Week 7 Game Takeaways

Only one NFL team remains undefeated as the league heads into Week 8. Interesting games and surprises happened this week, teams who weren't supposed to win won big or with style, record breakers are on the rise and more. Find out what the takeaway from your team is.

Week 7 Byes: Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, and Minnesota Vikings

New York Giants(1-6) AT Philadelphia Eagles(2-4-1)

Daniel Jones struggles

The Eagles are a mess

On Thursday Night, The Eagles completed a comeback to beat New York by a score 0f 22-21 to snatch up first place in the NFC East.

Daniel Jones did not perform well at all, his noteworthy 80-yard run that should have ended in a touchdown headlines his performance. Jones went 20/30 for 187 yards, 2 scores, and an INT. Daniel hasn't had a good season, he had his worst game statistically against the Eagles. He made terrible decisions with the balls but didn't get any help from a receiver in particular. Daniel Jones looked confused and panicky on the field, not something you want to see from a top 5 drafted player, especially a QB.

Next Game: VS Tampa Bay Mon, 11/2/20 4:15 pm

Although Philadelphia won, both sides of the ball played poorly, period. Wentz did throw 359 yards and two scores, but he went 25/43 and threw an ignorant interception, as well as many questionable incompletions. The running game was nowhere to be found and that ties in with the offensive line. The defense missed sack opportunities and got beat on multiple pass plays, special teams were alright besides the Jake Elliot missed field goal from 29 yards. Philadelphia has just been embarrassing to watch this season, I know the Philly fans are going to rip my head off for this.

Next Game: VS Cowboys Sun, 11/2/20 4:20 pm

Pittsburgh Steelers(6-0) AT Tennessee Titans(5-1)

Pittsburgh collapsed, should not have won

Derrick Henry was a nonfactor

The Steelers collapsed and the Titans made an effort to come back, but a game-tying field was missed with 14 seconds left in the game that ended in a 27-24 final.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only team that is undefeated in the NFL, but they don't play like one. The Steelers gave up 17 unanswered points in the second half while scoring only 3. Ben Roethlisberger played terrible in the 2nd half throwing an interception, 3 in total, making bad reads, and throwing to receivers who were covered by multiple defenders. Pittsburgh has a problem of taking their foot off the gas and getting too comfortable, as Steeler fans know it is never a win until the clock is all zeros.

Next Game: AT Baltimore Sun, 11/1/20 9:00 am

The key to a victory over the Steelers was to let Derrick Henry run wild, he did not do that. Henry was held to just 75 yards and a touchdown on 20 carries, he did manage to bust two runs, one for 14 and the second for 17. Derrick was stopped and had a tough time finding open spaces. He danced a bit and was on his tiptoes more than usual. Henry should have a good game next week as they face a pretty favorable opponent.

Next Game: AT Cincinnati Sun, 11/1/20 9:00 am

Detroit Lions(3-3) AT Atlanta Falcons(1-6)

Stafford leads Detroit to victory

Falcons give up the lead again

Detroit scores with zeros on the clock as the Lions win by a 23-22 score.

Matthew Stafford continues his dominant 2020 performance. He went 25/36 for 340 yards and threw the game-winning touchdown. Stafford did everything right and called the right plays, his offense converted 3/10 first downs but averaged 6.5 yards per play. Detroit will continue to ride Matt Stafford to win games and if he keeps playing like he is, I see a First-Team All-Pro selection for him.

Next Game: VS Colts Sun, 11/1/20 9:00 am

Once again, Atlanta gives up a late 4th quarter lead. Todd Gurley accidentally scored on a 10-yard run, he tried to go down but the tip of the ball crossed the plain. Atlanta has given up three comebacks on the year. Matt Ryan and the offense put up the stats with 388 total yards and converted 7/14 third downs while going 1/2 on 4th. The Falcons are going downhill and are against a division rival next week.

Next Game: AT Carolina Thu, 10/29/20 4:20 pm

Cleveland Browns(5-2) AT Cincinnati Bengals(1-5-1)

What is Baker Mayfield as an NFL quarterback

Joe Burrow continues impressive rookie season

Cleveland kept pace with Cincinnati for a 37-34 victory.

Baker Mayfield is not an elite player, then what kind of player is he? I think of Baker as an inconsistent player, he can beat the below-average and semi-average teams like Cincinnati and Washington, but he can't beat the contenders like Baltimore or Pittsburgh. Baker threw for 297 yards and 5 touchdowns while going 22/28, he went the entire 1st quarter 0/5 with an INT. I don't think Baker is that good of a player, he just doesn't play like a number one overall pick.

Next Game: VS Raiders Sun, 11/1/20 9:00 am

Joe Burrow has played like he has been in the NFL for a few years, he does not play like a rookie. Burrow threw a 406-yard game along with three touchdowns and 35 completions, he also ran for 34 yards and a touchdown. He is currently on pace to break the rookie record for passing yards, which is currently held by Andrew Luck from 2012 with 4,373 passing yards. Burrow has a good chance of winning ORTY(Offensive Rookie of the Year).

Next Game: VS Titans Sun, 11/1/20 9:00 am

Green Bay Packers(5-1) AT Houston Texans(1-6)

Welcome back Davante Adams

Deshaun Watson needs help on offense

Green Bay established a run game which is what they need to do in order to win, they won big with a 35-20 final score.

Davante Adams missed three games, he was active last week but did not make his presence felt like he did against the Texans. Green Bay's number one recorded 13 catches for 196 yards and 2 touchdowns, coming in second in leading the league in receiving yards for Week 7. The Packers struggled to score without him, when he is fully 100 percent healthy, the Packers have scored 35+ points, against Tampa Bay he was limited. Now that Green Bay has their number one receiver back and a running back in rhythm, they are looking at a winning streak.

Next Game: VS Vikings Sun, 11/1/20 9:00 am

Deshaun Watson cannot win games all by himself, no quarterback or player can. Although the offense helps out from time to time, Watson is the sole every-down playmaker on this team, running and passing. During the Packers game, he was flushed out of the pocket numerous times and was sacked 3 times, he still threw for 309 and 2 touchdowns while missing 10 passes. Houston struggled to get into the end zone and only did it twice, Watson had to dance around in the pocket for that to happen. All in all, Houston needs to either trade for or draft a playmaker or offensive lineman if they want to be any good.

Next Week: BYE

Carolina Panthers(3-4) AT New Orleans Saints(4-2)

Teddy B stays hot

As long as New Orleans has Kamara they will be alright

This NFC South matchup ended in a 27-24 Saints victory.

Teddy Bridgewater has stayed consistent through the 2020 season, something fans speculated about. Through Week 7, Bridgewater has not had a game below 216 passing yards, something not a lot of QBs have. Teddy threw 254 yards and a pair of touchdowns, including another long one, this time it being 74 yards. He has performed week in and week out, if fans aren't satisfied with his performance statically then they don't know football.

Next Game: VS Falcons Thu, 10/29/20 4:20 pm

Alvin Kamara has been basically the entirety of the Saints offense since Micheal Thomas has been injured. Kamara had a combined yardage of 148 yards, one of his smaller games. When he touches the ball around 20 times per game, they usually win. Alvin is a mix of speed and strength, he is a receiving back more than a running back. As long as Alvin Kamara is the main receiver of the ball, the Saints can move the ball and win.

Next Game: AT Bears Sun, 11/1/20 12:25 pm

Buffalo Bills(5-2) AT New York Jets(0-7)

Tyler Bass shows Buffalo what he is made of

Sam Darnold is back, and he remains bad

Buffalo is the second team in back-to-back weeks to win by kicking all field goals, those field goals added up to a score of 18-10.

Tyler Bass has had his struggles in 2020, many kickers have, but today he showed why was selected in the 5th round. Rookie kicker Tyler Bass made 6/8 field goals, the longest being a 53 yarder. He was the only source of points Buffalo had, which is kind of underwhelming if you think about it. Buffalo could win by kicking all field goals next week because in Week 6 this is the team that lost to Denver, who made six field goals as well.

Next Game: VS New England Sun, 11/1/20 9:00 am

Sam Darnold has returned from his injury, and he is back to what he was before. Darnold remains turnover prone as he threw 2 interceptions and fumbled. Sam Darnold has no offense and isn't much of a factor as well. Sam went 12/23 for 120 yards and no touchdowns, is it the team or Darnold that sucks, maybe both.

Next Game: AT Chiefs Sun, 11/1/20 9:00 am

Dallas Cowboys(2-5) AT Washington Football Team(2-5)

Cowboys might be down to their third quarterback

Antonio Gibson goes off

An NFC East battle ended in a blowout favoring the Washington Football team 25-3.

Andy Dalton left the game with a scary head injury, Ben DiNucci took over the reins late in the game. The 7th round pick from James Madison went 2/3 for 39 yards, Dallas just wanted to get out of there. The Cowboys season has already been over, but what does this mean for rookies like CeeDee Lamb, what will their production look like? Not much is known about Dallas's new quarterback, they have a physical divisional game next Sunday Night, Ben DiNucci is the next man up.

Next Game: AT Eagles Sun, 11/1/20 4:20 pm

Antonio Gibson enjoyed his first 100+ yard rushing performance against a divisional rival. Gibson was not used in the passing game, but he wasn't needed apparently. Gibson's final stat line read 20 carries for 128 yards and a touchdown while averaging 6.4 yards per carrying, the most he has averaged so far. Antonio Gibson has made a leap and if he shows out next week, it would look like Washington got a steal in the 3rd round.

Next Week: BYE

Tampa Bay Buccaneers(5-2) AT Las Vegas Raiders(3-3)

Tom Brady breaks NFL record

Raiders defense gets exposed

An explosive day once again from the Tampa Bay offense ends in a 45-20 victory.

Tom Brady now has the most touchdown passes in NFL history, passing Drew Brees's 558 total with his 559 total. Brady threw for 369 yards and 4 touchdowns, one of his best games this season. Tom's passes were on point and just enough to be caught, he put the ball to where only his receivers could catch it. Brady should increase his career touchdown total next week against a very weak defense.

Next Week: AT Giants Mon, 11/2/20 4:15 pm

The Raiders defense allowed 45 points, the most they've allowed this season. Not only did they not defended they didn't apply pressure, no sacks or turnovers, this defense is not used to that. Many blow coverages and a total of 454 yards given up, as well as allowing seven third-down conversions. Las Vegas's defense took a step down from holding a Cheifs offense to only 32 points, was it a fluke?

Next Game: AT Browns Sun, 11/1/20 9:00 am

Kansas City Chiefs(6-1) AT Denver Broncos(2-4)

Cheifs's defense stepped up

Phillip Lindsay is important to Denver's offense

Kansas City's defense recovered 4 turnovers and forced a possible 6 in a 43-16 obliterating win.

The Kansas City defense finished with 2 INTs, 2 fumble recoveries, 4 forced fumbles, a touchdown, and 3 sacks on the road. They only allowed 16 points, which is the second-lowest points they've allowed. The offense was stalling early on and the defense kept them in the game, Kansas City's defense made up for the poor offensive performance. Kansas City will look to continue their defensive domination against a weak offensive team next week.

Next Game: VS Jets Sun, 11/1/20 9:00 am

Phillip Lindsay exited early with a concussion. Before his exit, they were moving the ball well against the later overwhelming Cheifs defense. Phillip had 9 carries for 79 yards, what hurts the Broncos is Melvin Gordan's ball security issues. Gordan fumbled twice and lost possession both times, Lindsay doesn't have ball security issues. Despite leaving quite early, Lindsay remained the leading rusher, Drew Lock checked down a lot. Hopefully, Phillip Lindsay can return for a much-needed win against a division rival next week.

Next Game: VS Chargers Sun, 11/1/20 12:05 pm

San Fransisco 49ers(4-3) AT New England Patriots(2-4)

Deebo down, Aiyuk up next

Patriots offense on the decline

San Fransisco doesn't take their foot off the gas, destroys New England 33-6.

Deebo Samuel, who was thought to be ready for an unlikely playoff run might miss more time due to a hamstring injury. Brandon Aiyuk, who resembled Deebo until he returned, shined against the Patriots with 6 receptions for 115 yards. In Samuel's absence, Aiyuk caught 7 passes for 91 yards and rushed 3 times for 31 yards and a touchdown, he also had a good game during Samuel's first game back. Brandon Aiyuk will be used very similar to the way Deebo is used, he will also become a more targeted receiver now. The 49ers will need Brandon for a physical game next Sunday.

Next Game: AT Seahawks Sun, 11/1/20 12:25 pm

Cam Newton and the Patriots offense have scored 18 points in their last two games, not very Patriot-like. Newton threw for only 98 yards and completed 9 of 15 pass attempts, along with 3 interceptions. The team only ran for 94 yards on 22 carries, bringing the team total to 241 yards. New England has been a bottom-ranked offense for the past couple of weeks, they could save their season if they make a trade at the deadline, in classic New England fashion.

Next Game: AT Buffalo Sun, 11/1/20 9:00 am

Jacksonville Jaguars(1-6) AT Los Angeles Chargers(2-4)

James Robinson shows promise

Herbert continues to impress

In a high scoring affair, Los Angeles comes out on top 39-29.

James Robinson has been fairly quiet this year, the rookie running back for Illinois State has had alright games, until this game. Robinson carried the ball 22 times and totaled 119 yards and a touchdown, he also caught four passes for 18 yards and another touchdown. James scored 14 of Jacksonville's 29 points and had was responsible for 137 of the teams 294 yards. Despite a loss, there might be something there with the young player.

Next Week: BYE

Justin Herbert once again has impressed, he tossed 347 yards and 3 scores while completing 27 of 43 passes. Herbert also enjoyed a nice day on the ground as he was the teams leading rusher at 9 carries for 66 yards and a touchdown. Justin Herbert won his first NFL game and played well in it. Justin is approaching 1600 yards and 15 touchdowns on the season, he also has a 67.4 completion percentage, one of the best among rookie QBs this year. Justin Herbert leads the Chargers into hostile territory next week, this is a big game for the rookie.

Next Game: AT Denver Sun, 11/1/20 12:05 pm

Seattle Seahawks(5-1) AT Arizona Cardinals(5-2)

Tyler Lockett is one of the most underrated receivers in the NFL

Cardinals have a desire to win

Sunday Night Football went into overtime and was decided by a field goal, the final score was 37-34 in favor of the Arizona Cardinals. So far this is the game of the year.

Tyler Lockett has been amazing this year, he has had two 100+ yard games with 3 touchdowns and 9+ receptions. Lockett was Seattle's biggest player on Sunday, he had a diving touchdown catch in double-coverage before the half. He also helped in overtime as he caught two passes for 25 yards. Tyler finished with 15 catches for 200 yards and 3 touchdowns, the reason why Seattle had such a big lead. He looks to have another big game next week and prove to the NFL that he is a top 15 wide receiver.

Next Game: VS 49ers Sun, 11/1/20 12:25 pm

Arizona came back from a 20-7 deficient more than halfway through the first half. Kyler Murray kept drives alive by using his legs and athleticism to break sacks and tackles. DeAndre Hopkins had an amazing sideline touchdown catch that kept Arizona within Seattle and provided a spark and confidence to the team. The defense forced punts and created turnovers, intercepting Russell Wilson three times which includes the overtime turnover by Russell as Seattle was driving. The Cardinals head into their bye week with confidence and they are neck and neck with the Los Angeles Rams for second place in the NFC West.

Next Week: BYE

Chicago Bears(5-2) AT Los Angeles Rams(5-2)

The offensive line is not there for Chicago

Rams defense and special teams get the job done

Week 7 comes to a close with a 24-10 Rams Monday Night victory.

Once again, the topic is Chicago's offensive line. On Monday night, the Bears lineman allowed 4 sacks and had trouble blocking in the run game, as well as the passing game. The offensive line cleared the way for 49 yards on the ground and many negative plays, penalties were also an issue. The offense has been nothing special and is going to have to get it together going into next week.

Next Game: AT New Orleans Sun, 11/1/20 12:25 pm

The Rams' defense gave the offense good field position and the special teams helped the defense give that good field position. The Rams forced two interceptions and only allowed 10 points on 279 total yards. The defensive line was dominant and key during the game, the secondary did its part and forced the turnovers. Punter Johnny Hekker had five punts and averaged 44.2 yards per punt and a long punt of 63 yards, pinning them multiple times inside the 10. The Rams currently reside tied with the Cardinals for second place in the NFC West, with Arizona on a bye and a Los Angeles win, the Rams could move into second place next week.

Next Game: AT Dolphins Sun, 11/1/20 9:00 am

Week 8 Byes: Arizona Cardinals, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Washington Football Team

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