What’s Wrong With LSU’s Defense?

What happened with LSU’s defense on Saturday? Many people have the same question as the tigers let Missouri score a season high 45 points.

Past LSU teams have been known for having elite defenses that carry a pretty bad offense. But in 2019 and through 3 games in 2020 the Tiger offense have been winning the tigers their football games. The LSU defense has let off a total of 1,142 passing yards in 3 games, and in one of those games they let off 623 passing yards.

So what’s wrong with this LSU defense? Well a glaring problem has been the passing defense which is a very uncharacteristic thing to see from a LSU defense as they have claimed the title DBU for years. Not only that but the Bo Pelini scheme that was great in 2007 seems to be outdated, or Bo Pelini isn’t coaching correctly. We saw 3 blown coverages from the tiger defense on Saturday against mizzou, with 2 of them resulting in touchdowns, and the other leading leading to a big gain.

How will LSU fix their defense? Well the Tiger defense needs to start by using their Swiss army knife Jacoby Stevens better. Stevens has the potential to be a second coming of three honey badger but the tiger coaching staff is using him like he is a coverage safety. His presence is felt best when he is rushing the passer as he forced a big fumble in week 1 which let LSU get in position to tie the game. If Bo Pelini uses Jacoby Stevens like a linebacker opposed to a corner back we will see very big improvements in this defense. LSU also has a problem with running to much man, and not having enough help in the back end. We have seen to many plays were a corner gets beat or misses a tackle and there is no safety behind him to help and a big play is created. If the tigers can fix their defense before a big matchup against a Florida team who is struggling on the same side we could see the tigers making some noise and putting the Gators at a 2-2 record in the swamp.

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