Who is the best NBA Center?

Alright. Here it is. This is one thing that triggers me a lot when talking about the NBA. Almost everyone that hasn't watched Timberwolves basketball always says Jokic>KAT or Embiid>KAT. But I am Here to tell you that that is wrong. Just beacause they are ON A WINNING TEAM, does not mean that they are a BETTER PLAYER. It may look that way, just beacause the whole team is doing well. Before Feb. 6th this year, KAT had almost no talent on his team while the 76ers had Simmons, and the Nuggets have Jamal Murray. (2 Big Names) While the next best for the wolves was Robert Covington. Now I'll present you some common stats. (2019-2020)

Karl Anthony Towns Nikola Jokic Joel Embiid

PPG: 26.5 PPG: 20.2 PPG: 23.4

RPG: 10.8 RPG: 10.2 RPG: 11.8

AST: 4.4 AGP: 6.9 APG: 3.1

FG%: 50.8 FG%: 52.8 FG%: 47.4

eFG%: 60.0 eFG%: 56.5 eFG: 51.4

3P%: 41.2 3P%: 31.4 3P%: 34.8

SPG: 0.9 SPG: 1.2 SPG: 0.9

BPG: 1.2 BPG: 0.7 BPG: 1.3

I will tally up the points. (1 point=1 catagory) KAT:3 Jokic:3 Embiid:2

Ok. I found out that KAT and Jokic lead with 3 a piece. So that makes Embiid at the most the 3rd best Center. Now it's between KAT and Jokic. Even though i think of the ASG as a popularity contest, thats what I'm going to use to determine the better player. If they tie with the number of ASG apperences, then I guess you can make a case for either. Jokic has 2 ASG apperences, 1 in 2018-2019, and 1 in 2019-2020. KAT has 2 also, in 2017-2018, and 2018-2019. If he hadn't gotten injured this year, he most likley would've made it this year too. So i suppose you could argue that Jokic or KAT is

#1 .

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