Week 13 NFL Game Takeaways

Week 13 saw the defeat of the Pittsburgh Steelers as well as a Tuesday night game with no Thursday night game. Travis Kelce set a record for being the first tight end to record five straight 1000 receiving yard seasons. This was the last week of byes and it included two NFC South teams. Lastly, two teams officially clinched the playoffs. Read more to find out what happened during week 13.

Week 13 Byes: Carolina Panthers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

New Orleans Saints(10-2) AT Atlanta Falcons(4-8)

Saints clinch playoffs

Falcons need to fix their offense

The Saints beat Atalanta 21-16 and are the first NFC team and NFL team to officially clinch the playoffs.

New Orleans chose the right game to clinch the playoffs with, the performances were outstanding. Taysom Hill threw two touchdowns with 232 yards and threw just ten incompletions. Micheal Thomas caught his first 100-yard game with nine receptions and 105 yards. The Saints' run defense also put up a performance as they allowed only 70 total yards. Drew Brees is set to return in a couple of weeks, my guess is around week 15 or 16.

Next Game: AT Eagles Sun, 12/13/20 12:25 pm

The Atlanta offense has been very one-dimensional this entire season. Todd Gurley has had just one 100+ yard rushing game all season and no other Falcons running back has had one. Matt Ryan has had eight games worth of 100+ yard receivers this season. Not much to take away from this game.

Next Game: AT Chargers Sun, 12/13/20 12:25 pm

Indianapolis Colts(8-4) AT Houston Texans(4-8)

Colts manage Deshaun Watson

Keke Coutee might be a new number one for 2020

The Colts did not allow Deshaun Watson to beat them as they hang on 26-20.

Deshaun Watson usually is the reason why opponents stack the box and leave the defensive backfield open, but DeForest Buckner's time in the NFC West helped him keep Watson in check. Watson had 38 yards and a touchdown on the ground. Buckner chased Russell Wilson all of his careers and chased Kyler Murray for a year, with that experience it helped him keep Watson contained. The secondary did overall very well and when the ball was on the ground they made sure it fell into their hands.

Next Game: AT Raiders Sun, 12/13/20 12:05 pm

At one time, Keke Coutee was a promising young player, until injuries took over. He played the last six games of his rookie year in 2018 and only played nine games in 2019, now three games in 2020. Keke was used as a slot receiver but would also play outside, he also was a return man. If you watched Coutee then you know what I am talking about. Against Indy, he recorded 141 yards on eight catches and is the main target because of the suspension of Will Fuller and the release of Kenny Stills.

Next Game: AT Bears Sun, 12/13/20 9:00 am

Cincinnati Bengals(2-9-1) AT Miami Dolphins(8-4)

Zac Taylor is on the hot seat

Miami struggles to score inside the 20

Despite the 1/4 red zone conversions for Miami, the Dolphins edge out an ugly victory 19-7.

The idea of Zac Taylor on the hot seat has been boiling up for a while now by the fan base, finally, he is noticeably in danger of losing his job. The front office is questioning his offensive play calls and gameplan of matchups. Cincinnati has a top ten running back in Joe Mixon but Taylor doesn't utilize him after spending around $40 million on an extension. The head coaches are usually the fall guys whether if it is their poor performance or not, but in this case, it is Zac Taylor who remains one of the problems in Cincy.

Next Game: VS Cowboys Sun, 12/13/20 9:00 am

Miami was in the red-zone four times today, only one of those times they came out with a touchdown. A 5-yard touchdown pass to tight end Mike Gesicki was the only touchdown of Miami's. The Dolphins could not move the ball in that short of a field, which makes sense because of how their offense is run. Miami has a "stretch the field" type of offense, they have speed and are tall but in the Redzone, the ball can only be thrown so far so the tall players have to run short routes which reduces the need for their speed and legs. Miami needs to fix this issue as soon as they can, it has been a problem in other games as well.

Next Game: VS Kansas City Sun, 12/13/20 9:00 am

Jacksonville Jaguars(1-11) AT Minnesota Vikings(6-6)

Mike Glennon will remain the starter

Justin Jefferson might have just won OROY

Minnesota survives overtime and wins 27-24 on a Dan Bailey 23-yard field goal.

Mike Glennon helped the Jaguars out to an early lead on Sunday, a lead that lasted into the second quarter. Glennon put up 280 yards and a touchdown, with two interceptions. The team seemed to be more motivated and score more with Mike under center so, during the postgame press conference, head coach Doug Marrone said that Mike Glennon will remain the starter. Jacksonville may beat the Chicago Bears in week 16, who Mike Glennon was playing for in 2017 if they fall apart as they did against Detroit.

Next Game: VS Titans Sun, 12/13/20 9:00 am

Justin Jefferson just had his fifth 100+ yard game of the season with nine receptions and 121 yards along with a touchdown. Justin once again caught passes along the sidelines and in tough coverage and was also a deciding factor in the team's win. Jefferson has made a case for OROY as well as team MVP. Jefferson has 61 catches for 1039 yards along with seven touchdowns on the year, the best rookie receiver from the 2020 draft class so far.

Next Game: AT Tampa Bay Sun, 12/13/20 9:00 am

Las Vegas Raiders(7-5) AT New York Jets(0-12)

Darren Waller is a top tight end

The Jets are either smart or just plain clueless

Derek Carr threw a last-second hail mary to Henry Ruggs for a 31-28 victory.

Before the weird ending to the game, Darren Waller caught 13 balls for 200 yards and two touchdowns, cementing himself as a top-five tight end. Waller has been a great tight end throughout his time with the Raiders but has never had this kind of performance. Darren just had a career game and isn't done yet, he is like an Evan Engram in terms of body type and athletic abilities, except Waller can actually catch.

Next Game: VS Colts Sun, 12/13/20 12:05 pm

On a crisp New York afternoon, it looked like the Jets would get their first win at the week 12 mark, but defensive coordinator Greg Williams decided he didn't want to win. Any football fan knows to defend a Hail Mary the team should rush two or three and drop everyone back into coverage. The Jets rushed eight players and dropped three into coverage which ended in a Henry Ruggs 46-yard touchdown with five seconds left for Las Vegas to win. The Jets ended up firing DC Greg Williams the morning after their Sunday game.

Next Game: AT Seahawks Sun, 12/13/20 12:05 pm

Cleveland Browns(9-3) AT Tennessee Titans(8-4)

Rashard Higgins is becoming a go-to guy

The Titans defense isn't fully functional yet

The Browns shot out of a cannon and beat the Titans 41-35.

Rashard Higgins's name has been said a lot these past weeks. Since week seven, Higgins has been targeted at least three times a game and has at least two catches. Rashard caught six passes for 95 yards and a touchdown, Baker was hitting everyone on the field, even offensive lineman. The Browns have clinched their first winning season since 2007, but the Browns have their eyes set on a Wild Card berth. Rashard Higgins has stepped up big since Odell Beckham went down, look for him to become a regularly targeted player.

Next Game: VS Ravens Mon, 12/14/20 4:15 pm

The Titans defense was feared at the beginning of the year, it kept them in the game as well as scored. Lately Tennessee's defense has given up major points and this game is the perfect example. The lack of pressure on Baker is what allowed him to sling 334 yards and four touchdowns, as well as let Nick Chubb run for 80 yards and a score. The secondary allowed 340 passing yards and continuously got beat, almost every member of the secondary led the team in tackles, that should never happen.

Next Game: AT Jacksonville Sun, 12/13/20 9:00 am

Detroit Lions(5-7) AT Chicago Bears(5-7)

Detroit just outplayed their opponent

Matt Nagy is in danger of losing his job

Detroit comes back after down by ten in the 4th, win 34-30.

Detroit outplayed Chicago in every category, they had 71 more total yards than the Bears as well as more 3rd and 4th down conversions. Their defense stepped up in the 4th and their offense took advantage of the momentum change, good coaching after the firing of Matt Patrica. The Lions never gave up and Trubisky got relaxed at the end. Detroit is not a playoff team this year, but if they find the right head coach and draft well, we could see them in January in a few years.

Next Game: VS Packers Sun, 12/13/20 12:25 pm

Matt Nagy is a top candidate to be fired after the season. He started 5-0 but since then, he is 0-7 and has been embarrassed. The Bears have allowed teams to come back and show no urgency when needing a quick score. He is unprepared and doesn't have smart answers for why his team performed poorly. There needs to be a coaching change after the season if this team wants to be competitive.

Next Game: VS Texans Sun, 12/13/20 9:00 am

Los Angeles Rams(8-4) AT Arizona Cardinals(6-6)

Cam Akers taking over

The deep ball is not an issue for Arizona

Rams move to a first-place tie with a 38-28 win or Arizona.

Cam Akers led the team in rushing in back-to-back weeks. Cam ran for 72 yards and a touchdown on 21 carries, as well as one catch for 22 yards. After multiple games with little to no touches, Akers again gets the majority of the carries and yards. The rookie hasn't had an impressive year but it seems like all those games with no touches are paying off.

Next Game: VS New England Thu, 12/10/20 4:20 pm

The Cardinals have some problems, like running the ball and defending the long ball, but unleashing the deep ball is not an issue. On the first drive of the game, Kyler Murray threw a 59-yard touchdown to tight end, Dan Arnold. Murray has been a king of deep balls this year, an example would be the "Hail Murray." The run game has not reached a total of 100-yards that much this season.

Next Game: AT Giants Sun, 12/13/20 9:00 am

New York Giants(5-7) AT Seattle Seahawks(8-4)

Wayne Gallman has been a spark

No time for Russ in the pocket

New York shocked the Seahawks with a 17-12 win.

Wayne Gallman was a good player last year when his team needed him, now he's been a starter since week three and has held this much-needed run game together. Wayne ran for 135 yards on 16 carries and kept time rolling towards the end of the game. Gallman has 504 yards and six touchdowns on 109 carries through the season. Gallman has been a good number two and the Giants are lucky to have a good backup in him.

Next Game: VS Cardinals Sun, 12/13/20 9:00 am

The Seattle offensive line has been horrendous this year, Wilson has been sacked 40 times this year and more to come. During the Giants game, he was sacked five times and pressured many other times. Seattle's rushing attack also cant survive the collapsing line, their only positive rushes are Wilson's scramble and outside runs. Seattle should turn their draft focus to the offensive line.

Next game: VS Jets Sun, 12/13/20 12:25 pm

Philadelphia Eagles(3-8-1) AT Green Bay Packers(9-3)

Jalen Hurts looks good

Aaron Jones looks Pro Bowl worthy

Jalen Hurts is favored over Carson Wentz while Aaron Jones runs for a 77-yard score for a 30-16 win.

Eagles fans got what they wanted, Jalen Hurts at quarterback. Wentz was benched in the third quarter and Jalen Hurts led a touchdown drive and threw for 109 yards along with 29 rush yards. Hurts made his reads and looked poised while throwing the touchdown to Greg Ward, a beautiful throw. The players seemed to play for Hurts instead of with him, he gives the offense more mobility then Carson does. A decision still has not been made about who will start at quarterback.

Next Game: VS Saints Sun, 12/13/20 12:25 pm

Aaron Jones has been a top-five running back this year, he ran for 130 yards and a touchdown on 15 carries against this Philadelphia defensive line. Jones broke a 77-yard touchdown to cap off his semi-dominate performance. Jones is a top-three running back in the NFC and is fourth in rushing yards amongst the NFC. He is the key player on the Green Bay offense. His explosiveness is a big reason why he needs to make the Pro Bowl, which will be played on madden this year, I think.

Next Game: AT Lions Sun, 12/13/20 12:25 pm

New England Patriots(6-6) AT Los Angeles Chargers(3-9)

Special teams are a Belichick specialty

Anthony Lynn is another coach on the hot seat

New England wins their sixth straight matchup with the Chargers by a score of 45-0.

The New England Patriots have found their future return man, Gunner Olszewski. Gunner is a former division two defensive back and fits the Patriot profile perfectly. He returned a punt 70-yards for a touchdown and caught a touchdown from Jarret Stidham for 38-yards, he also fielded two more punts for 75 yards and led the team in receiving. New England also scored on a blocked punt which Devin McCourtney took back for a touchdown. Belichick seems to have his team set straight at the moment.

Next Game: AT Rams Thu, 12/10/20 4:20 pm

Anthony Lynn has rumors surrounding him that he may be in trouble of losing his job. Lynn told the Chargerswire "I expect to be the coach tomorrow," his performance will be evaluated at the end of the season. He has been a solid coach throughout his tenure, he is struggling with a rookie quarterback and is without Melvin Gordon as well as being without Austin Ekler for eight weeks. He is 29-31 with the Chargers, almost .500, but almost is not good enough in a professional league. These next few games will make or break his career for the future.

Next Game: VS Falcons Sun, 12/13/20 12:25 pm

Denver Broncos(4-8) AT Kansas City Cheifs(11-1)

Melvin Gordon taking over as the starter

Chiefs clinch playoffs

Travis Kelce puts his name in the history books during a 22-16 Kansas City win on Sunday night.

Lately, Melvin Gordon has been getting the majority of the touches, on primetime he went off for 142 total yards, 131 rushing, and 11 receiving. He carried the ball 15 times and scored a touchdown, he also caught one pass. Melvin is looking like his old self with the Chargers. He has slowly become an important player in the Denver offense, Jeudy has just 594 yards on 38 catches this season and is not targeted a lot in games. Melvin has shown more than Philip Lindsay has, excluding injury.

Next Game: AT Panthers Sun, 12/13/20 9:00 am

The Cheifs were the leagues' second team to clinch the playoffs, but remain a second seed. Mahomes had a 318-yard day with a touchdown, Le'Veon Bell led the team in rushing with 40 yards, and Travis Kelce had 136 yards receiving and a touchdown on eight catches. The Kansas City defense bent but did not break, allowing 330 total yards and creating two turnovers.

Next Game: AT Dolphins Sun, 12/13/20 9:00 am

Washington Football Team(5-7) AT Pittsburgh Steelers(11-1)

Washingtons' defense is underrated

Drops, egos, and injuries plague the Steelers

Washington kills the Steelers' undefeated season 23-17.

The Washington Football Team finally won in Pittsburgh, and it was an impactful win. They are now tied for first place in the NFC East, Pittsburgh, and the Chiefs are tied record-wise, and doors are still open for other teams. The story here is their defense, a game-ending interception and shutting done a run game that is already on its heels, as well as forcing drops and taking away open receivers. They are tough to stop and have been coached well, something that hasn't happened since the late 1900s.

Next Game: AT 49ers Sun, 12/13/20 12:25 pm

The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered more injuries today, linebacker Robert Spillane and cornerback Joe Haden left the game and did not return, Haden has a concussion. Already without Steven Nelson, Bud Dupree, Chris Boswell, Zach Banner, and Devin Bush, this team cannot afford any more big injuries. Drops have been killer these past weeks, sixteen drops in two games must be some kind of record, it killed drives and even killed a huge possible fourth downplay. The egos have been annoying, tight end Eric Ebron has been all over social media along with the laziness on the field from players. This is not a Steelers locker room and Mike Tomlin is not in control right now. This loss is a wake-up call and is probably the best thing that could have happened to the Steelers.

Next Game: AT Buffalo Sun, 12/13/20 4:20 pm

Buffalo Bills(9-3) AT San Fransisco 49ers(5-7)

Josh Allen keeps plays alive

Fred Warner is the 49ers defense

The Bills win on Monday night for the first time since 1999, 34-24 is your final.

Josh Allen did not want to throw the ball away, and with that, he went 32/40 for 375 yards and four touchdowns. Allen slid around the pocket all night long and threw outside of the pocket, even sideline throws. Josh had his first big game since week nine against Seattle when he threw for 315 yards and three scores. His size is comparable to Ben Roethlisberger, imagine if Big Ben could move as Josh Allen does. He has finally exploded this year after several analysts questioning his value and potential for being picked seventh overall in 2018.

Next Game: VS Steelers Sun, 12/13/20 4:20 pm

Fred Warner has been the one defensive star on the 49ers defense who didn't get a season-ending injury or has been on IR for the majority of the season. Warner had a goalline fumble recovery, although it didn't do much, after all, it still showed how dominant he is. Sometimes he flies under the radar and he thrives there. Three tackles and a fumble recovery was the bright spot for their defense.

Next Game: VS Washington Sun, 12/13/20 12:25 pm

Dallas Cowboys(3-9) AT Baltimore Ravens(7-5)

Tony Pollard is the better back right now

Marquise Brown is mostly speed

Baltimore keeps their playoff hopes alive with a 34-17 Tuesday night victory.

Although Pollard doesn't have the stats to back up what I'm saying, the way he runs tells a different story. Pollard carried the ball eight times for 22 yards but exploded and ran tough while doing so. He had a big kick return for 66 yards. Tony has been a great rotational back and compliments Zeke perfectly, as well as a good special teamer. Elliot has not been himself this season and although it's a dumb thought, it made me wonder if trading Elliot is an option at this point.

Next Game: AT Bengals Sun, 12/13/20 9:00 am

Marquise Brown is certainly a cousin of Antonio Brown, their athletic traits are similar. Marquise has speed like Antonio Brown did at he beginning of his career, he also has the foot work, but what bothers me is he seems to be mainly all speed. It may just be that I don't watch a lot of Ravens games, but I rarely see Brown come across the field, its always fifteen or more yards down field. Obviously I've seen him run the short routes as he did against Dallas, but when Lamar targets him it's down field. He has caught 36 of 67 targets and 516 yards with only three scores. I could be talking out of my whatever but I need to see more usage of him, he seems to be one-dimensional.

Next Week: AT Browns Mon, 12/14/20 4:15 pm

Week 14 Byes: None

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