What do the Bucks do Now?

Well, this isn't exactly what the Bucks planned for their postseason, and changes need to be made. Believe me, I know that the Heat are a hard team to beat, and if you look at one of my previous posts, I said that the Heat actually had a great chance to beat the Bucks simply because of their fight, which included elite three point shooting from practically everybody and their rugged defense which spoke volumes against the Bucks.

Despite Giannis saying that he will not request a trade, that doesn't mean he won't decline a max contract to join another team that likely has better players than the Bucks in 2021. I think Giannis said that he wouldn't request a trade because if he declines the contract and people start ragging on him, he'll simply say that he "wasn't going to request a trade, I didn't say anything about declining a contract". At least the Bucks have Khris Middleton locked up for a few more years, but for a hefty price. In his final year with the Bucks, which will be 2024, he'll be paid $40,396,552, just for that season. I'll be the first to say it, Middleton is a great player, but he's not worth that money. Here's a friendly reminder that Middleton was actually paid more than Giannis this past year. Continuing the talk about contracts, the Bucks have their key players locked down at least for the 2020-21 season. That includes Brook Lopez, George Hill, Eric Bledsoe, and Wesley Matthews.

A major problem that the Bucks have is age. The average age of the bucks is 28.7. The youngest player on the Bucks is Dragan Bender at 22 followed by Donte DiVincenzo at 23. The problem with the Bucks is that they do so well in the regular season that they can't get a high draft pick. On top of that, they trade away a lot of their picks. In the past three years, the Bucks have drafted four players. So what I'm saying here is the Bucks should trade up in this draft. Milwaukee needs younger players and the coaching staff and GM needs to realize that. If they can't, then maybe it's time to bring in new staff.

As you might have heard, the Bucks are looking to trade Eric Bledsoe. This is a bold move but I think it's the right move. I think Eric Bledsoe is a great player and all, but I don't think he's the right player for the Bucks, so I think this is a good move. Many teams should be interested in him. I would recommend a shooting team to trade for Bledsoe as he is not a shooter and will provide you defense, points in the paint, along with some playmaking as well. Don't sleep on Bledsoe's deep shooting though, when he's left open he'll drill the shot right in front of you. I'm not going to say who the Bucks should go for, but I think it's time for the Bucks to bring in a shooter that can do more than just shoot. They already have Kyle Korver and George Hill but the problem with them is that they only shoot, they can't do much else. I want the Bucks to have a bigger bodied player that can get shots up in the paint on a consistent basis as well as being able to convert from deep. If they are giving up Bledsoe, they'll need another PG. I don't know if they will go after a PG, but that's definitely my suggestion if they're giving up their starting PG.

There's a big question surrounding coach Budenholzer and whether or not the Bucks should fire him. A lot of people think he should be fired but I think I'm one of the few people who think he should stay. I personally don't think it's Mike Budenholzer's fault that his team did so bad in the playoffs. There's always one of those teams that does great in the regular season but then when it really matters, they can't complete the mission. Guys like George Hill who just really struggle in the playoffs. People were complaining that 'you have the top three point shooter in the NBA". George Hill has been struggling shooting the ball in the playoffs and truthfully hasn't been shooting it enough. In the playoffs he's not even shooting 36% from three on just 2.8 attempts per game. Also, the Buck's defense began to really struggle in the playoffs. Granted they were facing the Heat, an excellent offensive team, but they still needed to be more physical on the defensive end. In every game but game 5, they let the Heat score 115 points or more.

Another struggle the Bucks had was with their offense. The were simply not aggressive enough on the interior and in the paint. Another key part of the Buck's game that hurt them was their free throw shooting. The Bucks were never the best free throw shooting team, but 72.4% is just dismal. For a team that doesn't exactly thrive from the perimeter offensively and scores a lot of points in the paint, free throw shooting needs to be much better than what it is, so that needs to be a major focus for the Bucks this offseason. Another playmaker will also be needed as the ball movement by the Bucks wasn't good enough, and the excellent defense by the Heat was able to completely shut down the Bucks scoring. A team that was number one in points scored per game never scored above 114 in a regular game. In game 4s win over Miami they had 118. The other games the Bucks only scored 104, 100, and 94. Again, the Bucks are the number one scoring team in the NBA, at 118.7 PPG. They normally hold their opponents to 108.6 PPG. The Bucks averaged 106 PPG over the series and the Heat scored 112.8 PPG. So that's 12 points.

Sometimes all you have to look at is the stats, and they will tell you the story. This team continuously chokes in the playoffs. Maybe it is time to trade away Giannis, maybe they do need a better leader that is more inclined to pass the ball. There's a lot of maybes going around the Bucks organization and that's not something that you want. It will be very difficult for the Bucks to climb out of this hole that they are currently in, we'll just have to wait and see what they do...

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