Week 4 Game Takeaways

The season is flying by. With a few crazy COVID-19 incidents, bye weeks have started one week earlier with the Steelers and Titans. Games have been rescheduled. Here are takeaways from each game of Week 4.

Week 4 Byes: Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans

Denver Broncos(1-3) AT New York Jets(0-4)

Brett Rypien could be QB2 material

Sam Darnold isn't the problem in New York

An impressive Thursday Night Football performance by both QBs, but the Broncos held on 37-28 to get their first win of the 2020 season.

The 2nd-year QB from Boise State got his first NFL start on the primetime spotlight. Brett Rypien had a great 3 quarters of football but in the 4th he fell apart. He went 19/31 for 242 yards, a pair of touchdowns, and 3 interceptions. He threw his first career TD to rookie WR Jerry Jeudy for his first career TD. Rypien hung in the pocket and made some pretty tough throws along the sidelines. Despite a strong arm, he hocked some balls down field and connected on most of them. Rypien's true test will be in Week 5 for a tough road game.

Next Game: AT Patriots Sun,10/11/20 12:25pm

Sam Darnold opened up the game with a 46 yard rushing touchdown, I didn't know he had that much speed. Darnold sprained his shoulder in the 2nd quarter but was able to return. He had his best game of the young season with 23 completions and 230 yards. He also led the team in rushing with 80 yards and a score on 6 carries. Poor ball management and play calling by Adam Gase and offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains led to New Yorks' downfall but Darnold dug them out of holes with precise throws and his legs. Sam avoided multiple sacks by the Denver pass rush. He looked somewhat like a 3rd overall pick. The Jets remain at home for a week 5 game and hope the extra 3 days off will give Darnold time to somewhat nurse his shoulder injury.

Next Game: VS Cardinals Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

Arizona Cardinals(2-2) AT Carolina Panthers(2-2)

Arizona's 3rd down woes

New Bridgewater looking like old Bridgewater

Arizona's 3rd down woes costed them a 31-21 loss to the Panthers, Bridgewater's emergence propelled Carolina to victory.

Kyler Murray has been up and down this season. Without a productive Hopkins, the Cardinals failed to make splash plays and went 3/9 on 3rd downs. On short 3rd down attempts, they ran and were stopped short. On medium-long 3rd downs, they rarely converted while throwing. Murray only had 133 yards passing but had 3 touchdowns while leading the team in rushing with 78 yards. Arizona has an overall 3rd down conversion of 21/50 in 4 games. I'm going to state the obvious here, if they want to win, they need to convert more on 3rd and 4th downs.

Next Game: AT Jets Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

Teddy Bridgewater finally showed why he went 5-0 in his 5 starts last year with New Orleans. Teddy B went 26/37 with 276 yards, 2 touchdowns and an INT. He threw at least 4 20+ yard balls to 4 different receivers. Teddy was mobile against Arizona and avoided sacks, along with a rushing touchdown. He is finding success without Christian McCaffrey, something very little people thought he could do. This is his best overall statistical game this season, he looks to continue the teams two-game win streak on the road next week.

Next Game: AT Falcons Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

Jacksonville Jaguars(1-3) AT Cincinnati Bengals(1-2-1)

Jaguars deflated after Week 1

Joe Mixon always breaks-out after the first few weeks

The Bengals got their first win of the 2020 season by a score of 33-25, the offense had a great day all-around.

After a Week 1 victory over the Colts, the Jaguars have seemed to sizzle out on their promising performance. Gardner Minshew has been the most disappointing player on this team. After a incredible rookie season, Jags fans thought they found their QB for the foreseeable future, they were wrong. Stats tell the story in this case, expectations have crashed for Jacksonville and it would be smart to take a page out of Cincinnati's playbook and draft a QB this year.

Next Game: AT Texans Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

Joe Mixon had a great day, he helped boost the Bengals to victory. It seems like he always turns into a great player a month or later into the season, he started going off late in the season last year. On Sunday, he carried the ball 25 times for 151 yards and 2 scores. He also caught all 6 passes that were thrown to him for 30 yards and a touchdown. The offense also went off, when Mixon is at his best, so is the offense. Burrow threw another 300 yard game and put the ball in the endzone once. If Joe is truly going to perform even close to what he did in the game, Cincinnati might be out of the top ten draft spots.

Next Game: AT Baltimore Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

Cleveland Browns(3-1) AT Dallas Cowboys(1-3)

When Baker isn't relied on as much, Cleveland wins

Cowboys fans...this is NOT your year

Cleveland continued winning with a dominating 49-38 final over Dallas.

This isn't any hate thrown at Baker or the Browns, it's stats and logic. Baker threw the ball 30 times and completed 19 of those passes. He also threw for 165 yards and 2 touchdowns. The run game was effective even though Nick Chubb left the game in the 1st quarter. When Baker is relied on to pass the ball, for example, against Baltimore, he throws interceptions and forces throws which lead to incompletions. Mayfield is a leader and a chunk yard specialist. If he gets the ball to a receiver that is capable of breaking it all the way, that is less time he has to throw. This makes more sense in my head but what I'm trying to say is the secret to Cleveland's success is the run game and short pass.

Next Game: VS Colts Sun,10/11/20 12:25pm

When you are down 41-14 to a team that you clearly outmatch, something is wrong. Dallas would be 0-4 if the Falcons were smart enough to land on the football. Prescott is predictable, he goes to Amari Cooper way too much, that is how Denzel Ward ended up intercepting him while they were driving. They do have enough talent but if you can get outplayed by teams that you are more talented than, you don't deserve to win. Dan does have a comeback ability, which might get Dallas or whatever team he lands with next year an edge in playoff games or tight games. The NFC is dangerous and with losing to 3 NFC teams already, those teams have your number.

Next Game: VS Giants Sun,10/11/20 12:25pm

New Orleans Saints(2-2) AT Detroit Lions(1-3)

Tre'Quan Smith balls out

Stafford continues to put the league on notice vs Saints

New Orleans gets Tre'Quan involved during their 35-29 victory over Detroit.

Smith might be a new number two. He recorded 4 catches for 54 yards and 2 touchdowns. Although his workload was light, he did have two crucial touchdowns during Sunday's game. Tre'Quan resembles Michael Thomas, who is the main target in this offense. Drew Brees felt comfortable throwing to him in the red zone and other situations. Thomas is supposed to come back next week, maybe Smith can hold down the #2 spot.

Next Game: VS Chargers Mon,10/12/20 4:15pm

Matthew Stafford is having a pretty good season. He has thrown 200+ yards in all 4 of his games so far, also he has thrown 2+ touchdowns in 3 straight games. Against the Saints, he threw for 206 yards and 3 scores. Stafford has been the only light the Lions have had since Calvin Johnson. He is extremely underrated in this league and is one of the toughest QBs that are playing right now. He continues to put the league on notice when healthy but never gets recognized, he is on a mission this year with 1017 yards and 8 touchdowns through four games.

Next Week: Bye

Minnesota Vikings(1-3) AT Houston Texans(0-4)

Justin Jefferson is progressing quicker than expected

Texans might actually win less than 5 games

Vikings get first win and Houston keeps falling with a final score of 31-23 in favor of Minnesota.

For the second straight game, Justin Jefferson has 100+ yard receiving day. Although no touchdowns, he was the deep threat and gave his QB a target to move the ball. Jefferson was a projected #3 spot on the depth chart because of 2nd-year receiver Bisi Johnson having a standout camp. In the first two games he had a total of 6 targets and caught 5 of those for 70 yards. In the last two games he was targeted 14 times and caught 11 of them for 278 yards and a touchdown. Rookies were expected to slump this season because there was lack of prep time and training but the receivers are the best looking rookie positions out there right now.

Next Game: AT Seattle Sun,10/11/20 4:20pm

Houston losses once again, now they sit as one of four winless teams left at 0-4. Deshaun Watson and Will Fuller have been the only bright spot on a very dimly lit Texans organization. The team has a tough schedule ahead of them and it's hard to see them win any more than 3 games. Bill O'Brien is considered in the "hot seat" by fans and analysts, he does hold the title of general manager as well as head coach, if he gets fired then Houston has to fill two positions. This Texans team may not even win 3 games, they have so many holes, including an offensive line that can't block. The Texans fired head coach and general manager Bill O'Brien on October 5th, 2020.

Next Game: VS Jacksonville Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

Seattle Seahawks(4-0) AT Miami Dolphins(1-3)

Seattle might be Super Bowl bound

Dolphins should prepare to start Tua

Seattle remains undefeated and Super Bowl bound in their 31-23 victory on Sunday.

The 2013 and 2020 Seahawks are polar opposites. In 2013, they had a top ranked defense and a subpar offense. In 2020, Seattle's offense is better than the defense. This is their first 4-0 start since 2013, the franchises' first Super Bowl victory. So far, it's like they looked at their blueprint from 2013. They are many people's favorites to reach the big game for the NFC, it all depends on injuries and the pandemic turn out. Many stats aren't the same, but many players who were on the team in 2013, aren't playing in the league or for Seattle anymore. Against the Dolphins, Russell Wilson tied Peyton Manning's record of 16 touchdowns through a team's first four games, just a cool little fact. A complete reverse of roles between the two years, but they are letting Russell do the one thing they didn't allow him to do back then, they are LETTING RUSS COOK.

Next Game: VS Vikings Sun,10/11/20 4:20pm

Tua Tagovailoa has been sitting longer than most of his 2020 1st round QB companions. Only Tua and Packers' Jordan Love remain benched and have yet to see the field as a backup or starter. After a disastrous Week 4 performance by Ryan Fitzpatrick, the question is now out there, should Miami start Tagovailoa? Fitzpatrick threw 315 yards and two interceptions while completing 29 of his 45 passes. The Dolphins won't make the playoffs at this point so why not get Tua some experience? Obviously I don't know the 31 other teams as well as I know my own, but this is a situation that should happen in the next couple weeks. Prepare him this week, give him some reps as a starter then he will possible be ready. The last good QB this team had was Dan Marino, I think it's time for Miami to start winning again.

Next Game: AT 49ers Sun,10/11/20 12:05pm

Los Angeles Chargers(1-3) AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers(3-1)

Joshua Kelly will get increased carries due to the Austin Ekeler injury

Tom Brady has a bitter-sweet game

Tampa Bay claims victory and achieves the comeback by a score of 38-31.

Ekeler went down early in the game and was spotted on couches and in a cast during postgame, he is expected to miss multiple weeks. Justin Jackson returned from injury and Josh Kelly has been pretty decent throughout the 4 games. Kelly might rush for his first 100+ yard game during Ekler's absence. Being the only other capable running back along with Jackson on the roster, it makes logical sense for him to get increased numbers. Kelly will probably be in on 3rd down and goal line situations and other downs but will frequent the power back snaps. He will put the game away if Los Angeles needs him too.

Next Game: AT Saints Mon,10/12/20 4:15pm

Brady threw 5 touchdowns and over 300 yards but also threw an interception that was returned for touchdown, he has thrown 4 pick-sixes in his last 6 games. Tom, so far is having an up and down season. He has a total of 11 touchdowns and 4 interceptions along with 1122 yards passing. He's throwing more interceptions and touchdowns, but with better running backs than he had in New England. Without starting tight end O.J. Howard, Gronkowski and Cameron Brate are going to be bigger for him in the passing game and should somewhat keep his stats going as they are now.

Next Game: AT Bears Thu,10/8/20 4:20pm

Baltimore Ravens(3-1) AT Washington Football Team(1-3)

Lamar,Mark back to pitch and catch

Antonio Gibson shows his versatility

Baltimore bounces back with a 31-17 win over the Football Team.

After a Monday night disaster for both players, Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews seemed to be back to their normal selves. Jackson had 193 yards passing for 2 scores and an interception, he also rushed for 53 yards and a touchdown, he was taken out in the 4th quarter. Andrews had 3 catches for 57 yards and both of Lamar's touchdowns. Last week, Lamar had a tough time completing a throw and Andrews had multiple drops. Andrews didn't drop anything this week and Lamar went 14/21.

Next Game: VS Cincinnati Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

The duel threat player who is Antonio Gibson showcased what he's about on Sunday. Gibson ran for only 46 yards but scored a touchdown. He caught 82 yards worth of passes on 4 catches. Antonio Gibson is similar to fellow rookie Antonio Gandy-Golden as a RB/WR. Antonio led the team in rushing and came 2nd in receiving yards. Gibson can line up out wide, in the backfield, or in the slot, a very versatile player that fits the Washington offense. He has 186 rushing yards and 3 rushing touchdowns along with 98 receiving yards this season. The 6'2 RB/WR will get better as the season progresses, he will play a key part for 3rd down conversions.

Next Game: VS Rams Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

New York Giants(0-4) AT Los Angeles Rams(3-1)

The Graham Gano signing payed off

The Rams are halfway back to 2018 form

The Rams seem to be in good momentum with a 17-9 win during Sunday's game.

When a kicker is your leading scorer, your offense is struggling. Gano kicked 3 field goals and made all 3 from 35,37,27 yards out. Gano is 9/10 on field goals this year, including his longest at 52 yards. He is 8/8 from 20-49 yards and 1/2 from 50+. Graham has only attempted 2 extra points and has made them both, that's a result of a lack of offense. Saquon Barkley was the offense in New York and no one can argue that he wasn't.

Next Game: AT Cowboys Sun,10/11/20 12:25pm

Los Angeles found their rhythm and seem to be doing what Seattle is doing. Rams found their 2018 team blueprint, except on offense they are passing instead of running. Jared Goff has 6TDs in 4 games, the Rams have 7 rushing touchdowns. Cooper Kupp has blossomed since their Super Bowl appearance The defense has allowed 13 touchdowns this season. A way better Rams team than last year.

Next Game: AT Washington Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

Buffalo Bills(4-0) AT Las Vegas Raiders(2-2)

Bills' defense doesn't allow partial comeback

Raiders need to get more players involved

The Bills' defense didn't give up like it has been doing, they held off Las Vegas 30-23.

Buffalo has allowed teams like the Rams to make a potential comeback. Against the Raiders, they clamped down and held their own. The defense took away RB Josh Jacobs and TE Darren Waller from the game and forced Carr to throw other places. The defensive coordinator kept the pressure on until the end, something they haven't been doing.

Next Game: AT Titans Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

Derek Carr got Hunter Renfrow more involved in the offense this past week which is who they needed. Las Vegas needs to get Henry Ruggs involved when he returns, as well as Zay Jones or Nelson Agholor. If Carr has a bunch of targets instead of two main ones, it will get Jacobs and Waller a little more breathing room.

Next Game: AT Kansas City Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

Indianapolis Colts(3-1) AT Chicago Bears(3-1)

Colts' defense remains dominant

Nick Foles off to a slow start

The Colts beat the then undefeated Bears and handed them their first loss with a 19-11 final.

The Indianapolis defense forced another turnover. Safety Julian Blackmon intercepted Nick Foles early in the 4th quarter, which led to a Colts field goal. MLB Anthony Walker had 9 tackles and Justin Houston had the teams only sack. The Colts have allowed 28 points in 3 games, they also haven't allowed a team to have 12+ points since week 1. This defense is a top 10 and is making it's way into a top 5 spot, Indy better rally behind their defense just like the Pittsburgh Steelers did in 2019.

Next Game: AT Browns Sun,10/11/20 12:25pm

A rather negative performance from Nick Foles against the Colts. He did start a little comeback with a nice final drive touchdown to Allen Robinson. Foles completed 29 of his 42 passes and threw for 249 yards. A tough start to a new team and new offense, it also doesn't help that he was playing a defense that is on fire right now. Nick isn't the answer at QB long term for Chicago, but we have to wait and see if he will even finish out the year.

New Game: VS Tampa Bay Thu,10/8/20 4:20pm

Philadelphia Eagles(1-2-1) AT San Francisco 49ers(2-2)

Unknown receivers in Philly again

C.J. Beathard>Nick Mullens?

The Eagles complete the upset on primetime TV with a score of 25-20.

Greg Ward is the only Week 1 wide receiver who is on the active roster. Receivers like Travis Fulgham and John Hightower were signed to the 53-man roster this past week. Fulgham had the biggest impact with 2 receptions for 57 yards and a game-changing 42-yard touchdown. Last year, the Eagles had multiple unknown receivers including Greg Ward and J.J. Arcega-Whiteside, who are now two top receivers for the team. Philly always has some way of finding these productive receivers in FA.

Next Game: AT Steelers Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

After two disastrous interceptions, Nick Mullens was benched for C.J. Beathard. Beathard had around 74 yards after his first drive and finished with 138 yards while going 14/19. C.J. has a stronger and more accurate arm than Mullens, Mullens over threw and put the ball in places that were impossible to get too. Jimmy G is expected to be back next week, but if he is not then it would not be a surprise if Beathard gets the nod to start.

Next Game: VS Miami Sun,10/11/20 12:05pm

New England Patriots(2-2) AT Kansas City Chiefs(4-0)

Without Cam Newton, New England has no offense

Mahomes doesn't have to have a big performance for KC to win

The Chiefs defense wins it for Kansas City as the first game of a Monday Night double-header is finalized with a 26-10 KC victory.

The New England Patriots without Cam Newton are sloppy. The thing that stood out most was the way they handled the ball on the final drive of the 1st half. New England called back-to-back timeouts with :38 seconds left. Brain Hoyer made two mistakes while handling the ball in the red zone by hanging onto the ball and not throwing it away to stop the clock so a field goal could be attempted. If Cam Newton played, there would have been a lot more scoring.

Next Game: VS Denver Sun,10/11/20 12:25pm

Patrick Mahomes had somewhat of a big day, he defiantly wasn't the major x-factor like he usually is. The defense stepped up with 3 interceptions, including a game sealing pick-6 by safety Tyrann Mathieu. Mahomes did have 236 yards passing and 2 touchdowns while only throwing 10 incompletions. Kansas City's offense got outplayed by New England stat wise, but scoring wise KC took off with it. It didn't help that the Patriots arrived on the same day they played, and that Julian Edelman played like he had no hands. This game proved once and for all that Kansas City is talented on both sides of the ball and can lean on their defense when the offense isn't moving the ball so quickly.

Next Game: VS Raiders Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

Atlanta Falcons(0-4) AT Green Bay Packers(4-0)

Injuries and not getting in the end zone plague Atlanta

Robert Tonyan proves himself as Packers top tight end

The Packers win without top receivers, remain undefeated by beating beating Atlanta 30-16.

As soon as I saw the replay and where Kazee grabbed, I know he tore his achilles and his season was over. The Falcons have a beat up secondary and Julio Jones was ruled out in the 4th due to a hamstring injury. Atlanta also failed to get into the end zone on a 20 play, 10+ minuet drive, they went 94 yards and converted two 4th downs and went 2/4 overall. The Falcons remind me of the Houston Texans in the way of the play calling and failure to score until the game is out of hand. Atlanta will win around 3 games this season and if they win more then something changed, Dan Quinn could be fired like Bill 'O Brien.

Next Game: VS Panthers Sun,10/11/20 9:00am

Robert Tonyan came out of nowhere and scored 3 touchdowns on 6 catches for 98 yards. Aaron Rodgers once again finds ways to substitute for his injuries playmakers, he found Tonyan and Jamaal Williams out of the backfield. Robert impressed coaches and teammates, he should be the top TE no question. Green Bay has a bye week, which they will use to heal Adams and Lazard.

Next Game: Bye

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