Week 14 NFL Game Takeaways

Week 14 saw missed kicks from most of the games, many were field goals. Buffalo proves they are contenders while New England contemplates it's playoff dreams. Green Bay is the new one seed in the NFC and Kansas City takes its rightful place as the one seed in the AFC. Andy Dalton returns to Cincinnati and much more during week 14.

Week 14 Byes: NONE

New England Patriots(6-7) AT Los Angeles Rams(9-4)

New England needs to manage their roster this offseason

Goff can't manage his nerves

LA comes out and doesn't let off the gas pedal, beats New England 24-3 in a Super Bowl 53 rematch.

Dont get me wrong, the Patriots have a diverse and dynamic backfield, most of their backs are great dual threats, but there needs to be a featured back. James White hardly sees any playing time and Sony Michel rarely gets any yards or opportunities compared to the others, and Rex Burkhead is the red-zone and third-down back. The majority of the receivers are small and not deep threats, the only deep threat gets targeted mainly four times per game. Money is being thrown away on half of these players and this is a reason why Tom Brady left.

Next Game: AT Dolphins Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Jared Goff has had a bounce-back season, he is getting the ball to his playmakers and is getting good coaching once again, but when he doesn't play it cool when he needs to. Goff threw an incompletion on a drive during the second quarter, he frantically overthrew a wide-open Malcolm Brown that could have gained a first down and more. Sometimes it seems he feels pressure when none seems to be there, he overthinks. Jared throws low and in front of players when overwhelmed, there cant be a lot of game-winning drives if he can't stay calm and focused.

Next Game: VS Jets Sun, 12/20/20 12:05 pm

Denver Broncos(5-8) AT Carolina Panthers(4-9)

Drew Lock has a bounce-back game

Good individual efforts on the Carolina defense

Drew Lock is almost errorless in a 32-27 bounce-back victory over the Panthers.

Drew Lock rebounded after his two turnover Sunday night game last week, he ended up throwing four touchdowns and 280 yards. Lock only took one sack when he usually takes three or more, he was mobile in the pocket when he needed to be. Drew had his best comp/att statistic as he missed just six passes, the least he's missed in a game this year. Drew Lock shows flashes here and there but hasn't fully been the quarterback that people saw at Missouri.

Next Game: VS Buffalo Sat, 12/19/20 12:30 pm

The Panthers' defense as a whole did not play remotely close to good, but some individuals played pretty well. Rookie defensive back Jeremy Chinn forced a fumble and it was recovered and taken back to the Denver four-yard line. Chinn also had seven tackles and the team's only sack. Defensive end Efe Obada was the one who recovered the fumble but got chased down by Jerry Jeudy, Efe had only an assist to a company that fumble recovery. Finally, the defensive line allowed 96 yards on the ground as well as no touchdowns.

Next Game: AT Green Bay Sat, 12/19/20 4:15 pm

Dallas Cowboys(4-9) AT Cincinnati Bengals(2-10-1)

Dalton gets his revenge

Cincinnati's turnovers

Andy Dalton won his homecoming 30-7.

After spending the past nine seasons with the Bengals, Andy Dalton finally faces off with them and he ends up victorious. Dalton threw 185 yards and a pair of touchdowns while completing 16 passes. When Dalton was asked how it felt to return to Cincinnati and receive the game ball, he stated it was "Pure joy." With the Dallas season without hopes of a playoff berth, they are set out to just have fun and try to win as many of the remaining three games they are slated to play.

Next Game: VS 49ers Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

The game against the Cowboys got out of hand quickly with a Giovani Bernard fumble, the fumble was followed up by two other fumbles by Trayveon Williams and Alex Erickson. You could say that's what caused Dallas to score 17 unanswered points, including a scoop N' score on the Williams fumble. Cincinnati has been careless with the football since Joe Burrow suffered a season-ending injury, the team has ten fumbles since week 11, nine of those are with Joe Burrow not on the field.

Next Game: Mon, 12/21/20 VS Pittsburgh 4:15 pm

Tennessee Titans(9-4) AT Jacksonville Jaguars(1-12)

Derrick Henry can run Tennessee to a Super Bowl

Jacksonville circles back to Garder Minshew

In this AFC South showdown, the Titans are one step closer to clinching their division with a 31-10 win.

Derrick Henry has had an MVP type season, the first running back to be considered since Adrian Peterson in 2012. Henry is the Tennessee offense as he is usually half of team's total yards. Derrick had 215 yards and two scores against Jacksonville, a team he has his big games against. The Titans have a Super Bowl rushing attack, they have an alright passing attack, and their defense is ranked 21st among allowing points. If the Titans rely on Henry like they have been doing this season they could get back into the AFC conference game.

Next Game: VS Lions Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Jacksonville has completed a circle, from going with Jake Luton in week nine then going with Mike Glennon for a couple of weeks, Gardner Minshew is finally back under center. Minshew completed 18 of his 31 passes for 178 yards and a touchdown. The Jags have their option at quarterback and head coach Doug Marrone announced on Monday morning that Gardner Minshew will start at quarterback. All three quarterbacks have shown promise of winning but can not complete the win, it should be an interesting practice week in Jacksonville.

Next Game: AT Ravens Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Kansas City Chiefs(12-1) AT Miami Dolphins(8-5)

Kansas City cannot start slow

Miami has to score points off all turnovers

Kansas City clinches the AFC West on a 33-27 comeback win.

Kansas City started the game turning the ball over, two Patrick Mahomes interceptions led to being down 10-0. If this was a better AFC team the Chiefs would have had their work cut out for them, but this defense and offense has holes that only the Chiefs could expose. If the Chiefs started slow against a confident Buffalo defense, it would not look good. Kansas City recovered and scored thirty unanswered points through quarters two and three. As they take over the number one seed, it's looking like another Super Bowl appearance for an unstoppable Chiefs team.

Next Game: AT Saints Sun, 12/20/20 12:25 pm

The Dolphins scored a total of ten points off of four KC turnovers. Patrick Mahomes was gifting them interceptions and their playoff hopes were on the line, but Tua cracked and threw an interception and took a safety. The Chiefs defense got into it after each turnover and Tua was sacked, he was sacked a total of four times for 29 yards. To win games, especially in the playoffs, when a team turns the ball over four times you need to score four times.

Next Game: VS Patriots Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Arizona Cardinals(7-6) AT New York Giants(5-8)

DeAndre Hopkins finally gets the ball

Daniel Jones is a big problem in New York

Cardinals end their 3-game losing streak with a 26-7 final result.

DeAndre Hopkins has been quiet over the past three weeks, but the top three receiver had a huge day that helped Arizona. Hopkins caught nine passes for 136 yards and a long 41-yard reception. DeAndre was targeted a total of eleven times, his season-high is sixteen. Arizona is set to take on Philadelphia next week and he should tear up that secondary.

Next Game: VS Eagles Sun, 12/20/20 12:05 pm

Daniel Jones missed one week due to a hamstring injury, but he was not missed. While he was gone, the Giants beat the Seattle Seahawks 17-12 and ran for 190 yards. With Daniel Jones, the Giants are turnover prone and one-dimensional. Jones threw for 127 yards and completed eleven passes, while Colt McCoy came on at the end of the game and threw 18 yards on two completions. Daniel Jones fumbled three times and lost one and has more interceptions than touchdowns this year, he is a turnover machine and is a big problem in the organization.

Next Game: VS Browns Sun, 12/20/20 4:20 pm

Minnesota Vikings(6-7) AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers(8-5)

Vikings have the worst luck with kickers

Tampa Bay is a playoff mystery

Minnesota gifts Tampa Bay a 26-14 win.

Minnesota has bad luck with kickers, from Blair Walsh missing a field goal to send Minnesota to the divisional round to Dan Bailey and his 2020 season. Bailey missed three field goals and an extra point which totaled up to ten points being left off the board. Those kicks would have made a drastic change because it would have made the game closer and given the Buccs worse field position due to the kickoff. Dan Bailey is 12/18 from field goals and 27/31 on extra points this season.

Next Game: VS Bears Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Tampa Bay is currently the sixth seed in the NFC playoff picture. The Arizona Cardinals are their biggest threat, the two most hyped teams coming into 2020. Tampa Bay is on and off every week, they barely beat the Giants, crush the Panthers, and got swept by the Saints. I know it doesn't matter how you win but some of those wins are a little too close. Tom Brady is a playoff expert, when the Buccaneers enter the playoffs he will lead them and keep them focused, but for now, no one knows if Tampa will cruise through the playoffs or be a first-round exit.

Next Game: AT Atlanta Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Houston Texans(4-9) AT Chicago Bears(6-7)

Watson cant' throw to these receivers

Trubisky played...good

Mitchell Trubisky carries Chicago to a 36-7 win.

Deshaun Watson threw 219 yards to no-named players, personally, I know the names but very few people do. Watson threw A touchdown to Keke Coutee and 56 yards to Chad Hansen. Houston cannot win games with Deshaun Watson as the only playmaker on offense. Watson has no reliable targets and keeps getting sacked and hit, he was sacked six times on Sunday. Deshaun signed his career away when he signed his four-year $156 million contract, leaving not a lot of room to get good talent.

Next Game: AT Colts Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Mitchell Trubisky played like a second overall pick against the Texans, Mitch had 267 yards passing and three touchdowns, and no turnovers. Trubisky threw great balls all game long and played like he did at North Carolina. Mitch also rushed for 23 yards. He didn't miss on many targets and when he did they weren't terrible, some were dropped.

Next Game: AT Vikings Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Indianapolis Colts(9-4) AT Las Vegas Raiders(7-6)

Jonathan Taylor has arrived

Derek Carr continues his turnover struggles

Jonathan Taylor "Enjoys the fresh air" as he runs all over the Raiders for a 44-27 victory.

Jonathan Taylor had a career day, he rushed for 150 yards and two scores on an even 20 carries. Taylor has had a slow year until week eleven when he started rushing for 90+ yards, his most since week two against Minnesota. Jonathan has stepped up and presented himself as the back from Wisconsin that Indianapolis drafted him for. Next week he should have another big game.

Next Game: VS Texans Sun, 12/20/20 9:00am

Derek Carr is a quarterback who cant wait to turn the ball over, or so it seems. Carr threw another pair of interceptions to bring his total up to seven on the year, plus he fumbles. Derek Carr isn't a threat to opposing defenses, he did not turn the ball over against some easy defenses early in the year. He is on pace for ten or more interceptions.

Next Game: VS Chargers Thu, 12/17/20 4:20 pm

New York Jets(0-13) AT Seattle Seahawks(9-4)

Trevor Lawerence here they come

Seattle got their swag back

Seattle gets their grove back with a 40-3 win over the winless Jets.

Trevor Lawerence knows he is on his way to New York, and so does everyone in the football universe. The Jets have three games left until the regular season is done, unless they win and Jaguars lose out, they won't get the first overall pick. It's too late in the season to try and win and I think that was the statement former Jets defensive coordinator Greg Williams made when he blitzed seven against the Raiders in week 13.

Next Game: AT Rams Sun, 12/20/20 12:05 pm

Quarterback Russell Wilson was seen high-fiving teammates on the bench, that was the most energy weve seen out of Seattle in weeks. Wilson threw four touchdowns and 206 yards before being replaced by Geno Smith, the New York Jets second-round pick in 2013. If the Seahawks do have their mojo back, this upcoming game is a must-win.

Next Game: AT Washington Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Green Bat Packers(10-3) AT Detroit Lions(5-8)

Re-signing Aaron Jones is priority #1

Staffords' trade value remains high

Detriot keeps pace with Green Bay but falls short to the Packers 31-24.

Aaron Jones is one part of the two-headed dragon Green Bay has in their backfield, the other one being Jamaal Williams. Jones is a hard runner and is what keeps that offense two-dimensinal. He was the leagues touchdown leader last year with 16 and can also catch out of the backfield. If Green Bay were to not sign him then they would be a far worse team, even with Jamaal Williams.

Next Game: VS Panthers Sat, 12/19/20 4:15 pm

Matthew Stafford is rumored to be traded after this season, he is 32 years old and has three years left on his contract. Despite possibly missing a game or two with a rib injury, his trade value is still fairly high. Matthew is a tough quarterback, who, when paired up with good players, can make stuff happen. He has the numbers to back it up but no awards to show for it, him being with the Lions is the reason. Teams who need quarterbacks that cant get to any in the draft would likely trade for him after the draft in April or he may be used as a draft day trade, or not traded at all.

Next Game: AT Titans Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Atlanta Falcons(4-9) AT Los Angeles Chargers(4-9)

Something isn't right with Todd Gurley

Austin Ekler will be huge for Herbert next season

Two late game interceptions lead to a 20-17 Chargers victory.

Todd Gurley only carried the ball six times for 19 yards, Ito Smith has been the featured back recently. Atlanta paid Gurley big money to spend three-years in Atlanta, and he doesn't seem to be playing up to his contract. Gurley has 645 total yards and nine touchdowns, recently he hasn't been a big concern for teams.

Next game: VS Tampa Bay Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Austin Ekler has been targeted 34 times since returning in week 12, he has also carried the ball 37 times. Austin seems to be a safe option for the rookie when he doesn't know where to throw the ball. Austin is a playmaker and L.A needs him to be healthy next year, hopefully there is a preseason.

Next Game: VS Broncos Sat, 12/19/20 12:05 pm

New Orleans Saints(10-3) AT Philadelphia Eagles(4-8-1)

The Saints are contenders even without Brees The Jalen Hurts era has begun

Jalen Hurts wins his first NFL start 24-21.

New Orleans is 3-1 with Taysom Hill at the helm. The Saints are seeming like they will play Hill one more time against the Chiefs. Taysom Hill gives what Drew Brees cant and his mobility is what has saved New Orleans some weeks. The receivers and running game are fine and Taysom Hill will be Drew's replacement when he retires.

Next Game: VS Chiefs Sun, 12/20/20 12:25 pm

Although Hurts didn't have impressive stats, he did throw a big 4th down touchdown and spark Philadelphia's offense. Jalen threw one touchdown and 167 yards, as well as running for 106 yards. If Jalen has another good game it will end Carson Wentz's career in Philadelphia. Hurts is more mobile than Wentz, he looks at more receivers than Wentz, and he didn't show signs of panicking into a sack. Doug Pederson is happy with his performance and has Named Jalen Hurts the starter against Arizona.

Next Game: AT Arizona Sun, 12/20/20 12:05 pm

Washington Football Team(6-7) AT San Fransisco 49ers(5-8)

Washington defense is no joke

Brandon Aiyuk has quietly outperformed some rookie receivers

Football team comes from behind to beat San Fransisco 23-15.

The Washington defense has picked up over the past three weeks, scoringon Thanksgiving vs Dallas, dominating in Pittsburgh, and now scoring two defensive touchdowns against the 49ers. Chase Young is the difference maker, through the first 13 weeks he wasn't doing much, then against Pittsburgh he got into Ben's face and forced errent throws. Against San Fransisco he returned a fumble and the defensive line forced a pick-six. If they can draft a quarterback or an extra receiver, their offense would look filthy.

Next Game: VS Seahawks Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Without Deebo Smauel, Brandon Aiyuk is the primary target, and he thrives as one. Aiyuk caught ten passes for 119 yards, the sole provider of a small time 49er offense. Aiyuk has out performed Jerry Jeudy and Henry Ruggs, the top two receivers taken. He has also done better than Jalen Reagor, all who were picked before him. Aiyuk has been sidelined with COVID so his stats could be better, but that's what next year is for.

Next Game: AT Cowboys Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Pittsburgh Steelers(11-2) AT Buffalo Bills(10-3)

Steelers are not a second half team

Josh Allen is regaining his MVP form

Buffalo routes Pittsburgh 26-15 on Sunday night.

The Steelers were looking good, two interceptions and a 7-0 lead with little time till halftime. Buffalo kicked a field goal and Pittsburgh was going to try and score, until Ben Roethlisberger threw a pick-six. After the half, Pittsburgh could not stop Stefon Diggs and their offense didn't gain any ground. Drops plagued the offense early and the Steelers wasted opportunities, leaving Roethlisberger to blame himself and consider retirement. Pittsburgh just has not had any second half spunk like they have over the past years and season.

Next Game: AT Bengals Mon, 12/21/20 4:15 pm

Josh Allen looked like a hall of farmer against the leuages best defense. He threw for 238 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Josh was extra motivated after seeing Steelers receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster dancing on their logo. He recovered from early mistakes and extended the play, like the Steelers have done for the past 15 years. Josh Allen is once a top five candidate for the NFL MVP award, he has won three straight and might take over the second seed in the playoffs.

Next Game: AT Denver Sat, 12/19/20 12:30 pm

Baltimore Ravens(8-5) AT Cleveland Browns(9-4)

Lamar Jackson remains a struggling passer

Baker is better, but still not great

In what is possibly the game of the year, Baltimore survives Clevland 47-42.

Lamar Jackson saved the game and had two rushing touchdowns, as well as a key passing touchdown. But, Jackson overthrew many receivers and just looked to run all game. The Baltimore quarterback went 11/17 with 163 yards, some incompletions weren't his fault. So far this season I'm comparing him to 2012 Robert Griffin III, expect with less accuracy and less of an injury risk. He remains a rushing quarterback, nothing is wrong with that. But when they needed a throw he gave them one, it just needs to happen more often and more consistantly.

Next Game: VS Jaguars Sun, 12/20/20 9:00 am

Baker Mayfield has had back-to-back amazing games, he threw for 343 yards and two scores against a top ranked Baltimore defense, but he is still a struggling quarterback. Mayfield missed many open receivers and overthrew some terrible, Kareem Hunt and Nick Chubb were a wide open option multiple times. When faced with pressure he failed to stay cool but instead panicked which caused turnovers and incompletions on third downs. If Mayfield could keep his cool under pressure, then he is an elite quarterback.

Next Game: AT Giants Sun, 12/20/20 4:20 pm

Week 15 Byes: NONE

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