What to Expect From Joe Brady’s Offense in Carolina

This offseason, the Carolina Panthers brought in a new coaching staff to try and spark the Panthers organization. Among the new coaches and coordinators is Joe Brady, the new offensive coordinator and play caller in Carolina.

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Brady was part of the offensive coaching staff at LSU last season that helped Joe Burrow’s offense ignite. Before that, Brady has had experience on the Saints coaching staff, yet what can Panthers fans expect from Joe Brady’s offense?

Brady wants to run something called a “playmakers in space” offense. In other words, Brady wants to find Carolina’s offensive superstars like Christian Mccaffrey and DJ Moore, and feed them the ball in situations where they do what they do best.

This means that Brady’s offense will be centered around the things that Carolina already excels at. Plus, Brady has already had success in the past utilizing running backs in the passing game, which is something that Carolina’s offense will focus on with Christian Mccaffrey on the roster.

Mccaffrey is not only the NFL’s best running back, but he is also the NFL’s best receiving back, who is a centerpiece of Carolina’s offense. Mccaffrey’s transition into Brady’s offense should be fluid, as Brady has previously worked with guys like Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Alvin Kamara, both of whom are terrific pass catchers out of the backfield.

Plus, look for Brady’s offense to involve lots of spread formations either with four or five receivers. At LSU, Brady used these looks all the time to get guys like Ja'Marr Chase and Justin Jefferson in open space. With all the speed on Carolina’s roster with guys like DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, and free agent acquisition Robby Anderson, expect for a lot of what LSU did last season to translate to the Panthers offense in 2020.

Therefore, expect for Brady’s offense to score a lot of touchdowns and put up a lot of points. Last season at LSU, Brady helped engineer one of the best offenses College Football has ever seen, and he has the talent in Carolina to do some damage. With getting the ball out quickly a staple of LSU’s offense last season, look for Teddy Bridgewater to be really successful next season, as he has already shown that he can be a highly accurate quarterback.

Thus, look for Joe Brady’s offense to explode next season, as the talent on the Panthers offense is ready to ignite. Although it'll be hard for the Panthers to make the playoffs next season with the Saints and Bucs in their division, expect their offense to turn some heads next year as they hope to gear up for a successful 2020 campaign.

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