Week 9 Game Takeaways

The NFL has passed the midseason mark and it came fast. Do the Steelers stay undefeated? Sunday Night Football ended in what score? Did the Falcons hold onto a lead? The playoff race begins now and there were some interesting games taking place, plus a very crazy Monday Night game. Find out my Week nine game takeaways down below.

Week 9 Byes: Cincinnati Bengals, Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, and Los Angeles Rams

Green Bay Packers(6-2) AT San Fransisco 49ers(4-5)

A happy Rodgers is a dangerous Rodgers

Richie James Jr shows off

The week 9 opener was a complete blowout for Green Bay, 34-17 was the final score on Thursday Night.

Aaron Rodgers plays his best when he is having fun, that's what teammates have said about Rodgers this year. Tt sure is true as Rogers finished with a 25/31 for 305 yards and four touchdowns stat line. Rodgers has over 2000 yards and 24 touchdowns through Week 9, Aaron ranks tenth in the NFL for most passing yards. A top three QB in the league and he is on track for over 4000 yards so far this season.

Next Game: VS Jaguars Sun, 11/15/20 9:00 am

Richie James has not caught a pass all year, but with Deebo Samuel, Kendrick Bourne, Brandon Aiyuk, and George Kittle out for the game, James had to show big. He caught 9 passes and had 184 yards as well as a score. Of course when Aiyuk, Bourne, and Deebo return James Jr will no longer have big games like the one he had against Green Bay, but it is nice to know that he can step up and get open as well as performing well for the team.

Next Game: AT Saints Sun, 11/15/20 12:25 pm

Denver Broncos(3-5) AT Atlanta Falcons(3-6)

Jerry Jeudy emerges in career game

Atlanta doesn't blow a lead

In what seemed to be a blowout at first, Atlanta kept their lead long enough to hold on for a 34-27 victory at home.

Jerry Jeudy finally did what he was drafted to do, take over. Jeudy had his first 100-yard receiving game with 125 yards on 7 catches and a touchdown. Without Courtland Sutton and Noah Fant bothered with an ankle injury, it was up to Jerry, who outperformed expectations. Jeudy is the best young route runner, he is slated for matchups against mediocre cornerbacks, he should become a huge target for Drew Lock.

Next Game: AT Raiders Sun, 11/15/20 12:05 pm

Atlanta finally keeps a lead, but almost blew it. Matt Ryan threw only one interception to go along with 284 yards and three touchdowns, he also only threw ten incompletions. Atlanta survived the game due to mistakes by the Denver offense and an explosive unexpected performance by second-year receiver Olamide Zaccheaus, he caught four passes for 103 yards and a touchdown. The defense did its job, not a pretty one but a good enough one.

Next Week: BYE

Seattle Seahawks(6-2) AT Buffalo Bills(7-2)

Russell struggled throwing the ball, had no time in the pocket

Josh Allen returns to his September form

Buffalo pulls off the upset, beats Willson's Seahawks 44-34.

Russell Wilson had a better day than it looked like, despite the turnovers. Wilson had 390 yards passing and two touchdowns along with completing 28/41 passes. The story here is his turnovers, Russell threw two interceptions and fumbled twice, something he doesn't do is turn the ball over. The offensive line was getting bullied all day and at times didn't hold for even three seconds. Even when he did have time to set his feet and throw the ball, his passes weren't all that great, which resulted in key drives going to waste. The Seahawks faces a division rival next week, they need to win that game to retain control of the NFC West.

Next Game: AT Rams Sun, 11/15/20 12:25 pm

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills surmised the NFL world with a win over Seattle, Josh Allen led the charge. Allen put up 415 passing yards and three touchdowns, along with only seven incompletions. Josh found success on the ground as well as targeting Stefon Diggs. Allen also was extremely elusive in the pocket, he avoided sacks and kept plays alive, something he's had trouble doing recently, Allen was sacked seven times though. Buffalo leads the AFC East by multiple games, they are set to make the playoffs as a top four seed.

Next Game: AT Arizona Sun, 11/15/20 12:05 pm

Baltimore Ravens(6-2) AT Indianapolis Colts(5-3)

Lamar bounces back

Colts defense lacked pressure

Baltimore stays close to Pittsburgh in AFC North, beats Indianapolis 24-10.

Lamar Jackson threw the ball 23 times and completed 19 passes, he wasn't forced to throw because they had the lead. Included with the attempts were 170 yards but no touchdowns, on the ground he ran for 58 yards and a touchdown. It seemed like almost every play was a run with Jackson or the other running backs. Jackson did look better in the passing game, not as many errors and bad throws.

Next Game: AT New England Sun, 11/15/20 4:20 pm

Inside Lucas Oil Stadium on a Sunday morning, the Colts faced Lamar Jackson, but did not apply any pressure. You would think Indianapolis would get some pressure but no, only two sacks for a Colts' defense that has been impressive. Darius Leonard remained consistent and was the only positive standout from that game. Indianapolis needs to hit consistent marks with their defense if they want to make the playoffs.

Next Game: AT Titans Thu, 11/12/20 4:20 pm

Houston Texans(2-6) AT Jacksonville Jaguars(1-7)

Houston needs running back help badly

Jake Luton could be short-term answer at quarterback

This AFC South showdown had grit, but Houston held on to win 27-25 over Jacksonville.

The Houston Texans acquired an injury-prone running back when trading with Arizona, David Johnson left this game with a concussion. Duke Johnson has been the back getting all the calls when David is out. Duke has 95 yards rushing on the season, 41 came against the Jaguars. Deshaun Watson has led the team in rushing for the majority of the season. If Houston can fix their O-line and draft or sign a RB that is capable of big and consistent play, that problem is solved.

Next Game: AT Browns Sun, 11/15/20 9:00 am

There is something about sixth-round draft picks doing well in Jacksonville, and that's just what happened on Sunday. Jake Luton, a 6th round rookie out of Oregon State, tossed 304 yards and a touchdown in his NFL debut. Luton threw his deep balls surprisingly well and had a long throw of 73 yards. Jake also scored a touchdown while stiff-arming a linebacker and spinning away from a DB. He was incredibly athletic and performed well enough for fans to believe he could be their next grudge quarterback if Minshew continues to be injuries and Luton outplays him.

Next Game: AT Packers Sun, 11/15/20 9:00 am

Carolina Panthers(3-6) AT Kansas City Chiefs(8-1)

Panthers are finally using Curtis Samuel properly

Tyreek Hill eclipses his first 100-yard receiving game of 2020

Kansas City edges Carolina 33-31.

Good news for Panthers fans, you now have a new weapon. Curtis Samuel has had a touchdown in three straight games this season, two receiving and one rushing. His targets and carries have drastically improved and is being used more as a running back and option out of the backfield. Samuel has caught defenses by surprise and is now someone they should pay attention to. On Sunday he carried the ball three times for 13 yards and led the team in receiving yards with 105 while catching all nine targets.

Next Game: VS Tampa Bay Sun, 11/15/20 9:00 am

As we all know, the Chiefs are the league's best team talent wise, I didn't want to bore anyone by talking about how good they are, I heard that Tyreek Hill had his first 100-yard receiving game. He reached 98 and 99 yard games but not 100 yards until he faced Carolina. Tyreek hauled in nine catches for 113 yards and two touchdowns, Travis Kelce led the team in receiving with ten catches for 159 yards. Good news for Chiefs fans, Tyreek is finally catching the ball.

Next Week: BYE

Detroit Lions(3-5) AT Minnesota Vikings(3-5)

Swift is a silent killer

Dalvin Cook is a one man show

An NFC North showdown turned rough, Vikings run off Lions 34-20.

D'Andre Swift has been silent this year, but he has quietly been having good games. Swift had 97 total yards, 64 of them were rushing which led the team and 33 were receiving. He has been more used in the passing game, but has had his moments on the ground. 250 rushing yards and 207 receiving yards come to a total at 457 yards, to go with that he has five touchdowns. Swift is shaping up to be the Lions bell cow of the future.

Next Game: VS Washington Sun, 11/15/20 9:00 am

Dalvin Cook rushed for 200+ yards, his highest of the season. He totaled 252 yards from scrimmage and has done more on less carries. Dalvin is responsible for two of Minnesota's five touchdowns, and 252 of their 487 total yards. He has been the focal point of a offense with a struggling QB. Teams cannot slow him down and he gashes tired and weak defenses for long runs of 70+. If he can run behind a mediocre line like he is now, imagine what he could average if he were to run behind a top offensive line.

Next Game: AT Bears Mon, 11/16/20 4:15 pm

Chicago Bears(5-4) AT Tennessee Titans(6-2)

Chicago is choking away their season

AJ Brown makes much needed offensive impact

Tennessee avoids third straight loss while handing Chicago their third straight, beats Bears 24-17.

If you knew anything about football and the teams, you knew Chicago would not remain a top tier team for long. The Bears lost their third straight and Nick Foles has been inaccurate as can be. There is no hope for the run game as David Montgomery hasn't touched 100 rushing yards, his best rushing game in terms have yards have been 89. Darnell Mooney was targeted eleven times and caught five passes, Nick Foles once again being inaccurate. Injuries to the defense are hurting this team even more, starting defensive tackle Roy Robertson-Harris will have season-ending surgery. Chicago faces a tough divisional matchup next week, anymore injuries will just dig their grave deeper.

Next Game: VS Vikings Sun, 11/15/20 9:00 am

When Tennessee gets the ball to AJ Brown, you know they have a good chance of winning. AJ finished with 104 yards and a score on four catches, he had a long catch of forty yards. This just goes to show how he impacts games and scoring, Brown can take the top off any defense or play underneath. In just his second season, he is already the most important receiver on the team.

Next Game: VS Colts Thu, 11/12/20 4:20 pm

New York Giants(2-7) AT Washington Football Team(2-6)

Evan Engram is catching better

Alex Smith is now the starting QB

The better of the 2020 NFC East showdown's favor the Giants 23-20.

Evan Engram has led enraged Giants fans to wanting him traded, New York pushed aside each offer they got for the tight end and he showed the fans why he wasn't traded. Although he had two frustrating drops, Engram dove for a 16 yard touchdown and in total caught five passes for 48 yards and a touchdown. Engram is a rare mix of tall and fast, his speed makes him play like a receiver and his height and blocking abilities make him come off as a tight end. Either he needs to fix his catching problems or his time in New York may come to an end after his contract is up.

Next Game: VS Philadelphia Sun, 11/15/20 9:00 am

Alex Smith was thought to never see a football field again, he is now the starting QB for the Washington Football Team. After Kyle Allen suffered an injury like Dak Prescott, Alex Smith stepped onto the field and threw for 325 yards and his first touchdown since being injured. Smith is a veteran that Washington desperately needs, they are a young and inexperienced team. Alex might need to work out some kinks but should be a solid starter for the rest of the season.

Next Game: AT Lions Sun, 11/15/20 9:00 am

Las Vegas Raiders(5-3) AT Los Angeles Chargers(2-6)

Nelson Agholor can catch after all

Another heartbreaking loss for L.A

Two final shots to the end zone were not enough for L.A, Raiders win 31-26.

The name Nelson Agholor means different things in two different cities, in Philadelphia it means he cannot catch and is a waste of money, in Las Vegas, it means a catching and point machine. Agholor has 17 receptions this year, along with 347 yards and five touchdowns. Nelson has caught 68 percent of his passes, which doesn't seem like a lot but the most receptions he missed was four in one game, the others he has caught all receptions or missed only one. Derek Carr has favored him over the course of the season and don't be surprised if he starts getting multiple targets per game like he did on Sunday.

Next Game: VS Denver Sun, 11/15/20 12:05 pm

Los Angeles suffered yet another crushing defeat. Justin Herbert was on fire once again with 326 yards and two touchdowns, receiver caught balls that weren't game winning touchdowns and Keenan Allen had a 103 receiving yard day. Herbert attempted two desperate passes in the back of the end zone, during the play they each looked to be touchdowns, but upon review the ball managed to wiggle it's way out and ending the game. More unfortunate plays for the Chargers lands them at 2-6, at least the will have a good draft spot.

Next Game: AT Dolphins Sun, 11/15/20 12:05 pm

Pittsburgh Steelers(8-0) AT Dallas Cowboys(2-7)

Pittsburgh plays down to the competition once again

Dallas special teams kept them in the game

Pittsburgh relies on defense and Big Ben to win 24-19.

One thing that remains consistent with the Pittsburgh Steelers is that no matter how bad the team they are facing is, they always play down to their level. Pittsburgh completely abandoned the running game against Dallas, who is the worst run stopping defense. Without Ben calling offensive plays, the Steelers struggled to gain yardage and put pressure on a weak Cowboys defense. The Steelers made many errors but they were saved by Minkah Fitzpatrick and the defense. Minkah had a game changing interception and a fumble recovery, as well as knocking down the last pass attempt by Cowboys' quarterback Garret Gilbert. Chris Boswell successfully made a 59-yard field goal, the longest in franchise history and a career long for Boswell. Ben led a 4th quarter comeback and showed once again how underrated he is by the league and its fans.

Next Game: VS Cincinnati Sun, 11/15/20 12:25 pm

Garret Gilbert played extremely well, but I'm here to talk about special teams. The Dallas special teams was electric, they blocked an extra point and had a 64-yard return off of a throw across the field, as well as a 23-yard return. Their current special teams coordinator is former Rams coach John Fassel, he is the mastermind behind all of Johnny Hekker's fake punts. Pittsburgh did poorly covering on special teams and Dallas used that to their advantage, scoring six total points off good field position. Dallas will use momentum from this game forward.

Next Week: BYE

Miami Dolphins(5-3) AT Arizona Cardinals(5-3)

Tua has first big game

Christian Kirk had a big day

Miami makes a comeback and a statement, wins 34-31 over Arizona.

After throwing only 93 yards last week, Tua was able to throw and wasn't pressured as much. Tagovailoa threw for 248 yards and two touchdowns, also only threw eight incompletions. He also showcased his running talents and had eluded the defense a lot. Tagovailoa ran for 35 yards while breaking tackles. Tua played extremely well and Miami made a statement in this game and is a wild card for a playoff berth.

Next Game: VS Chargers Sun, 11/5/20 12:05 pm

Christian Kirk is a wonder accomplice to DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins was locked up all game by Byron Jones, he only caught three passes for 30 yards, Kirk caught five passes for 123 yards and a touchdown. Christian has made small but meaningful impacts throughout the year, a toe-tap touchdown against Seattle in the back of the end zone showed his footwork, hands, and balance. He is often overlooked because of Hopkins and Murray, I overlook him sometimes. It is nice to know that Kirk can step up when needed and be a number one.

Next Game: VS Buffalo Sun, 11/15/20 12:05 pm

New Orleans Saints(6-2) AT Tampa Bay Buccaneers(6-3)

Saints defense stood tall against Tampa Bay

Bucs' offense stalls

A shocking blowout amongst NFC South rivals, Sunday Night ends in a 38-3 Saints massacre.

No one saw a rainy night in Tampa Bay turning into a thundering attack by the Saints. Tom Brady continued to struggle against the Saints defense by throwing three interceptions, that makes five of his seven against New Orleans. The Saints only allowed 194 total yards of Tampa offense and sacked Brady three times. New Orleans rolled into a sweep against the high-praised Buccaneers, putting a hole into their ship of hopes.

Next Game: VS 49ers Sun, 11/15/20 12:25 pm

The Tampa offense didn't even come across 200 total yards, nor did they reach double digits in rushing yards. Tampa Bay threw to Antonio Brown only five times, he caught three passes for 31 yards. If there were more plays drawn up for AB, could the game have ended differently? Mike Evans was held for only 64 yards and could not be found on the goal line. The score and picture of Tom Brady speaks for itself on how the game went.

Next Game: AT Carolina Sun, 11/15/20 9:00 am

New England Patriots(3-5) AT New York Jets(0-9)

Jakobi Myers is next up for New England

New York might not be tanking

On a Monday Night thriller, New England pulls off the comeback and wins 30-27.

With Julian Edelman out and in need of an offensive playmaker, Jakobi Myers stepped up against the Jets. Myers saw 14 targets and caught twelve of them, totaling 169 yards but no scores. If the line held up better, Myers might have saw more success and even a touchdown. Jakobi has shown flashes of promise throughout the season but made it clear on primetime television, he wants that number one spot on the depth chart.

Next Game: VS Baltimore Sun, 11/15/20 4:20 pm

Jets fans were almost treated with their first victory of 2020, almost. New York pounded the ball with Frank Gore and completed short passes to rookie Denzel Mims, Joe Flacco played better than Sam Darnold has this season, throwing 262 yards and three touchdowns. Their defense and offense seemed to slow down in the second half and let up a 20-10 lead. New York played their heart out, that is only what teams who compete do, are they intending not to tank for the first overall selection, or did they just want this one win bad enough?

Next Game: BYE

Week 10 byes: Kansas City Chiefs, Atlanta Falcons, New York Jets, and Dallas Cowboys.

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