Who Will Be The Biggest Surprise Team In The 2020 NFL Season?

The 2020 NFL Season will have a lot of decisions to make when it comes to prepping for the season and keeping players and fans safe with the Coronavirus looming around. with this, the NFL has made a hard push for next season to happen, and fans cannot wait to see how this season will go. With this, there have been plenty of discussion about which teams will be the worst, best, and surprises. And surprise teams are exactly what I want to go over in this article.

For the 2020 season, it seems there are a set of surprise teams and sleeper teams people are talking about. But I feel there's a few teams that can flop bad, and break out and take the NFL by storm. Lets get into it.

I believe that one of the biggest sleeper teams that can take the NFL by storm is the Los Angeles Chargers. The Chargers have made many offseason moves that have made them a lot better. Their biggest signing was Chris Harris Jr. A corner who has consistently been one of the best over the last decade. He is now on a chargers secondary that includes Derwin James, Desmond King II, and Casey hayward Jr. This is arguably one of, if not the best secondary in the entire NFL. They also signed some depth at linebacker and drafted college star Kenneth Murray to fill in at linebacker. They also added some much needed depth at DT with Linval Joseph, one of the best run stoppers in the game. On offense they have Tyrod Taylor taking the reigns from legendary Chargers QB Phillip Rivers after a season of close games lost by careless interceptions. Tyrod has a big shoe to fill, but he doesn't turn the ball over. And I think that's exactly what the Chargers need from a QB. Lets also not forget he led an extremely struggling bills offense to the playoffs, where they only lost to the jags by 7, who would go on to the conference championship and lose to the Patriots. Watch out for the Chargers this season to make some noise.

A team I believe is way too bought into and will flop this season, is none other than the Minnesota Vikings. The loss of Diggs is way more impactful than many may think. Without the deep threat of Diggs on play action, its going to be difficult for this Vikings offense to get going. Teams will just double team Thielen and stack the box to make Kirk Cousins beat them. And even after last year, im still not a believer in Cousins. Another big note is that we dont even know if Everson Griffen will resign with them. And not to mention they just lost all of their starting corners, including 2 of them to Cincinnati. Overall, i could be wrong, but i dont see the Vikings doing much this season.

My last team that i will be picking to showcase that may be a surprise to many, is the Seahawks. I believe after the 49ers Super Bowl loss they'll have a bit of a hangover in the beginning of the season. With that, I believe the Seahawks are going to gel incredibly well with their young talent improving, and take off with the #1 seed in the NFC West. they've added many leadership pieces and veterans this free agency that I believe can put them over the Edge this year. If the Seahawks win another Super Bowl with Wilson, it seems this is the year to do it.

What do you think? Who will be the biggest surprise team of the 2020 season to you?

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