Who is the Chicago Bears best franchise quarterback?

The Chicago bears one of the most classic NFL teams. A NFL team that has been around for over 100 years a team that is known for there lockdown defenses, linebackers and running backs. But the Bears aren't totally known for the quarterback position they have one of the worst franchise QB's out of all NFL teams not one of them but maybe the worst.

The first QB that comes to mind with the bears is Jay Cutler he was the Bears franchise QB from 2009 to 2016. Cutler owns the stat sheet with bears QB stats he leads the Bears in Quarterback wins with 51, passing yards 23,443 and touchdown passes 154. Cutler has lead the bears to the NFC championship before in 2010 with a 11-5 record but losing the NFC championship off of a heartbreaking loss 21-14 to there rivals the Green Bay Packers.

The next QB you would think of for the Chicago Bears is the guy who won them the super bowl Jim McMahon. He was part of the 85 Bears super bowl team a team that you can maybe argue was the best super bowl team of all time. But the reason you would say McMahon Isn't the bears best franchise QB is because he didn't need to do much to win in 85. Jim had the best defense of all time with him and maybe even the best running back of all time to hand off to Walter Payton. But McMahon is the QB that did enough to win the bears there only super bowl you can argue it's him.

The last person who may be the Bears best franchise QB is Sid Luckman this guy is slept on like crazy. The reason to why he is slept on is because he played all the way back in the 1940's. when he played he got four championships the reason to why he didn't get super bowls is because back then they didn't call them super bowls they just marked them as championships. Not only did Luckman get 4 championships he also got a MVP and is marked a hall of famer. so there is plenty of argument to why he could be the bears best franchise QB.

So who is the Bears best franchise QB? Me personally I say Jay cutler is the bears best QB. my second option is Luckman then third McMahon you can't go wrong putting those 3 guys in any type of order.

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