard caught four passes for 23 yards and one score after receiving core muscle surgery. Allen is not only their number two but has became their deep threat as he stands at 6'5. Aaron Rodgers has trust in him, he also doesn't drop as many passes as MVS. Overall, he is important if Green Bay wants a deep playoff run.

Next Game: VS Eagles Sun, 12/6/20 12:25 pm

Seattle Seahawks(8-3) AT Philadelphia Eagles(3-7-1)

DK Metcalf proves doubters wrong

Carson Wentz looks lost behind center

Seattle and Philadelphia battled it out on Monday night and DK Metcalf exploded in their 23-17 win over Philly.

DK Metcalf doesn't have many doubters at this point, but one of his doubters is Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz. Schwartz compared him to Calvin Johnson when he was coaching Detroit and said that Metcalf is nowhere near Calvin's level. DK showed him up by hauling in ten passes for 177 yards, a career high. Metcalf should not have doubters by now, he has earned his opponents respect and the fans as well.

Next Game: VS Giants Sun, 12/6/20 12:05 pm

Carson Wentz is not performing to his second overall pick standards, but why is that?From my observation he looks lost and can't read a defense. During a possible touchdown drive, Carson threw the ball outside of Dallas Goedert instead of the inside, he threw the ball to the only man there and that was Seattle safety Quandre Diggs, the former Lion. The offensive line and lack of receivers don't help but that excuse is getting old, good quarterbacks make do with what they've got. Wentz is signed through 20204, but speculation is he will be on the streets by the end of the year.

Next Game: AT Packers Sun, 12/6/20 12:25 pm

Baltimore Ravens(6-5) AT Pittsburgh Steelers(11-0)

Baltimore can compete with Lamar

Benny Snell and James Washington save the game

On a rare Wednesday game, Steelers prevail 19-14 but the referees make questionable calls for both sides.

Robert Griffin III played well enough to keep Baltimore in the ball game. He went 7/12 with 33 yards and a interception, but did his damage on the ground with 68 yards. Trace McSorley came in and delivered a 70-yard TD pass to Hollywood Brown that brought Baltimore within five. The defense stopped Pittsburgh in the red zone three times and kept themselves in the game. Baltimore plays next Tuesday and should get the majority of starters back.

Next Game: VS Cowboys Tue, 12/8/20 4:05 pm

Benny Snell got a first down to seal the game, but coming from a Steelers fan he didn't get it. Snell started the game for James Conner who was put on the COVID-19 list, he tallied 60 yards and grinned out the last drive. James Washington kept the drive going with an insane catch in triple coverage, he had two catches and 19 yards. Snell was doubted by Mike Tomlin and Benny showed him up. The Pittsburgh receivers had trouble catching the ball and it was the defense that did it for them once again. The Steelers remain at home and play Monday night as part of a double-header.

Next Game: VS Washington Mon, 12/7/20 1:00 pm

Week 13 Byes: Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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