Which teams are going to go deep in March Madness, and which aren't?

Everyone's favorite. March Madness. The upsets, wild finishes, and great venues is what makes the tournament a great yearly tradition. Last year, there was no March Madness. This year, there will be, but with restrictions. All the games will be played in Indiana in about 6 or 7 different venues. Today, I'm going to tell you which teams will make a run, and which teams won't.


Drake: Do not be fooled by this teams 16 and 0 record. This team has played a very poor schedule. They have not been able to prove themselves against any tournament-caliber teams. Loyola of Chicago should be a good test, but I just don't have trust in this team against power schools like USC, LSU, Oklahoma State, Arkansas, etc. I think the lack of opponents will hurt them in March. I wouldn't be surprised if this team wins a first round game, but do not be shocked if this team is bounced before the 2nd weekend.

Alabama: I can already see people calling me dumb for putting Alabama on this part of the list. They're still undefeated in conference play despite losing in the SEC/Big 12 challenge Saturday. They've got a great core that can shoot well, rebound well, and play great defense. But I don't see this team as a real contender. Shooting is contagious, but when they aren't falling, Alabama will struggle. This team started off with a lackluster 4-3 record due to poor shooting and lack of identity. Oklahoma just ended a 10 game winning streak for the Tide. But why can't we expect another cold stretch? This team only has a 1.6 average year of experience, and is still very poor on defense. A few games with poor shooting, and things can spiral out of control. Look what happened to Clemson.

Any Pac-12 Team: Yes, you read that right. Any team. USC, UCLA, Colorado, Oregon, Stanford, all of them. The level of play in the Pac-12 over the last 10 years has massively regressed. There are no Pac-12 teams ranked in the top 20, and only one (UCLA) is featured in the AP Top 25. The NCAA Tournament champion hasn't come from the Pac-12 since Arizona won it back in 1997 when it was the Pac-10. It looks unlikely that the drought will end this year.


Ohio State: Another amazing Big Ten team. And this one may be the best. I think Ohio State is one of the 5 most talented teams in the country. But, like many teams in the Big Ten, they have had inconsistent performances. 2 losses to Purdue, and losses to Northwestern and Minnesota are the only blemishes on Ohio State's 2020-2021 campaign. E.J. Liddell, Kyle Young, Duane Washington, and C.J. Walker are consistent scorers for the Buckeyes, but if guys like Seth Towns and Justin Ahrens can continue to contribute, this is a Final Four team.

Oklahoma: This year has been rocky for the Sooners. Two blowout losses to Xavier and Baylor. Early uncomfortable wins against TCU and Oral Roberts. But if it weren't for last second losses to Texas Tech and Kansas(without star forward Brady Manek) this team could have a good argument to be number 3 in the country. The Sooners hold 4 AP top 10 wins and one against number 5 ranked Texas. On Saturday, they slowed down explosive Alabama without their best player, Austin Reaves. This team is great offensively, but if they can play well on defense, this team is very scary. Another huge chance to prove themselves against #13 Texas Tech Monday.

Florida State: This team has got great experience and great coaching. This team has made good tournament runs, and why not again? Guys like M.J. Walker and Scottie Barnes are among the best in the ACC. Balsa Kopravica has been a pleasant surprise for the Seminoles, a center that can shoot, crash the boards, and pass with consistency as well.

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