Week 6 Takeaways

Another week has passed by, winless teams now have wins and the patriots are below .500 for the first time in what feels like an eternity. Also, there was no Thursday Night game. Check out my team takeaways from Week 6 of the 2020 NFL season below.

Week 6 Byes: Los Angeles Chargers, Las Vegas Raiders, New Orleans Saints, and Seattle Seahawks

Cleveland Browns(4-2) AT Pittsburgh Steelers(5-0)

Baker Mayfield is overrated

Injuries will plague Steelers in the long run

The Pittsburgh Steelers had an incredible offensive performance and a dominate defensive performance, which led them to a 38-7 victory on Sunday.

Baker Mayfield was benched for backup QB Case Keenum late in the third quarter. Mayfield was pulled because of his horrendous stat line, going 10/18 for 119 yards, a touchdown and 2 interceptions. Baker threw a few bad balls and made terrible decisions on both interceptions. He was still suffering from a rib injury that he got last week.

Next Game: AT Cincinnati Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

Steelers linebacker Devin Bush suffered a "Significant knee injury" during the third quarter. He was helped off the field and limped to the locker room. It does not look good for Pittsburgh, as they do not have a backup that can match his speed. Right guard David DeCastro and wide receiver Diontae Johnson are currently suffering through injures and neither can stay healthy. If they make the playoffs and do not have Devin Bush or any of the other injuries players, Pittsburgh will not get far.

Next Game: At Tennessee Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

Chicago Bears(5-1) AT Carolina Panthers(3-3)

Chicago has a problem at quarterback

Panthers lack conversion of third downs

Chicago's defense steps up and intercepts Bridgewater twice during a 23-16 Bears win.

Chicago's quarterback situation is not ideal. Nick Foles only seems to play well when he comes off the bench, Trubisky has never been any good. Foles plays inconsistent and its hard to determine if the Bears should keep him moving forward or sign/draft a QB over the offseason. Chicago does need to deeply consider moving on from one of these players, probably Trubisky.

Next Game: AT Rams Mon,10/26/20 4:15pm

Carolina didn't just only score 6 points from inside the 10 yard-line, they converted 3 of 13 third downs they faced. The Panthers were stalled on many red-zone drives. They did not have a good day keeping Teddy protected or giving Mike Davis any rushing lanes, which prompted the lack of 3rd down conversions.

Next Game: AT Saints Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

Cincinnati Bengals(1-4-1) AT Indianapolis Colts(4-2)

Joe Mixon needs to be involved

Colts have a comeback ability

Cincinnati surrendered a 21-0 lead, which ended in a 31-27 Colts victory.

When Joe Mixon is involved in the Bengals offense, it runs smoother and more efficient. Mixon ran the ball 18 times for 54 yards and a touchdown, his longest rush was 9 yards. If we go back to Week 4 against the Jaguars, Joe had 25 rushes for 151 yards and 2 touchdowns, plus he caught a touchdown and totaled 30 yards receiving, they won 33-25. In order for Cincinnati to be in the game, Joe Mixon needs to be in the game-plan, he's been left out way too much this year.

Next Game: VS Cleveland Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

Indianapolis was down 21-0 at one point, it seemed like the once forceful defense and consistent offense were put to a stop, that's not the case. The Colts outscored the Bengals 31-6 after being behind 21-0. Phillip Rivers showcased why the team brought him in as he orchestrated multiple scoring drives, including the 75 yard drive at the end of quarter 3 to put them ahead. Phillip ended with 371 yards and 3 touchdowns while completing 29 of 44 passes.

Next Week: BYE

Detroit Lions(2-3) AT Jacksonville Jaguars(1-5)

D'Andre Swift

Does Jacksonville tank for a QB

Detroit gets much needed help from a rookie as they win 34-16.

When the Lion drafted Swift, the immediate thought was that he would be a day 1 starter, instead he costed them the week 1 victory. Week 6 marked his first breakout game as an NFL player, D'Andre ran the ball 14 times for 114 yards and 2 scores. Swift looks healthy and he learned a thing or two about playing in the NFL. Expect him to get a lot more touches as they ease him into the #1 spot on the depth chart.

Next Game: AT Falcons Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

Its clear that Jacksonville needs a franchise quarterback, Gardner Minshew just isn't a franchise QB. With the Jets currently holding the #1 pick and the possibility of Trevor Lawrence going top 3, the Jags should draft Justin Fields if Trevor is not there. Jaguars are currently picking top 8 and should end up picking top 8 during the 2021 NFL Draft. Fields fits them nicely and would be drastic improvement for their current QB depth chart. Obviously it's still early and no one knows for sure where teams will pick, all I'm saying is if Jacksonville isn't eyeing a quarterback with their first pick, then what is the front office coaching staff doing.

Next Game: AT Chargers Sun,10/25/20 12:25pm

Atlanta Falcons(1-5) AT Minnesota Vikings(1-5)

First win comes after firing Dan Quinn

Justin Jefferson might be the #1 by the end of the year

Atlanta gets first win by a dominating score of 40-23.

Interim head coach Raheem Morris brings home Atlanta's first win of 2020, leaving the Jets as the only winless team. The Falcons held a lead for the first time this year, probably because Morris was smart with the play calling. He brought Julio Jones back to life with a 8 reception, 137 yard game, along with his first two touchdowns of the season. His defense forced 3 interceptions from Kirk Cousins and recovered a fumble. If Atlanta wins their next game, it becomes more obvious to the public eye that Dan Quinn is to blame for the lack of success in Atlanta.

Next Game: VS Detroit Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

Justin Jefferson just tallied his 3rd 100+ yard in back-to-back-to-back games. Jefferson caught 9 passes for 166 yards and 2 touchdowns, having a better day than Julio Jones. Justin has been a primary target of Kirk for three weeks now, mainly deep throws but he has caught them. On the last play of a Minnesota drive, he hauled in a 49 yard touchdown to pad some stats, as well to not make the game look as bad as it was. Justin Jefferson is proving to critics that he can keep up with the top 3 receivers of the class, having a better year than most of them so far.

Next Week: BYE

Washington Football Team(1-5) AT New York Giants(1-5)

Kyle Allen is capable of starting

Defense stepped up big for New York

New York gets first win by a score of 20-19, and leaves the Jets behind as only winless team.

Kyle Allen did a better job with his second start. He went 31/42 for 280 yards, 2 touchdowns, and an INT. Allen put the ball in 9 different players' hands but came up just short. Kyle did not fold under pressure and made plays to keep Washington in the game. He is slated to start for the remainder of the year and possibly later on. Although he has a turnover issue, it seems to have quieted down this year.

Next Game: VS Cowboys Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

The New York defense held its own against Washington. They sacked Kyle Allen 3 times and forced a fumble which turned into a defensive touchdown, along with a James Bradberry interception. Hopefully this win gives this team some confidence, which they can turn into a little winning streak. The Giants defense stepped up and had one of their best performances of the year.

Next Game: AT Eagles Thu,10/22/20 4:20pm

Baltimore Ravens(5-1) AT Philadelphia Eagles(1-4-1)

A bitter-sweet defensive day for Baltimore

Philadelphia comes close to winning a lot

Philadelphia came close, but the Ravens defense closed out a 30-28 victory on the road.

Baltimore's defense tallied 2 fumble recoveries, 3 forced fumbles, 6 sacks, and 37 tackles. Baltimore was up 30-14, then surrendered 14 straight points, which lead to a must-stop 2-point conversion. The Ravens defense got tossed by allowing 28 points and 364 yards, the second most points allowed by the defense this season. The turnover stats looked good, but others did not. Baltimore did stop them on 9 of 12 3rd down attempts and 2 of 3 4th down attempts. The defense is still elite, but if they do not have a bounce back game, it will be a little worrisome.

Next Week: BYE

The Eagles played back-to-back AFC North teams, combined the Steelers and Ravens are 10-1. Philly almost beat Pittsburgh in Week 5, but lost by the score of 38-29. It's not that Carson Wentz is bad or that their defense is terrible, because both are quite good, its the lack of depth, injuries, and coaching. The Eagles can win, they beat the 49ers on the road for goodness sake. Miles Sanders and Zach Ertz were injured in this game, Sanders will miss 1-2 weeks and Ertz is out for about a month. Philadelphia is capable of winning, it just has to be at full strength.

Next Game: VS Giants Thu,10/22/20 4:20pm

Houston Texans(1-5) AT Tennessee Titans(5-0)

With Bill O'Brien gone, Watson can just play

Tennessee looks the part of an undefeated team

Tennessee scores 14 unanswered points to beat Houston 42-36 in overtime.

Deshaun Watson had a big game, he threw for 335 yards and 4 touchdowns. This is his best game this season and with O'Brien gone, he can now run the offense. Bill O'Brien held back the entire Texans organization by making stupid trades and gambling with their future. Now, Deshaun Watson can air it out and it doesn't seem like Houston is playing conservative. Although the team is not a playoff team this year, look out for Deshaun Watson and company.

Next Game: VS Green Bay Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

When King Henry is rumbling, Tennessee seems unstoppable. Everyone, including myself, expected the Titans to lose against the Bills, they did not. Then people thought Houston would beat the Titans, they did not. Derrick Henry ran for 212 yards and 2 touchdowns, including a 94-yard score. Tannehill threw for 364 yards and 4 touchdowns, he has seemed to have found his groove like last year. A.J. Brown caught the tying touchdown with seconds left in the 4th quarter, he has been unstoppable. Next week will be a true test for both teams as the Titans play another undated team, I think Tennessee will win.

Next Game: VS Pittsburgh Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

Denver Broncos(2-3) AT New England Patriots(2-3)

Drew Lock is back, rusty, but back

New England lacks offense

Denver kicked all field goals to send New England under .500 for the first time since 2002, the field goals made the final score 18-12, in favor of Denver.

Drew Lock returned to the field against the Patriots, like expected, he was a little rusty. Lock tossed 2 interceptions of 24 pass attempts and completed 10 passes for a total of 189 yards. He was a little indecisive and had some bad choices but remained quite alert in the pocket. He favored Tim Patrick and tossed him 101 yards, 4 of his 10 completions were to Tim Patrick. Drew will get back into the rhythm of the game in coming weeks, but the important thing is that he is back and knows he can win.

Next Game: VS Chiefs Sun,10/25/20 12:25pm

The Patriots were embarrassed on their home turf. Cam Newton, once again, took the game into his own hands and scored the only New England touchdown. He threw 195 yards, but was picked off twice, he also fumbled twice. The leading receiver was a running back with 65 yards, lots of check downs. Cam was sacked 4 times and was constantly under pressure. The offense was terrible, but the defense was great as they only allowed field goals. The Patriots saw a rusty Cam Newton as he is coming off the COVID-19 list. Like Drew Lock, Newton will get better in the coming weeks, but for now, the offense lacks big playmakers.

Next Game: VS 49ers Sun,10/25/20 12:25pm

New York Jets(0-6) AT Miami Dolphins(3-3)

Jets need offensive playmakers more than ever

It's Tua time in Miami

Miami rolled over New York with a 24-0 final.

The Jets need help at every position, but especially on offense. New York lacks receivers, offensive lineman, quarterback, tight end, and running back depth and talent. The Jets will most likely have the 1st overall pick in the upcoming draft, if they won't select a QB, then they will most likely trade down. Frank Gore is getting older and older, he isn't explosive and the Jets don't have a decent player behind him. Jamison Crowder is probably the only decent receiver the Jets have, they need more than just one primary target. The Dolphins and every team has found them and hit them hard.

Next Game: VS Bills Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

While up 24-0 late in the 4th, the Dolphins sent out 5th overall pick Tua Tagovailoa to take over for Ryan Fitzpatrick. The crowd erupted and Ryan Fitzpatrick led the charge of cheers. Tua went 2/2 for 9 yards in his first NFL game. Tagovailoa looked comfortable and made his reads with ease. Heading into a bye week, the Dolphins are deciding if they will stick with Fitzpatrick or start a new era in Miami with Tua Tagovailoa calling the shots. Tua will start during their Week 8 game against the L.A Rams, Miami has a Week 7 bye, gives them some extra time to prepare Tagovailoa.

Next Week: BYE

Green Bay Packers(4-1) AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers(4-2)

Aaron Jones a non-factor, that's why Packers lost

Brady remains dominate

Tampa Bay stuns Green Bay 38-10.

A lot of the time, in tough games and Aaron Jones barley appears on the stat sheet, you can pretty much assume it's a loss. Aaron Jones is so diverse, but only touched the ball 13 total times for 41 yards and a touchdown. The Packers relied on the pass game and it didn't work, Aaron Rodgers threw two interceptions and was sacked 4 times, he had no time in the pocket. When Green Bay does not establish Aaron Jones, they lose.

Next Game: AT Texans Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

Tom Brady has for sure proved he does not need New England to be successful. In a game they were the underdogs in, Brady and the Bucs put up 324 total yards and 38 points, while the defense held Green Bay to 201 total yards and 10 points. Tom threw for 166 yards and a pair of scores. Tampa Bay is looking like a playoff team, especially if they get Gronk involved more.

Next Game: AT Las Vegas Sun,10/25/20 4:20pm

Los Angeles Rams(4-2) AT San Fransisco 49ers(3-3)

Jared Goff made terrible decisions with the ball

Deebo Samuel is on his way back to the #1 receiver

Sunday Night football concluded with a 24-16 San Fransisco win.

Jared Goff had a terrible game, throwing wise. Goff completed 19/38 passes for 198 yards, 2 touchdowns, and a INT. Goff threw that interception very ignorantly on a 4th&goal, which pretty much ended all hope for a LA comeback. Goff overthrew receivers a few times, but the receivers also dropped a lot of easy catches. Jared has not lived up to a #1 overall player, I wouldn't be surprised if in the next few years the Rams draft or sign a QB to replace or compete with Goff.

Next Game: VS Bears Sun,10/26/20 4:15pm

In his third game back, Deebo Samuel makes another leap in returning to the #1 receiver. He caught all 6 passes that were thrown to him for 66 yards and a touchdown, including a smart play of knowing when he wasn't down and caught the defense sleeping. Deebo took attention away from George Kittle and Brandon Aiyuk, another thing he is good at. If he has another game, Samuel will have earned that #1 spot on the depth chart if he hasn't already.

Next Game: AT Patriots Sun,10/25/20 12:25pm

Kansas City Chiefs(5-1) AT Buffalo Bills(4-2)

CEH makes strong case to remain the number 1 RB

Josh Allen is no longer a MVP candidate

Game 1 of a Monday Night double-header ended in a 26-17 Kansas City victory.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire outperformed his rookie debut game. The rookie rushed for 161 yards on 26 carries and caught 4 passes for 8 yards. With Le'Veon Bell set to be the starter, Clyde made it very clear he can do what Bell does as CEH bounced off players and made the difference in the game. Kansas City will alternate the two backs, but Le'Veon is on a one-year contract, it gives CEH some development time off the field and less injury risk.

Next Game: AT Denver Sun,10/25/20 12:25pm

After a shocking loss last Monday Night against Tennessee, the Bills looked to redeem themselves but failed. Josh Allen got off to a slow start and ended up only completing 14 passes for 122 yards, along with 2 scores and an interception. Allen threw some bad passes and looked nothing like his old self through the first weeks of the season. Fans and announcers have already made the suggestion that he is no longer a MVP candidate with this gruesome performance. Josh Allen did make some good plays, but the young kid from Wyoming still has lots to do before he can be seriously considered for league MVP.

Next Game: AT Jets Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

Arizona Cardinals(4-2) AT Dallas Cowboys(2-4)

Arizona's defense is better than given credit for

Andy Dalton needs help on offensive line

Game 2 of the Monday Night double-header ends in a 38-10 embarrassment for the Cowboys.

The Arizona defense held a high powered Cowboy offense to 10 points and 344 total yards in a high passing game. They had 4 takeaways with 2 Andy Dalton interceptions and 2 Ezekiel Elliot fumbles. The Cardinals defense took away every threat and looked like a playoff team, I bought into the Cardinals hype and I am not disappointed.

Next Game: VS Seahawks Sun,10/25/20 12:05pm

Andy Dalton played not up to expectations. He went 34/54 for 266 yards, a touchdown and two interceptions. Dalton was way off on certain throws but receivers just did not catch the ball. He had very little time in the pocket and was obliterated all night, especially by Budda Baker. The Cowboys offensive trenches went from the best line in football to a bottom tier group of players. If Dallas wants Andy Dalton the make good throws, there needs to be a fix in the O-line and Zach Martin needs to come back quick.

Next Game: AT Washington Sun,10/25/20 9:00am

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