Who should the bears have as there Quarterback next year?

The Chicago Bears season has just come to an end to the Saints in the playoffs and there Quarterback position doesn't look good. The Bears really need a QB they have never really had a good QB in there franchise. The Bears recent QB is Mitchell Trubisky he just finished his fourth year in Chicago after there playoff loss to the Saints 21-9. But he has struggled through his career and Bears might stick with him or maybe even let him go which probably will happen. So with Mitch maybe leaving I got a couple quarterbacks in mind who could be with the Bears next year or couple years.

:Mitchell Trubisky

Yes I was just talking about Mitch in the intro about leaving and mentioned a lot of things about him. But I think he should maybe be given another chance as being with the Chicago Bears. Trubisky in my opinion is one of the most over hated QB's in the NFL the hate he gets shouldn't happen and makes know sense. Mitch his whole career has had a horrible front office and coaching staff around him In Mitch rookie year he wasn't even put in till like week 5 and didn't even get chance in his rookie year to prove much. Then 2018 was his best year led Bears 12-4 and got them to the playoffs because that year there was actually good play calling. After 2018 was 2019 the year he started getting hate he really struggled that year. Then last but not least was 2020 he led the Bears to 8-8 but that wasn't his fault. The year Mitch had the chance to prove people wrong horrible coach Matt Nagy decides to bench him for Nick Foles who ruined the whole season by losing most games if you look at any games the bears won Mitch was in those games and any games Bears offense rarely looked good Mitch was in he actually led games better than Foles but Coach Nagy ruined it by putting Foles in. So what I'm saying is Mitch has never gotten good chances to prove how good he is.

:Sam Darnold

Darnold has been in a lot of trade talks of him going to another team the main team they say he should go to is the Steelers. Reason to that is because QB Big Ben is getting older and Steelers might want a new franchise guy. But I think Darnold would be great for Chicago Darnold is very simular to Trubisky has talent but has been on a team with a bad o line a horrible front office and like everyone knows there terrible coach you all know who I am talking about. So Darnold has never had a good system around actually his system around him is actually I think worse than Trubisky because Darnold couldn't even get to the playoffs with bad talent he had around him But Trubisky actually had a good enough talent around him to make playoffs in 2018 and 2020. I am a big fan of Sam Darnold He is one of my favorite Quarterbacks I wouldn't mind seeing him in Chicago I remember seeing him play at USC he could be good for the Chicago Bears.

:Gardner Minshew

Gardner has talent he just recently got benched from the Jags for QB Mike Glennon but reason to that is because the Jags tanked on purpose to get the 1 overall draft pick. Jags did that because they wanted to get the best QB in the draft Trevor Lawrence and that is exactly why I think this is the Bears chance to get some like Gardner Jags are for sure getting rid of him so Lawrence can be there franchise guy. So maybe Bears can take a look at Gardner because Just like many Quarterbacks I have on this list are all Quarterbacks who are good but just haven't been in the right system yet Gardner hasn't even played much for the Jags in his rookie year when he was playing the most I'm pretty sure I saw lots of potential in him.

:Deshone Kizer

YES I know that most of you will not like me saying Kizer should be the Bears QB. He is a guy I think the Bears should get but he is not the main guy I would want the Bears having on this list but I think they should have a look on this Guy. Kizer good times was when he played for Notre Dame a big college football school in 2017 he led Browns to 0-16 but like I said with anyone on this list he had nothing to work with on that team. If the team went 0-16 it wasn't just his fault there had to be other issues with the team. I think he is a sleeper because he was a hot shot couple of years ago coming out of college he was never a starter after being with the Browns just backups for other teams. If someone gives him another shot at being a starter for a second time with not a horrible team like the 2017 Browns he can be good with good players around him.

:Zach Wilson

The Bears should maybe draft a QB such as Zach Wilson I think he would be the main guy Bears should look into drafting if there gonna draft a QB. He is a QB playstyle that would work really good With Chicago. One of the Bears best franchise QB's was Jim Mcmahon he was good and he played for BYU as well so maybe we can get another good BYU QB. Zach seems steady in only my opinion he may not be as good as the other big shot college QB's like Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields. But with that maybe Bears should look into getting Zach Wilson.

That is my article on who the Bears QB should be next season. In my opinion Bears should stick with Trubisky one of my fav players on Bears. But Please leave a comment on what you think and who the Bears QB should be next season thank you!

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