What the John Wall Trade Means for the NBA

Unless you were living under a rock, you probably heard that John Wall and a first-round pick were traded to the Houston Rockets, in exchange for Russel Westbrook. Who you think is the better player couldn't really be more than a 50/50 toss up.

Russel Westbrook is past his prime and still a baller, but John Wall was a top three pg in the league when healthy. When healthy. That is the biggest question for the total of John Wall's career. If John wall comes back to the way he played, 100% the Houston Rockets would win this trade. John Wall himself said that he was "110%." This is amazing news for Rockets fans. John Wall was seen in a pickup game with the Brooklyn Nets this off season and looked amazing. Although he looks like he's back, you never know how a pickup game translates to the NBA.

For the Wizards I really do not like what they gave up for him. There were rumors that this trade was going to happen a little while back, and John Wall was upset. He didn't like how the team he has been so loyal to his whole career, would just dump him right when he came back. The Wizards look like a rebuilding team and giving up a first and John Wall for a bad contract instead of young stars or picks, doesn't seem like the right choice.

For the Rockets I like this trade. The Rockets stated that they will not trade Harden and would like to contend. James Harden came out saying that he preferred to play with John Wall instead of Russel Westbrook. John Wall also has amazing chemistry with NCAA teammate and newly acquired Rocket, Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins. I also think that John Wall will fit better with James Harden and I also think that he will comeback to at least a little bit of what he was. Will he be an All-Star in the West? Probably not. But will he be a great starting point guard to compliment James Harden? Yes.

For the entire NBA i think that the rockets are a better team with good big man in Christian Wood, Boogie, and Pj Tucker. They also have the best shooting guard in the NBA and probably a top 15 pg in the league. The Rockets could be a scary team, but it all depends on John Wall.

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