What is with the NFL officiating nowadays?

Currently the NFL officiating is completely garbage mostly for the Lions and the Browns. But do we know why? Well I think its simply just because they are biased or do not want one of the teams winning. Let's dive deeper.

NFL Officials discussing a call

Over the past couple years the officials have been terrible. Nobody understands why, sometimes they cost teams a first down, sometimes they cost them a touchdown, and sometimes they cost them a whole game. Two games that really pops out to me is the 2019 season when the Seahawks were visiting the Browns in week 6. I was at that game of course but the Browns had a strong lead in the first half of the game leading 21-6. Then after halftime things changed. The officials were making terrible calls giving the Seahawks a bigger chance to win narrowing the game down to 32-28 with the Seahawks leading in the fourth quarter. The game ended with the Seahawks winning with that same score. The officials made many terrible calls, false horse collar tackle which costed the Browns a sack. A false block in the back costing them a first down and huge gain which could have resulted them in winning the game, and finally missing so many obvious calls throwing Cleveland off momentum and costing them the game. If I am not mistaken an official was fired that game.

The second game that pops out to me is the Lions and Packers game in 2019. The Packers were in a game winning drive when Aaron Rodgers got sacked. A penalty was called for I believe holding on the linemen who sacked Rodgers. That moved them up, then again a sack by the same linemen, the same penalty came up. That resulted in the Packers scoring a game winning touchdown and winning the game. The Lions were very upset with what happened and I do not blame them at all. These officials need to be fixed.

All in all the NFL officiating needs to be fixed because it is ruining games. A couple of officials were fired but that won't do the trick. They need to learn how to call the right calls and how to see the penalties. This was a pretty short article but I just wanted to address this. If the officials called better calls and saw more penalties that are obvious that would change the story by resulting in more interesting and fun games to watch. I hope you guys enjoyed. GO BROWNS!

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