Which Team has Been the Biggest Disappointment in the Bubble?

I'll begin with the Spurs. 22 years of playoff basketball for the Spurs and this was the year that ended it. I do believe that if Lamarcus Aldridge was healthy and playing, they would've at least had a much better chance of making the playoffs. I think that the Spurs are in the middle of a rebuilding phase, as they have a mix of very young players, and above 30 veterans. It will be interesting to see what Popovich and the team's GM Brian Wright can do with this team next year. As far as a disappointment goes, I think that with the depth this team has, it was tough for them to compete with other teams that had good benches. So the Spurs do not get my vote for the most disappointing team in the bubble.

Next on the list is the Sixers. The Sixers have been a disappointment this entire year, and if you didn't see more disappointing moments coming in the future, you must be a 76ers fan. With a deadly combo of not having a good team leader, and having Brett Brown as your coach, who doesn't hold people accountable, you could have a lot of talent, but you wouldn't know how to use it, and that's exactly what the 76ers are. So because of the coaching predicament in Philly and what we've already gotten used to during the rest of the season, that's why I'm not choosing the 76ers.

That leaves us with the Pelicans. There were many reasons that the Pelicans were the most disappointing team in the bubble. They were practically gifted an opportunity to make the playoffs (the play-in game), and they still couldn't finish it. Other teams were fighting hard, meanwhile the Pelicans are just continuing to lose games. Their effort was disappointing, their physical shape was disappointing, and the way they were being coached was disappointing. A normal coach would be all over his players if he could tell that they weren't giving it their all, but Alvin Gentry and other asst. coaches were just sitting there on the sidelines spectating. If your players are flat out being lazy on the court, something needs to change, discipline needs to be enforced, and that's not what happened. What's even more disappointing is the fact of how young this squad is. If you're this young, you should be happy to be where you are and want to fight to make it to the playoffs, and that's the complete opposite of what we saw with the Pelicans. Another disappointing part of the Pelicans short bubble run was Zion Williamson. Everyone was hyping up how much weight he had gained in muscle, but he hadn't been conditioning himself. That led to an ultimate disaster on the court. Zion was having troubles running from end to end and couldn't keep up on offensive and defensive fast breaks. With the firing of Alvin Gentry, we will see how the Pelicans new HC will handle things with this young and talented team, but if you ask me, the Pelicans were the most disappointing team in the bubble.

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