Which NFL Draft Class has Better Offense, the 2020 or 2021 Class?

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Both of these two draft classes have elite talents at the top of the board, starting with the quarterback position. Both Joe Burrow and Trevor Lawrence are two of the most highly-rated prospects this decade. It isn't fair to compare their college stats, because Burrow emerged as a senior and Lawrence likely will not play his senior year. Also, Lawrence has played fewer games in their final season in college due to COVID-19. But, using what we know, Lawrence's college stats simply don't compare to Burrow's. The difference between their passer efficiency rating is massive.

The Better Prospect: Joe Burrow

Next, I will be comparing running backs. At the running back position, I will be comparing 2020 first-round running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire and potential 2021 first-round running back Travis Ettiene. Looking at their statistics, Edwards-Helaire seems to pick up more yardage per carry. But, Ettiene scores more touchdowns and is more of a threat in the receiving end. Coming into college, Travis Ettiene ran a 4.43 40 yard dash. Clyde Edwards-Helaire ran a 4.60 40 yard dash at the NFL combine. Helaire is shorter but bulkier, which helps him run inside of the tackles. Ettiene's speed will help him find holes in the defense, and he seems to be a patient back. Both of these running backs are different runners, but I think one has the edge as a prospect.

The Better Prospect: Travis Ettiene

Next, I will be comparing players at the wide receiver position. I will be comparing Henry Ruggs and Jaylen Waddle. If you are looking for speed, these two guys have a lot of it. Jaylen Waddle has supposedly ran a 4.27 40 yard dash, which does not surprise me. Henry Ruggs ran the same time at the NFL Combine. Both receivers have similar stats and measurables, which makes them hard to compare. So, I thought the difference between the two came down to one on one balls. And from what I've seen from both prospects, Ruggs seems to be more physical, along with being slightly taller.

The Better Prospect: Henry Ruggs

At the tight end position, I think it is pretty obvious who has the better prospects. No tight ends were extremely notable in the 2020 draft class. Cole Kmet was the top prospect at tight end but never was considered to be taken in round one. Kyle Pitts, on the other hand, is one of the greatest tight end prospects of all time. Kyle Pitts catches the ball like he is Travis Kelce, who is absolutely dominant in the NFL. Pitts is a massive dude who can catch anything. So, I think it is obvious who is the better prospect.

The Better Prospect: Kyle Pitts

Next, I will be comparing offensive tackles Mekhi Becton and Penei Sewell. Both tackles are great pass protectors. Becton is one of the strongest tackles I have ever seen. But, the agility of Sewell is very impressive. They both can do amazing things for a quarterback. But, Sewell's agility and finesse takes away edge threats such as TJ Watt and Shaquil Barrett. I think the ability to take away pressure outways any other skill for a tackle.

The Better Prospect: Penei Sewell

Both of these draft classes are amazing offensively, but which one is better. I think the depth of the 2020 class is unreal, but the 2021 class star power is awesome. So, what is my opinion? I think the 2020 class slightly edges the 2021 class offensively.

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