What If There was a March Madness for College Football, part 1

What if there was a 64 team college football tournament. In real life, this could not be done, but it is fun to think about. I am going to be going over the seeding in part 1. Since I had to think of 64 teams their is a chance I missed a team that should have made it in if so put down in the comments who should have made it.

1 seeds:

Clemson, Ohio State, Alabama, Florida

2 seeds:

Georiga, Notre Dame, Auburn, Penn State

3 seeds:

Oklahoma, Miami, Texas, Oregon

4 seeds:

LSU, Texas A/M, Wisconsin, UCF

5 seeds:

UNC, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma State

6 seeds:

Minnesota, Cinncinati, UT Knoxville, Utah

7 seeds:

Pitt, Iowa, Washington, BYU

8 seeds:

Virginia Tech, Memphis, USC, Louiville

9 seeds:

UK, Baylor, Army, Lousiana

10 seeds:

Kansas State, Illinois, SMU, Michigan State

11 seeds:

Virginia, Arkansas State, Navy, Boise

12 Seeds:

Marshall, UTSA, ASU, Ole Miss

13 seeds:

ISU, Boston College, Nebraska, Coastal Carolina

14 seeds:

Arkansas, Cal, App State, Indiana

15 seeds:

UAB, UCLA, AF, Hawaii

16 seeds:

SDSU, FAU, Miami of Ohio, Liberty

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