Which NBA Restart Plan Do Some Fans Favor?

This past week, the NBA discussed four competition scenarios with the Board of Governors. The restart options under consideration are:

- 16 teams: Directly to playoffs

- 20: Group/stage play

- 22: Games to determine seeding, play-in tournament for final seed(s)

- 30: 72-game regular season, with play-in tourney.

So which of these restart options do fans support? I took the time to ask 6 NBA fans which option they favor and why.

Most fans are in favor of 16 teams going directly to the playoffs.

One says he is in favor of going directly to the playoffs to keep it simple and keep as many players, coaches, and staff as safe as possible.

Another fan is in favor with going straight to the playoffs to get the season over with. He said "16 teams. My main reasoning is let’s just get this done and over with. We don’t need to see the Pelicans or Blazers in the playoffs. I rather get down to the real business as quickly as possible."

Another fans' reasoning is "I think just jump straight into playoffs like the NHL because you’re just wasting your time on a season that’s not gonna affect the playoff seeding that much."

Another fan says going straight to the playoffs just makes the most sense, and most playoff teams are set.

Though most fans support going directly to the playoffs, two fans told me they support a different plan.

One fan supports games to determine seeding.

Another fan supports a group/stage play. His reasoning as to why he supports it is "It gives a chance for other teams in the playoff seeding race to get their shot. Other than that I like straight to the playoffs cause I’m a Raptors fan."

The NBA has July 31st as a target date for a season return with many decisions on the table.

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