What Will It Take For Every Team In Playoff Position To Win The NBA Finals? Who Do I Think Will Win?

On March 11th, 2020 it was a sad day for all basketball fans. The NBA had just announced that they would be suspending the season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now three months later the NBA decided they would be resuming the season in a bubble format at Disney World in Orlando, Florida . 22 teams that were in contention for the playoffs were invited to make one final playoff push in Orlando and the other 8 teams, well, will be drafting, trading, and signing players in hopes of making their team better for the future. In today's article I will be giving my opinion on what I think it will take for each team in playoff position to to win the finals and who I think will win it all so without further ado lets get started with the Western Conference.

Western Conference:

Los Angeles Lakers-

The Lakers are a team that does not need much improving to do to win the Finals this year. But there is still a chance a team like the Clippers, Bucks, or Celtics can stop them. If they want to be the clear-cut winners they will have to get more sharpshooters for Lebron to pass to. Three guys that are available for them to sign are JR Smith, Jamal Crawford, or Allen Crabbe.

Los Angeles Clippers-

The Clippers are another team that does not need much more to make them a contender. They just need one thing to work out in their favor, HEALTH. Even if they are so deep on their roster they need their key players like Kawhi, PG, and Lou Williams to stay healthy to contribute heavily. But even if one guy goes down with an injury I can't see this Clippers team derailing due to their depth.

Denver Nuggets-

The Nuggets are a team that's been a contender in some people's eyes but never seem to get it done. If the Nuggets want to finally win that title people have been expecting I think they will need to give Michael Porter JR. some more playing time. I really like MPJ and his playing style and I feel like MPJ is the key to their success.

Utah Jazz-

I really think the Jazz can win a title soon. But the only way I see the Jazz winning it this year is 1, Mike Conley needs to return to somewhat of his old form and 2, they would need to find a player in free agency that can play the role Bojan Bogdanovic did really well.

Oklahoma City Thunder-

The Thunder were a team that was very surprising this season, largely due to their chemistry. But they are not a finals team just yet. Though if they want to win it all this year I think they would need to bring in a few more good bench players that would mold in with their system because I do believe that having good chemistry with good player can win you the NBA Finals.

Houston Rockets-

The Houston Rockets changed things up with their roster this year. They decided to run a small ball lineup when they traded Clint Capela. The only way this lineup will work is if you have reliable shooters because one cold night can result in a loss. So if the Rockets want to win this years Larry O'Brien trophy they will need to sign more reliable sharpshooters for them to go out and destroy teams from the 3pt line.

Dallas Mavericks-

The Mavericks became a good team this year because of the huge jump of Luka Doncic. I do see the Mavericks winning a Finals in the future. But if they want to win this year's contest I feel like they will need Seth Curry to arise as a consistent star for them.

Memphis Grizzlies-


Eastern Conference:

Milwaukee Bucks-

This team is yet another that doesn't need improvement to win this year's finals. But they can still be stopped by another contender. If the Bucks want to be the one and only choice for the NBA Finals they will need their bench to step up their game play. I'm not saying the Bucks have a bad bench they would just need that to happen for them to be gliding through everyone.

Toronto Raptors-

Some of the Raptors success last year was due to Kawhi and his clutchness in late game situations. But now Kawhi is gone. So I believe for the Raptors to win this years finals they will need a player on their roster like Kyle Lowry or Pascal Siakam to step up and fill in for the clutchness Kawhi brought to the table especially in the playoffs where games can boil down to which team is more clutch.

Boston Celtics-

I believe the Celtics need to fill one huge void on their roster if they want to win the championship this year. They need to get an energetic and defensive minded rim protector. That is what they've needed all season and if they have hopes of holding up that trophy this is what it will take in my opinion.

Miami Heat-

The Miami Heat have shooting all over their roster with guys like Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, and Jae Crowder. But anything can happen and they can find themselves down big on a cold night. Thats why I believer the Heat would need 1 or 2 more three level scorers to win the chip so that when the 3pt shot ain't working they could have other scoring options to keep them in games.

Indiana Pacers-

The Pacers pretty much have it all to win a NBA finals this year. But the only thing they need to do is execute with this roster. They have the roster most of the time but lack the chemistry to get it done so if they want this years finals that will need to change.

Philadelphia 76ers-

The 76ers are another one of those injury prone teams. So all they need to do is stay healthy and hope it works out in favor of them. For the past couple of years, I've been expecting the Sixers to make noise in the playoffs but they could never stay healthy. So they just need an injury postseason if they want to win this year's championship

Brooklyn Nets-

All this Nets team needs is their two star players back in Kyrie and KD. But they won't have that so I think we can all agree they will have to wait until next season to win a finals.

Orlando Magic-


And now who I think will win the 2020 NBA Finals. For me it has to be the Los Angeles Clippers they have the offense, defense, and depth to do it and I don't see anyone stopping them this year.

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