Where is Jamal Adams going to go?

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

Where will Jamal Adams go? Another writer (ACB Sports) made an article talking about the most likely places Adams will go, but I’m going to dive a little deeper. I’m going to talk about each area on Jamal’s list and the places I think he will be going.

Cowboys: Logistically speaking, it doesn’t make much sense for the cowboys to trade for Jamal Adams. They do have enough cap for the next few years, but they also need to sign Dak Prescott. Not to mention that they would need to give up an arm and a leg to get Adams. It doesn’t make much sense to give up a lot of draft capital and future cap for a safety. Especially when the cowboys have a pretty open Superbowl window for the next few years. However, Jerry Jones is not always a man of logic. Sometimes he just wants to get a star player. Who knows? Maybe the Cowboys are set on making a huge run in the next 2 seasons and are looking for a final piece.

Ravens: The Ravens are the betting favorite right now to land Adams, and they should be. They are neck and neck with the best teams in the league and need a final push to be the number one team. It’s clear that the Ravens are trying to surround Lamar with as many great pieces before they have to start paying him. If Adams can get them another Superbowl fast, there is no doubt that they should sign him given that their window of opportunity might not be as wide as other teams.

Texans: This one makes no sense to me. Why would you want to give up a ton of draft capital and money when you clearly aren’t making a huge run in the next two years. I don’t get it especially given the fact that the Texans have to start paying Watson soon.

Eagles: This is probably the least likely of the seven teams that Adams mentioned. The Eagles are down 50 million in cap by next offseason. Sure, Howie is going to find every way to minimize that number, but the Eagles are not ready to sign Adams. Especially given how much draft capital they would have to give up. The Eagles aren’t on a time clock. They don’t need to win a superbowl soon. I feel Adams only put them on his list to give the Cowboys a higher sense of urgency.

Chiefs: This one makes a lot of sense to me. The Chiefs are probably going to try and run the Superbowl train as long as possible. Even if it wouldn’t be the best move in the long term, who could say no to 1-2 more Chiefs Superbowls besides the rest of the NFL? And so what if it isn’t the best long term decision? They have Patrick Mahomes, they'll be fine. Only problem is their cap situation, but I’m sure they can finagle enough for the next few years.

Seahawks: The Seahawks are paying Wilson right now, and they don’t have the largest cap space. If I were the Seahawks GM, I wouldn’t be making the trade, but I don’t know what the urgency is there. If the Seahawks think they are a piece away from a Superbowl, than maybe it would make a good trade. I just don’t really understand why they would want to. Wilson has a good 6-8 years left most likely, and they have a good coach and team already. It could be a good move, or it could be a bad one. I really don’t know with the Seahawks.

49ers: I don’t think Adams is a need for this team. They are probably one of the least likely teams to sign him. Their defense is very good, and they have a very open superbowl window with all the young talent they have. Maybe if they want to win now it could be a good move, but I don’t see the rush.

There are also some teams that Adams did not list that might be in a good position to get him:

Buccaneers: This one seems really obvious. With a soon-to-be 43 year old quarterback, the Buccaneers are in win now mode more than any other team. Adams could easily be their ticket to the Superbowl. I don’t think their draft capital matters as much as other teams’ because they’ll have to start rebuilding in 2-3 years anyway. Why not get a superstar on your team right now?

Colts: I could see the Colts going after Jamal due to them also having an aging quarterback and a lot of cap. The loss of draft capital wouldn’t be much of an issue for them because they already have a plethora of young stars and money to pay around. Colts are definitely a sleeper to trade for Adams.

Browns: The Browns are also a bit of a sleeper to trade for Adams. If they feel that their roster is good enough to compete for a superbowl, then why not? They have a bunch of young stars and are probably less worried about their draft picks than other teams. Though they might not be in the greatest position to get Adams, they have to be mentioned.

Jets: I know this sounds stupid because this is an article about him being traded, but I have to mention the Jets. Right now, the Jets have all of the leverage in this. They are the only ones who can decide if he will be traded. Unless they get a great offer, I don’t think they will even want to trade him. He is a top 2 safety in the NFL, and they have him on contract for 2 more years. Also, after that they can franchise tag him for another 2 years. Basically, they can have him for another 4 years if they want.

So where will Adams end up? Here are my odds for each team to land him:

Jets: 20%

Buccaneers: 18%

Ravens: 16%

Cowboys: 10%

Seahawks: 8%

Chiefs: 8%

Colts: 6%

Browns: 4%

49ers: 3%

Texans: 2%

Eagles: 1%

Other: 4%

As a final note, I want to address any other rumors there might be of places Jamal Adams could go. Right now I think it is extremely unlikely he goes to any non-mentioned team. Especially any team currently in a rebuild like the Dolphins, Redskins, Giants, Panthers, Bengals, or Jaguars. It makes no sense for a team like that to want to give up valuable draft picks for a player that has even shown disinterest in playing with poor teams.

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