What has to happen to save College football.

Every since the start of the CFP playoffs, NCAA has been on a decline. The 2014 Ohio State vs Oregon National Championship had double the views of the 2020 Alabama vs Ohio State Natty. The decline in views is a mix of a lot of problems.

  1. Fatigue of Alabama, Clemson, and Ohio State

Since 2014 Clemson and Bama have only missed the playoffs once while Ohio State has missed it 3 times, but is on their second appearance in a row. This is very similar to what happened in the NBA with the Warriors vs Cavs as the NBA had the same finals matchup 4 times in a row. Along with that LBJ made the finals 9 times in a row. The thing going on in CFB is called the LBJ effect, over the years as views of the NBA finals have been going down and down as the same player and teams have been making it every year. This all culminated in a record low NBA finals that had some games go below 10 million views. This is a mixture of 2 things, as stated before the Lebron effect and the proof that no other sport in America can compete with the NFL and big college games. Maybe besides October Baseball witch still did not even come that close.

2. The Loss meaning of Bowl Games

This is the worst part of the CFP, their is no meaning in bowl games anymore it is more just a big game with a brand attached to it. The fun of the NY6 is no more as most prospects sit out to prepare for the NFL draft.

3. The Committee Bias

This comes along with my first point in some ways as the College Football playoff committee has a huge south eastern bias. Besides OSU there have only been 3 other teams that have been considered more northern or not southeastern teams to make it. That being Oregon, Washington, and Michigan State. And the last of these teams to make it was Washington in 2016. Along with that the Committee has just treated the Group of 5 schools like trash as the 2020 Cinncinati Bearcats finished 6 and the 2017 and 18 UCF Knights. To make it worse they moved an undrafted UCF below a 3 loss Aburun Team witch would go on to lose to UCF in the Peach Bowl. The 2020 Bearcats also should have made over Noterdame this year who got stomped by a fully healthy Clemson team in the ACC championship.


The Committee needs to take a look at their younger brother the FCS as their postseason is very fun and competitive every year. The FCS has a 16 team playoff. While I do not think they need 16 teams, They should have at least the Top 10 teams make it with the 1 and 2 getting a bye. This gives some of the good schools that never have quite enough to make it like Texas A&M, Penn State, and the best group of 5 schools. This gives the other teams outside of the big 3 schools to have a chance as the 4 seed will not always have to go duke it out with one of them every year. A 16 team Playoff would have been very cool this year with some very interesting matchups like Northwestern having a shot of redemption at the Big dogs of the Big Ten at Ohio State or Can the new contender in the Big 10 in Indiana make a run at the kings of the Big 12 in Indiana. And Finally the Faceoff of the regular top 10 finishers in Texas A&M vs Everyones favorite Coastal Carolina. College Football is dying and the committee needs to think fast, because their is the possibility of a developmental league that can actually pay their players and take them.

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