What’s up with the Chicago Bears QB situation?

As we all know by now... the Chicago Bears are going through a tough time figuring out their QB situation. They have Mitchell Trubisky who has great mobility but can’t throw deep balls and they have Nick Foles who doesn’t have the greatest mobility but can definitely air the ball out.

If I were to be in this situation, I think I’d start Trubisky over Foles. With the o-line that the Bears have, Trubisky is easily the best option to go with because he is amazing at escaping pressure!

Good news for some People, bad news for others... Matt Nagy has stated that he Is most likely sticking with Nick Foles at QB1. I know that I stated that I’d start Trubisky over Foles... But if you really think about it, Allen Robinson is a threat on deep throws! He makes huge plays out of them! Starting Nick Foles Is probably the best option for the Bears and Allen Robinson himself! Allen Robinson will most likely get more receptions with Foles as QB1! The Chicago Bears o-line is probably the biggest struggle for the Bears, especially with Cody Whitehair and Bobby Massie being injured. But the second biggest struggle for the Bears is the play-calling! Matt Nagy back in the 2017-2018 season was a great play-caller for the Bears. He had many tricks up his sleave! But it seems like he’s changed up a few things in these past few years that aren’t really helping this Chicago football team.

Most people think Mitch Trubisky was the problem, but it turns out that he wasn’t... It is Matt Nagy‘s play-calling! If anything, The best option for the Bears right now is for Nagy to pass the play-calling to Bill Lazor (Bears offensive coordinator). I know this would be a risk but I’m all for it. The Bears truly need help offensively.

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