What is Ryan Pace waiting for?

With the trade deadline right around the corner, The Chicago Bears have yet to make a move! The Bears o-line has been struggling lately... All Bears fans know that, but why isn’t Pace making something happen?

Ryan Pace was hired by the Bears right before the 2015-2016 NFL season. He has only made a total of 3 trades in the regular season for this Chicago Bears team. Ryan Pace is super quiet when it comes down to trading. So don’t expect much from him on November 3rd (trade deadline).

But here’s the good news... who knows If this is true or not but Ryan Pace has stated that he is exploring the trade market before the trade deadline expires! Three teams that the Bears might possibly trade with are the Falcons, Patriots, and the Texans. It is said that the Bears show a little interest in James Carpenter (c) from the Atlanta Falcons. With Cody Whitehair being out for a while, I think this would be a great trade target for the Bears... It would also help improve the o-line and possibly the running-game!

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