What to expect from every division in the AFC

AFC North

The AFC North is formed by the Baltimore Ravens, The Pittsburgh Steelers, The Cleveland Brown, and the Cincinnati Bengals. We all know that the Ravens will probably win the division pretty easily, but what about the others? The Steelers are a solid team overall and their defense is their strongest side, I believe that the Steelers will be fighting for a playoff spot, but everything depends on whether Big Ben is the same and if the offense can keep up with the defense. The Browns didn’t play as expected last season, they do have the talent to be a great team, they are only lacking execution. It all depends on new coach Kevin Stefanski if he is able to put the team together and work as planned the Browns will probably be a playoff contender team. And last, the Bengals are a rebuilding team, they added some great talent this offseason but they aren’t ready to compete for a playoff spot. They will be an upgrade from last season Bengals but not enough to make the playoffs.

AFC East

The AFC East is formed by the New England Patriots, The Buffalo Bills, The Miami Dolphins, and the New York Jets. I believe that the Buffalo Bills will win the division, they were a playoff team last year with one of the best defenses on the NFL. The offense is their only question but I think QB Josh Allen is going to have a great season now that he has better weapons and he will lead the team to an AFC East title. The Patriots are no longer a dynasty, they have become a rebuilding team, but due to its great coaching, I think the Patriots will be a good team fighting for a playoff spot. Their defense is full of great but old players, and their offense is lacking a lot of talent, I am not sure which Cam Newton are we going to see this season but I don’t think he is going to have a great season. The Jets, as well as the Dolphins, have been a rebuilding team for years now and both teams have added good talent to their team but I don’t believe either one is ready to fight for a playoff spot.

AFC West

The AFC West is formed By the Kansas City Chiefs, The Denver Broncos, The Los Angeles Chargers, and the Last Vegas Raiders. The Chiefs are of course the current NFL champions and they are pretty much the same team from last year, so they would be dominant and will easily win the division. I think that the Broncos will be the surprise team this year, their defense is a good one filled with some great players, but their offense is the X factor in this prediction. They added some really great talent this offseason and they filled their holes. Drew Lock improved a lot as the season went going last year and I think he will pick up from that this year. I think Drew will become one of the top 5 QBs in the AFC and he will lead his team to a wildcard spot. Some people believe that the Raiders will be a playoff team, but I haven’t seen enough from them to agree with this, I do expect them to be better but not enough to be in the playoffs. The Chargers are a rebuilding team this year I expect their defense to be a good one but their offense isn’t just enough. Rookie QB Justin Herbert will take the handles later this season and improve their offense but by then their playoff hopes will probably be gone.

AFC South

The AFC South is formed by the Tennessee Titans, the Houston Texans, the Indianapolis Colts and the Jacksonville Jaguars. This is going to be a really contested division between the Titans, the Colts, and The Texans. The Titans, of course, were the surprise team last year, but I think it was more luck than anything else I see them as a competitive team but not a great one to take the division easily. The Texans were a promising team until Bill O’Brien made some questionable decisions in the offseason, QB Deshaun Watson will be the light spot on the team but their lack of talent around him will hold him back. The Colts have a good team overall, and last year were held back by their QB position, I think Phillip Rivers is an upgrade from, Jacoby Brissett, but he is not what he used to be and I don’t know if he can lead this team to a division title. The Jaguars are a rebuilding team this year and some of their rookies last season are promising for this year but they don’t have enough talent to fight for a playoff spot this season.

*NFC will be up tomorrow

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