Who is the Chicago Bears best franchise receiver?

Who is the Chicago Bears best franchise receiver? The Bears are not known for there Quarterbacks or receivers more of linebackers. The Bears haven't had many good franchise receivers reason to because is they haven't ever really had a good QB to hit the receivers. Then the Bears also a more of a grind it out run team having great franchise running backs such as Walter Payton, Gale Sayers and much more. Then even when the bears do throw they sometimes pitch it to the RB which won't get receivers receptions. But there are some Bears receivers that have had some talent I could mention tight ends in this list but I'm only mentioning wide receivers lets talk about it.

Alshon Jeffery:

First Receiver on this list is Alshon Jeffery he played for the Bears for 5 years he was there during times when the Bears had QB Jay Cutler throwing to him. Jeffery started being a super star receiver on Chicago he started his career there. In Jeffery's rookie year with Chicago he had 24 receptions it was only his rookie year so he still had learning and maybe reason to the Bears also had receiver Brandon Marshall and he might have taken a lot of receptions then. But right after Jeffery's rookie year in his second year he got 65 more receptions in his second year than his rookie season. He had 89 receptions. To me Jeffery is a tall receiver I have seen in a lot of his games he is good at catching 50 50 balls where the ball is thrown high in the air and both the receiver and cornerback go up for it at the same time. One of Jeffery's best career catches was in the super bowl I know it wasn't when he was with Chicago But It's still on of his best career catches. It was a deep ball thrown from Nick Foles and caught the ball at the end of the in zone. That catch that Jeffery had was a huge factor of that game.

:Alshon Jeffery super bowl catch

Brandon Marshall:

Marshall played for the Bears for 3 years in 2012 Marshall had 118 receptions year after that had 100 and then 61. Marshall was teammates with Receiver Alshon Jeffery they were a great duo. In my opinion I think the Jeffery Marshall duo is the best Bears receiver duo in Chicago's franchise. in 2013 Marshall had 12 TD's the most Td's he has ever had while in Chicago. I don't know if Marshall was the best teammate in Chicago I have heard he has taken shots at QB Jay Cutler his QB who played with him and threw him passes. Marshall would say Cutler didn't care about football and had know leader ship at all. But into one of my favorite catches by Brandon Marshall it was in 2013. The final game of the NFL regular season and the bears were at about the 2 yard line ball was snapped Cutler quickly tossed the ball up on the right side of the in zone and Marshall was facing the wrong way where the ball was being thrown He noticed that while running he turned around the other way while falling Marshall caught the TD pass.

:Brandon Marshall 2013 catch Vs Packers

Willie Gault:

Gault was a receiver for the 85 Bears maybe the best Super Bowl team of all time. Gault I feel like could have trouble getting receptions because the Bears had Walter Payton on that team so they would hand it off to him. Gault played for the Chicago for 5 years. In 85 the year the Bears won the Super Bowl Gault had 33 receptions that year. The year after 85 in 86 Gault had 42 receptions 9 more than he did the year before. Gault is always gonna be a good bears receiver because he was down with the classic 85 Bears.

Dennis Mckinnon:

Dennis also played for the 85 bears and was receiver duo with Willie Gault. Facts that Mckinnon had were pretty interesting and good for his career stats. Gault had 194 passes for 3,012 yards and 22 Touchdowns in 8 seasons of playing in the NFL. Mckinnon also returned punts he did 129 and returned 3 of them. It's great he could do both punt returner and receiver. But to me he was a way better receiver. I like Mckinnnon a lot he has got talent out of all the years he played in the NFL there was only one season he didn't play in Chicago the one season he played in Dallas.

There is one receiver that is currently on the Bears and I think he would be the Bears best franchise receiver if stayed in Chicago long enough and his name is Allen Robinson. Robinson is most likely leaving Chicago sadly him being my Favorite player. But if some how Robinson gets payed stays in Chicago few more years he can for sure be the Bears best Franchise receiver.

So that is my article on bears best franchise receivers! In my opinion The best for right now is Alshon Jeffery for Bears Franchise receiver. But if staying in Chicago The future one is Allen Robinson. Let me know your opinion on this and who your favorite Bears receiver is thank you!

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